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Head Coach Andy Reid

Injury Report: "(FB Stanley) Havili is out and (RB) Chris Polk is listed as doubtful, most likely will not play. We look forward to the challenge of playing Washington. The guys have had a good week of practice. Finish it up tomorrow with our walkthrough. Again, we know they're a good football team and, again, we look forward to playing them."

On RB Chris Polk's injury: "It's his toe."

On whether FB/TE Emil Igwenagu will be the fullback: "Fullback, right."

On whether Igwenagu practiced at fullback or tight end this week: "He did both."

On whether TE Evan Moore will see action on Sunday: "Right."

On how Moore has looked in his first few days with the team: "He actually looks good. He did a nice job in the pass game and what we asked him to do in the run game, he was good with. He understands the offense. He's been there. He was with (Cleveland head coach) Pat (Shurmur) in Cleveland for three seasons and then in Seattle. He understands the terminology."

On whether Igwenagu will play any tight end on Sunday: "There's a chance he plays some. In certain situations, there's a chance, yeah."

On how the team prepared this week for the uncertain quarterback situation in Washington: "Well, from the get-go, that's how we started preparing. We figured (Redskins QB Robert Griffin III) was going to play and so we started with that. Then, (QB) Mike (Vick) and (QB) Trent (Edwards) both worked in and worked the scout team. As far as RGIII goes, we figured he was going to be the guy."

On whether Vick is still the third quarterback and whether or not he will be active on Sunday: "He's still the number three and then once I put the numbers together for the game, you'll know. But right now, he's the third."

On whether RB LeSean McCoy will be playing on a snap count: "I'm going to keep an eye on him. He's not going to play the whole game, every snap of the game. We'll monitor him as we go and see how he does. He felt good the last few days here (and) done a nice job with it. We'll just see how he does."

On whether the team worked more on the spread offense with questions at fullback and tight end: "Well, no. If Evan (Moore) came in and he wasn't familiar with the offense, that would have made it more difficult. With him understanding, it wasn't a big deal for him to come in and step in and get a few plays. Emil can do both, the fullback and the tight end spots so that gave us some flexibility there where we didn't have to change much from our normal offense."

On what he preaches to the players to keep their focus and remain professional: "Let's get better. Let's get better. We can all do that. So, that's where the energy is. We have an opportunity to play a football game in the National Football League. It doesn't get any better than that. (And playing) against the Washington Redskins? Are you kidding me? Let's go play."

On what he believes QB Nick Foles has learned from watching film of his first start against Washington: "They got us with a little 22-man that first game and it was kind of his first shot at 22-man and they won on that. So, you go back and you learn from it. That's what he does. He's diligent about that. He's going to try to better himself and then we'll try to make sure we give him the routes that he needs to go be successful against those certain coverages."

On former Eagles QB Donovan McNabb and people questioning his deep ball during the early part of his career: "They doubted his deep ball. He wasn't real accurate with his deep ball (early on). You see that with some of the young quarterbacks where they put it up; they put it up into coverage and some guys make plays, sometimes they don't. That's how it worked."

On whether practicing and being familiar with an offense helps a quarterback become more accurate on his deep passes: "It's footwork. It's your footwork. Just getting used to the drops and then the pass-rush lanes and all that. So, it's a mixture of things: the secondary (gives you) different coverages that you're going to see and getting yourself situated."

On his definition of a franchise quarterback: "The great quarterbacks make everyone around them better. So, that's simple."

On what he sees with G Danny Watkins and his progress going forward: "Danny started off with an injury and you let another guy in and then you learn a lesson there. He'll have another opportunity to get in and get himself back in playing. He's a good football player. With that group, you want all five of them dancing the same dance and if somebody steps in and is doing a pretty good job with it and it works, then you go with it. But he'll have another shot at that. He's a good football player."

On whether Watkins will have another chance to start in the league: "He's a good enough football player."

On whether S Nate Allen's struggles have been related to injuries or his play: "Well, he's another one. He had the injuries, the lingering hamstring. So, he was fighting that back and forth and then the other guys got in and they showed what they could do."

On what it means for lower draft picks such as S Kurt Coleman and S Colt Anderson to earn starting spots: "They're good football players and they've worked hard at their profession. When given an opportunity to make plays, they've made some plays so they deserve that opportunity to be in there."

On whether there are any parallels to be drawn between the first years of Foles and McNabb: "I think they're different players. The obvious: Donovan had the running ability. That's not Nick's game. He's not going to outrun anybody out there. But, he's got tremendous accuracy and control of the ball and so that's a plus for him and his game. Listen, Donovan was 10 years, 12 years into it and a great player. This kid's just starting off, so you give him a little time to grow and see what he can do. We're talking about a guy that was arguably the best quarterback in franchise history. So, I don't think you can compare the two right now."

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