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Injury Report: "Really, the only injury that would affect this game would be (FB) Stanley Havili and he's not going to practice today. We'll just see how he does. He's pretty sore. I think it'll be a stretch for him to make it to the game. (TE) Clay Harbor, you know we put on IR. We have not filled that spot. (TE Brent) Celek will be back out. He's feeling good. He'll practice. (S Kurt) Coleman will practice. We'll put Coleman back in the starting rotation there. He and (S) Colt (Anderson) will be the two safeties back there. (S) Nate (Allen) will rotate in as we go, but those two will be considered the starters. (G) Evan Mathis, he'll practice today with the ankle. He's feeling a little bit better. (RB LeSean) McCoy will start. He'll practice, he'll start. Again, he'll rotate in with (RB) Bryce (Brown) and we'll keep (RB Chris) Polk up. Polk can go at fullback with (FB/TE) Emil (Igwenagu) and Emil can also be that backup tight end spot for Clay. But Polk, we've worked in at fullback. We've done it all season. We've worked him in there, so that should be an easy transition for him. (QB) Michael Vick will practice today. Right now, I've got Michael as the third quarterback. I can't tell you numbers. I don't know how many are going to be up on Sunday, but right now, Mike's the third quarterback and then we'll just get him back going here and make sure that he's healthy. He feels good and I want to make sure it continues on that way and we ease him back in."Opening Remarks: "We look forward to this opportunity of playing this weekend against the Redskins. They're a good football team, they've got a good season going. We understand the quarterback situation. We'll prepare for both quarterbacks. Both of them, obviously, are good players. You saw what (Redskins QB Kirk) Cousins did this past week against the Browns. He came in and ran the offense very efficiently. So, whether it's (Redskins QB Robert Griffin III) or Cousins, it really doesn't matter as far as preparation goes. We're going to prepare for them. They run the option a little bit more with RGIII than they do with Kirk, but their pass game really remains the same. It's the same stuff. So, we're prepared for that. We're preparing for a defense, a stout defense. They were stout the last time we played them. We had some turnovers against them and we've got to make sure we secure the football. Like I've said in the past here, you take care of the football and you have a better chance of winning the football game. So, we'll go back and make sure we're doing the right things there and get ourselves right. They're a good solid special teams."On whether the fact that QB Michael Vick is the third quarterback could change on game day: "Well, we'll see. Right now, he's the third quarterback. If we played today, he'd be the third quarterback. We'll just see how things go. But right now, I just want to get him back in the swing and going here and make sure he's good. Right now, he feels great, so we just want to make sure we keep it that way."On what he has seen from S Colt Anderson that he had not seen from S Nate Allen: "Colt came in and we asked him to fill in at the line of scrimmage and be a physical player in there and he did a nice job with that. We needed that at that time and we're going to need it this week. They run the football and do a good job with that. So, we'll leave him in that position and let him continue to do that."On why S Kurt Coleman will start ahead of Allen: "All three will probably have an opportunity to play. But again, right now, Kurt is a little bit more stout in there and we need that. We need that this week."On whether RB LeSean McCoy will be limited in game action: "I'm going to keep a close eye on him. It won't be a normal workload like you'd see during the season when he's fresh. He's coming off an injury. I understand that, so I'll keep a close eye on him. He'll work in as a starter and then Bryce has some valuable experience that he's gained over the last few weeks so we'll get him in there. (RB) Dion (Lewis), he'll be up too, so he'll have a chance if we need him there."On what went into the decision to play McCoy with the last two games having no playoff implications: "We're all part of the team. It's not a hierarchy that way. That's not how it works. If you're healthy, you play. LeSean understands that, our team understands that and so that's how you go about business. LeSean wouldn't want it any other way and that's how I feel (about it)."On whether McCoy talked to him personally about wanting to play for the remainder of the season: "He wants to play. He wants to play."On TE Clay Harbor's lower back injury: "He had small fractures in the transverse processes in his back, (his) lower back. He doesn't need surgery to fix that. It just takes time to heal. He'll be fine."On whether RB Chris Polk is taking first-team fullback snaps: "Again, we've got Emil and Polk working in there. But in certain situations, yes. Now, he's been doing that on scout team. He also did it some during training camp (and the) preseason."On where QB Nick Foles has made the most progress since his first start against Washington: "He's more comfortable, I think just in the overall scheme. Some of the biggest challenges for quarterbacks in this offense is making sure that you get your drop right with each route and what's presented to you defensively. So, I think he's more comfortable with that and the more reps he gets, he'll be even better at it. But I'd tell you, from that first go-around, he's just more comfortable in the scheme."On the challenge of wanting to fight to win facing two teams vying for playoff spots in the final two weeks: "You don't really get caught up in their deal. You get caught up in (the fact that) you're playing two NFC East opponents that are good football teams and that excites you. You're excited to go out and play and you want to do your job to the best of your ability. You don't really care what happens with them. You care about how you present yourself and we owe ourselves that as a football team to play better and we owe our fans that as a football team to play better. So, that's what we're going to do."On whether it is important to win the final game at home to go out on a high note: "We want to do well. Again, we want to play well here, we want to play well when we have the chance to go up to New York and play (the Giants). I tell you that every week. We haven't given our fans the show that we wanted to give them. This is one more opportunity to do that."On whether he is impressed with how well both QB Robert Griffin III and QB Kirk Cousins have played in Washington: "They have done very well. Again, that was (Cousins') first start, but he did a nice job. Started off a little slow and then picked it up and I thought (he) finished very strong. It's a tribute to their coaches. They've done a nice job with them."On what Allen needs to do to be a starter in the NFL: "The first thing was to stay healthy. He's been up and down with that. Then, just continue to get better. That's the primary thing; just keep taking steps forward to get better."On whether Allen's struggles have come in pass coverage or run support: "I'm not going to start pointing things out. Just overall, he needs to (improve)."On his favorite part of the holidays: "You'd say the opportunity to be with family. That would be the number one thing when you have that small window as a football coach to do that. There are a lot of people up in Connecticut that are suffering right now. It's a tragic thing that happened so our hearts go out to them. I know that's foremost on a lot of people's minds. Our hearts go out to them, but at the same time, where you're at right here, you try to appreciate your family and every minute that you have with them."On whether the potential turnover in the offseason will be on the players' minds: "I don't think so. I think guys are just going to go out and play. That's what I want them to do."On whether he has thought of the prospect of this being his final game in front of the Philadelphia fans: "I haven't even gone there. Haven't even gone there. I'm just concentrating on the Washington Redskins and keeping it at that."On how a potential sendoff from the fans would resonate with him: "I really haven't thought about that. I'd like to tell you a different answer to that, but I haven't really gone there."**

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