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Jeremiah Trotter: A Man Of His Word


Behind every nickname is a story. Such is the case for "Axe Man."

From the time he could carry the smallest of sticks, Jeremiah Trotter worked beside his father, Myra, every day in Hooks, Texas. He, his dad and his siblings chopped logs into firewood, selling what they could to earn a living. The Trotters didn't have much, but they did what they could to pay the bills.

The hours spent splitting wood taught Trotter more than he could have ever imagined. It was through that labor - and his father's guidance - he learned the importance of hard work and what it would really take to accomplish his goals and support his family.

**Click here** or on the image below to learn more about the man who inspired the Philadelphia Eagles Hall of Fame linebacker, and how Trotter struggled with the passing of his father on the eve of his first NFL minicamp. [internal-link-placeholder-1]

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