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Jason Kelce Conference Call

On his reaction to being selected by the Philadelphia Eagles: "It feels great. I've been to Philadelphia a few times and I've always loved it. The organization is great. I'm just really excited right now."

On his previous visits to Philadelphia: "I've been to Philly when I was younger. I went there for a lacrosse tournament when I was in high school. My family has gone there for a couple visits there and I took a visit there during the whole process of the Draft. I had Geno's steaks the last time I was in town and [offensive line coach] [Howard] Mudd told me I had to try some other place, I don't remember what it was called, but I'm looking forward to that, because I love Philly Cheesesteaks [laughing]."

On being part of an offensive line under new direction with Howard Mudd taking over: "Yes, I feel like I'm in the best situation that I could have gone into. Obviously the Eagles are competing for a Super Bowl immediately right now with the personnel that they have. Coach Mudd is one of-if not, the best-offensive line coach in the country right now. I'm just really excited to learn for him and get ready to compete for a starting spot."

On his visit to Philadelphia during the draft process and what position he thought the Eagles were recruiting him for: "Actually I think they're looking at me for a little bit of both [center/guard] for versatility. When I was here, coach Mudd and I watched film strictly on guard. He said, 'We already know what you can do at center, we're going to watch a little bit of your guard film with you to see what your thought process is there.' I think it's a little bit of both."

On which position he is more comfortable playing: "I played both in college. I started at guard for two years and then played center this past year. The only thing I like about center more is you control the calls. I like making the calls and being the one that sees the defense and everything, I can do both of those. I'm very comfortable with guarding and playing center."

On playing linebacker earlier in his football career: "I started off as a linebacker then I came out of high school as a linebacker and a running back. Came into college at about 215 or 220 [pounds] and the strength coaches that were here, Paul Longo, they switched me over to offensive line because they are kind of known for doing that and that's how its been since then."

On his relationship with former Cincinnati football players that have been drafted by the Eagles: "[TE] Brent [Celek] was a senior when I was a freshman. [DE] Trent [Cole] was here before I was here, but I've heard nothing but good things about him from other guys that were teammates of his."

On whether coach Mudd thinks he plays one position better than the other: "I really like center, because like I said earlier, I like to make the line calls because I'm kind of almost like the leader. At this point, wherever I'm playing and where I'm contributing, helping this team win, then that's the position I want to play."

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