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Headlines: National Signing Day Fever

Howdy, Eagles fans! It's the warmest day of the week out there today; might be a perfect time for some cold-weather football after school or work. You've got to be in shape for the 2015 season, too, you know? And you've also got to stay on top of your Eagles news, so we've got the latest batch of headlines right here ...


Head coach Chip Kelly rounded out his coaching staff for the upcoming season on Tuesday.

Dave Spadaro goes over some news and notes, including the Eagles' fully fleshed-out coaching staff.

The Countdown to the Draft continues. How many catches did Jeremy Maclin have this year?


In honor of Deonna representing February in the 2015 calendar, here are a few of her best moments from this past season...


Other Views

In honor of National Signing Day, a look at how some Eagles players were ranked coming out of high school.

Offensive coordinator Pat Shurmur's son, Kyle, signed with Vanderbilt this morning.

Jon Runyan Jr., son of former Eagles offensive lineman Jon Runyan, signed with Michigan.

Could the Eagles start the 2015 season with a showdown against the defending Super Bowl champs?

A position-by-position look at the Birds continues with a focus on the quarterback situation.

Taking a look at the Eagles' linebacker situation as we head into the 2015 season.

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