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Head Coach Chip Kelly

So who is the quarterback?

COACH KELLY:  Mike (Vick) will start.  Him and Nick (Foles) will split the first team reps; Matt Barkley will play in the second and third quarter is our plan, and then Dennis (Dixon) and G.J. (Kinne), hopefully, the way it will work out will get the reps in the fourth.  Nick will start next week, so it was Mike's day in the rotation so that was the easiest way to do it.  And we'll make sure the rotation works out so Nick will get the start next week.

We feel like we've got it balanced out.  We met with those guys this morning, and they were great with it, so that's our plan going in.

Will Mike and Nick alternate series?

COACH KELLY:  Yeah, sometimes something bad happens and a guy gets two snaps because there was a turnover or something that happened that wasn't their fault.  So we'll try to balance them as much as we can.  Sometimes that doesn't always work the way you want it.  Ideally, in the ideal world, we'll split the number of snaps, but we'll do it by series.

Is there an ideal number of plays that you'd like to get out of each of those guys to evaluate them?

COACH KELLY:  You know, we're going to let the first quarter go and just see where we are.  Hopefully, we can get 20, between 12 and 20.  You're hoping, but we'll see.  You never know.  You never really know.  That is the tough part.

Just to be clear, you said Mike's starting because it's his day?

COACH KELLY:  It's his day in the rotation.  So Nick started today.  We've just been rolling those guys whoever goes with it.  The easiest thing for us was Mike was up in the rotation.  But we'll make sure the rotation fits next week when we come back, so when we play game two, Nick will be up and he'll start in the second game.

So it's not based on evaluations?  It's an even split for both in the first two preseason games?

COACH KELLY:  Yeah, that's what our goal is.

Number of snaps?

COACH KELLY:  Yeah, that's how we're trying to go.  Sometimes that's tough to manage, but that's what we're trying to get out of these first two games.

Was that always your plan?  Two games and then you thought maybe there was a chance you could have separation?

COACH KELLY:  I didn't have a plan.  We were going to let it all play itself out.  Right now we felt as a staff, this is the best way for us to go right now.

You talked about the importance of the preseason, getting live defenders on them.  Are you confident this is a big enough sample size to serve as that final exam for them?

COACH KELLY:  It has to be.  We certainly can't petition the league for a fifth preseason game. So we're bound by what we've got.  So we never look at it as I wish I could have had this, I wish I could have had that.  This has been our plan.

I've said it all along.  It's very difficult to evaluate somebody in just helmets and shorts.  That's not how the game is played.  Obviously, I think our practices from an intensity level are ramped up here because of the Patriots and the competition on both sides. I thought it was great, great work for us.  For guys that are competing right now, the preseason has to be the same exact way.  If that's not your approach as a player, you're going to get passed on by.

Is it possible that one of the quarterbacks will see action in the second quarter depending on the series?

COACH KELLY:  Yeah, we'll try to number the reps, yeah.

Are you a believer in rhythm at all?  Do you think a quarterback has to get into a rhythm?

COACH KELLY:  You're going to get your snaps and you're going to make plays.  So if at the end of the day you say I didn't get a chance to get into rhythm and the other guy did, then you're in there, you go.  If you're worried about what else is going on around you, then that's going to be what you blame. We have a big sign on our locker room: 'We're mentally and physically tough, we work hard and don't make excuses.'  I don't anticipate that from those guys.  They've been fantastic since I've been here, so that's not an issue.

Do you have the same offensive line for both Mike and Nick?

COACH KELLY:  We hope so, but if we don't, we don't.

If Mike starts off and gets a long series, you'll put the same offensive line out there for Nick?

COACH KELLY:  We hope so.  You can ask me nine million scenarios, but it's going to play itself out.  We hope it to be totally balanced at the end of the day.  But if it doesn't end up being balanced, it doesn't end up being balanced, but that's our plan going in.

Is Allen Barbre going to be starting on the line?

COACH KELLY:  Will be the left tackle, yeah.

He's new here, what do you see from him?

COACH KELLY:  Allen was a tackle in college and has really shown every day    you keep talking about how we're playing and he finally deserved a shot to be put in the first group, and we'll see.  I thought he competed very well the last two days against a pretty good front for the Patriots, so hopefully we'll get a chance to see him.

Part of our deal with Dennis (Kelly) being out right now is developing some depth at tackle.  So you feel like Jason (Peters) and Lane (Johnson) are two real good prospects there.  But obviously, we'll play away from someone else going into the game.  But kind of been pleased with the way Allen responded to moving us out there.  To have a guy with flexibility as a guard-tackle guy, I think that helps us in the long run.

Another thing you could have done is moved (Todd) Herremans back to tackle and have (Danny) Watkins.  Watkins hasn't shown you enough?

COACH KELLY:  No, it had nothing to do with that.  It's about developing depth at tackle.  We know Todd Herremans can start at tackle.  He's started games at tackle.  With Dennis being out, we're behind Jason and Lane, that was a concern for us.  So trying to see if we can develop that and see where that's at, so that's kind of what's up.

A couple weeks in camp, how has it been for you, and has it been what you thought it would be, and what are your thoughts going into the first game?

COACH KELLY:  We're excited.  It's going to be a lot of fun.  I think the way our camp worked out for itself, our players came in with great attitudes and that part was exciting.  Then you get an opportunity to now bring a new team in.  I think that kind of changed how we were doing things.  Now we're getting into the preseason portion of it.

So got a lot of quality work done today.  Usually the day before a game, it's different, but we felt this was a great situation for us.  As we get closer in the preseason, and get to the second, third, and fourth preseason game, we'll start to mimic the game week that will occur for us as we go through preseason.

I know it's the preseason, but are you excited about the the first preseason game?

COACH KELLY:  We don't talk about it's just the preseason.  It's on the line every time you go on the field.  So we're all excited about our opportunity to play tomorrow night.

Your thoughts about coaching your first NFL game tomorrow night against Bill Belichick?

COACH KELLY:  Doesn't matter who it's against.  I have a tremendous amount of respect for Bill, and I have a preexisting relationship (with him).  He was great to me when I was at New Hampshire.  He was great to me when I was at Oregon.  But when you get into a game, you're not looking at the guy on the other sideline.  You're just trying to manage the game and put your team in a situation where they can make plays.

Who will be playing at outside cornerback?

COACH KELLY:  Right now it would be (Bradley) Fletcher and (Brandon) Boykin.

How much do you anticipate the first team defense out there?

Same amount.  We're trying to get the same amount of reps.  So first quarter is what we're looking at right now.

Who will play the slot?  Boykin and Fletcher on the outside, I assume?

COACH KELLY:  It depends on how Billy (Davis) wants to do it.  He could use (Patrick) Chung in there or bring in another corner.

How's the wide receiver going to work?

COACH KELLY:  It depends.  Could be Jason (Avant) and DeSean (Jackson) out there. For three receivers, then Riley (Cooper) would be in that group.  That part, we'll roll those guys.  It depends.  When you get to those positions, what are we starting in?  We could start in three tight ends with only one receiver on the first snap.  It's D Jacks, Avant, Riley, and then behind them is (Russell) Shepard, (Ifeanyi) Momah, Damaris (Johnson), and then (Greg) Salas and the rest of the group.  So really depends on what we call for the personnel group.  We could call for four wides on the first play of the game, so then there would be four wides to start.

Who will start at safety?

COACH KELLY:  Chung and Nate (Allen).

Did you and Bill talk at all about matching up ones against ones or twos against twos?

COACH KELLY:  No, we're playing, they're playing.  We scripted this stuff, but we'll play the game.  I think part of it for everybody is you don't know how it is.  The games aren't scripted.  You know, so we didn't talk anything about anything from a game standpoint at all.  It was just it was our work, and the great thing was we really thought about getting this extra day in, and we've got some great special teams work today.

Really a lot of work for our guys in end of game situations that you may go through for years of preseason that may never come up.  We got a chance to get them practice today in a situation that we could script out.  So we felt like in these three days, we did a lot of scripted work.

The game will unfold the way the game's going to unfold and we're excited.  It's such a good football team.  We know we'll get tested especially when 12 (Tom Brady) is in there.

Talk about Greg Salas?

COACH KELLY:  Doing a great job.

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