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Jon Gruden Raves About Top Two QBs


On a conference call previewing the NFL Draft, ESPN Monday Night Football analyst and former Eagles assistant coach Jon Gruden discussed the top two quarterbacks - Jared Goff and Carson Wentz - one of whom will be selected by the Eagles at No. 2 overall next Thursday.

With regard to Goff, Gruden said that he "would want him" if he's still coaching.

"After spending a day with him, he's a quick study. He's got a real strong group of intangibles for him. He's got a great family background that's pushed him to this level," Gruden said. "I think Jared Goff has everything I'm looking for in the pocket. He has great feet. He keeps his feet alive at all times. He takes punishment. He'll create new launching spots. He's a very talented pocket passer."

Gruden noted that Goff will "have some serious adjustments" transitioning to the NFL after playing in a no-huddle, spread offense at California.

Wentz played in a pro-style offense, but it was against FCS competition at North Dakota State. Gruden believes the Bismarck, North Dakota native has the ability to thrive wherever he is drafted, including Philadelphia.

"The one thing that stands out about Wentz is his off-the-field intangibles. He's a two-time captain. He's a 4.0 GPA. He's a fifth-year finishing senior. Valedictorian in high school. He's faith-oriented," Gruden said. "If anyone can handle the mental pressure that comes with playing in Philadelphia, withstand the pressure that it takes to play at a high level, it's Carson Wentz."

The Eagles will play on Monday Night Football twice this season including Week 2 in Chicago.

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