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Kelly Open To NFL Head Job

Kelly has been linked to the Eagles, who are rumored to be on the coach's short list of teams.

"I said I'll always listen. And that's what I'll do," Kelly said, per Zach Berman of the Inquirer. "I know that people want to talk to me because of our players. The success of our football program has always been about our guys. It's an honor for someone to say they'd want to talk to me about maybe moving on to go coach in the National Football League. But it's because of what those guys do. I'll listen, and we'll see."

Kelly has not yet interviewed with any teams, but did say he wants the process to wrap up quickly.

"It's a fact-finding mission, finding if it fits or doesn't fit," Kelly said. "I don't really have any preconceived notions about it. That's what this deal is all about for me. It's not going to affect us because we're not on the road [recruiting]. So it'll be an opportunity if people do call; see where they are. I want to get it wrapped up quickly and figure out where I'm going to be."

In four years with the Ducks, Kelly is 46-7 with four BCS bowl appearances. If he does make the jump to the pros, Kelly is reportedly also drawing interest from the Browns and Bills.

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