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Head Coach Andy Reid and QB Donovan McNabb

Opening Remarks from Reid: "We are very excited and honored to be here to talk about the restructuring of [QB] Donovan's [McNabb] contract. Obviously, as an organization we feel that this is very warranted and earned and deserved and every other term that you can add to that. From my standpoint, I would like to put a 'thanks' out to [agent] Fletcher [Smith] and [president] Joe Banner for working this out, to [owner] Jeff Lurie for supporting this, and then to Donovan for accepting this and for all the great things that he's done throughout the years that we've been together and all the great things he's going to do as we continue on together here."

McNabb on why it was so important that the Eagles restructure his contract:"I looked at it as the situation that these two years are very important. With the type of thing that we have, I think it's important that we focused in on what we have to do in order to achieve that common goal, and that's obviously to win a Super Bowl."

McNabb on why there was no contract extension:"I looked at it in the sense that it's in these two years, our focus is to win the Super Bowl and anything past that it will take care of itself. At this particular point, in these two years, we feel like we can get the job done."

Reid on what the benefit is for the team in giving McNabb more money without an extension:"I think really in a nutshell here, both sides wanted to get something done. We thought it needed to be done. Donovan warranted this. There are very few players or situations where a player is far enough along in his career, and then his contract where he warrants something like this. We felt Donovan was in that situation. And then, really, what goes on in the NFL over the next couple of years here, that's an unknown right now. And so, rather than to do that, let's take care of it right now with the years remaining on his contract. We'll worry about the future as we come up here. Things are a little bit unknown here [in the NFL], what's going to take place over the next couple of years here."

Reid on whether there was any promise or handshake made that will make it easier to extend McNabb's contract in the future: "We didn't even go there. This is something that both sides felt we needed to get done now. Like I said, the landscape of the NFL right now is a little uneasy on what's going to take place in the future. We'll cross that bridge when it happens. Right now, both sides feel very good about this, and that's the important thing."

McNabb on whether he plans on playing for more than two years: "Absolutely. And I've always said that I would like to retire here, but that's not going to be in two years. Again, like I said, my main focus, as well as Coach's, is to focus in on what we have to do in these next two years and we feel like with the guys we have in this locker room, we can get this job done."

McNabb on whether his contract situation came about because he needed clarification after some of the things that happened last season:"Well, there was communication with all of us. We talked about a few things. My main thing was to make sure that the guys that we have in this locker room, the guys we drafted, the free agents, that they were going to be able to help us out there in a major part, and I feel like we have that and we can definitely take steps forward. Last year we were just that close and I think we can get over that hump and finish this thing up."

McNabb on whether this situation was on his mind much the last couple of months of the season:"It wasn't at all. My focus during the season was to get to the Super Bowl. When you get to the NFC Championship you feel like you can get there and we were very close to getting there. This year was kind of a 'wait and see' and you can see exactly what we were doing. We all were excited about the guys that we drafted as well as the free agents [we signed].

"Coming out of the first minicamp, you get a good sign of the guys and what they can do, and I think that in this past OTAs, things begin to come out more. You see the rookies starting to develop a little bit more, get comfortable in the offense, the defense starts to fly around, so your confidence levels continue to rise, and I think for all of us, we're excited about what we have and that's the way we're going to approach it."

McNabb on whether there was a point where he thought 'this is going to be a good situation going forward': "Today."

McNabb on how there was an offseason report saying that McNabb wanted to assess the situation, and at what point did his assessment become positive: "I'm still assessing."

McNabb on whether there is any legitimacy to that report: "It didn't site me. That wasn't me who said it."

McNabb on whether the report was accurate: "No. I didn't say it."

McNabb on whether his contract restructuring is a sign that he is comfortable with team management:"I'm comfortable right now. I'm comfortable at this point because of the team that we have and the confidence level in which we're continuing to have at this particular point. Going into training camp, guys are excited about what we can do. That's where my comfort level is right now."

McNabb on whether he is happy with the deal:"I am happy with the way things worked, but at this particular point, I'm just happy about what we can do as a team, as a unit, and I look forward to getting out there and just hopefully winning a Super Bowl here."

McNabb on whether he has seen enough from the young guys to know if this is the deepest offense he's seen here: "It's hard to really assess that at this particular point. Everybody looks good in shorts. It's going to take time. I think one thing that you have to realize is that it took [WR] DeSean [Jackson] a while to kind of get his feet up under him. It's going to take [WR Jeremy] Maclin some time, it's going to take [RB LeSean] McCoy some time, [TE Cornelius] Ingram some time, and the same on the defense. So, for us, it's really the veterans, myself, [RB Brian] Westbrook, the guys who have been here, to just make sure that we lead them in the right direction."

McNabb on why he hasn't addressed the media since the end of the season:"Because I felt like it wasn't needed. There was nothing that I could have possibly talked about at that time. I didn't know much about the guys that were drafted or were free agents. I don't think that you can really make a judgment on that after two and a half days. Even after these two weeks you're still trying to figure things out and get the timing and chemistry down, and that's going to happen all through training camp. Not to say that it's going to change now that this is done. It's not going to change. I really didn't want to do this press conference anyways, but you know what? It's going to be done and we're going to move on."

McNabb on whether he is confident that he will be the starting quarterback the next two years:"I'll be here. I'll be here for years."

McNabb on whether there was any discussion of a long-term contract: "We focused on these two years and Andy [Reid] already elaborated on a lot of different things. Like I said, these two years are very important to me because I believe that we can get the job done."

McNabb on whether he had doubts about being able to work things out with the Eagles this offseason: "No, I didn't have doubts. Things like this take time. If it was an extension it would take time. But you know what? We got the job done, and we can move on."

McNabb on the next two years:"These two years are very important. With what we've done, we have now solidified what we can do in these two years, and now let's go out and play football."

Reid on whether he is comfortable with McNabb as his quarterback for the next two years: "Yeah. I am. Very much so. After 10 years I think I know him pretty good."

Reid on whether McNabb will be the starting quarterback the next two years, and whether money influences personnel decisions: "I think we have the best quarterback in the National Football League. I've said that many times. I'm very partial to Donovan on that and respect him for the things that he's done. That's the important part."

Reid on whether he anticipated that McNabb would be uncomfortable about his contract after the Baltimore game last season:"You're bridging a lot of gaps there with your own thoughts, but that's not exactly how I saw that. I'm not going to go into that."

McNabb on why he wouldn't want to get a contract extension if he believes that he's going to play for more than two years: "These two years are very important. We'll handle everything else later."

McNabb on what it is about these two years that's important: "If I didn't do the deal then I would have been here for the two years anyway, right? So, there you go."

McNabb on whether winning a Super Bowl has something to do with being here past two years: "I'm not even focused on that. I'm focused on winning the Super Bowl in hopefully these next two years. I think that has to be the main focus. You know when you get so close six times, one time to be in the Super Bowl, you feel like it's going to happen. When is going to happen? Well, hopefully in these next two years."

McNabb on what makes him so sure that he is going to want to keep playing past these two years:"I feel like I can play at a high level."

Reid on what he saw from McNabb going into the playoffs and during the playoffs last season: "I obviously thought he was playing great football. You can go back and pull out my quotes for those last sets of games. I just thought he had a really good year last year."

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