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Head Coach Andy Reid

Injury Report: "The people that will not practice today: (S) Kurt Coleman with a sternal contusion, (RB LeSean) McCoy has still not passed his test. Again, I'll have (head athletic trainer) Rick (Burkholder) out here to give you an update on Friday is he's not back by that time. (QB) Michael Vick will not practice today. Again, he hasn't passed his test. He took it here a little bit earlier today and we'll get the results (sometime) but he won't practice today."

Opening Remarks: "We look forward to the challenge of going down and playing the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. They're a 6-6 football team, good football team and we'll get a good week of preparation in and get ourselves ready to play against a good football team."

On whether he is focused on QB Nick Foles' individual preparation this week: "You're working the whole, but at the same time, you work the part, as far as making sure his technique (and) fundamentals are right so he can continue to make improvement and get better each week and help the football team win."

On whether the decision to name Foles the starter for the remainder of the season was his: "That was my decision."

On whether there was a collaborative discussion about the direction of the team and looking to the future before naming Foles the starter: "It was my decision. Now, do I communicate with people? Absolutely, I communicate. But that was my decision."

On who will replace S Kurt Coleman at safety during practice this week: "It will be (S) Colt (Anderson)."

On whether he sees any of the players hanging their heads about the team: "I don't see that. I see guys, they're upset that they're not winning, absolutely. Their preparation, they're working their tail off to get better. That's an important thing at this point."

On how difficult it will be for Coleman to play this week: "We'll take it day-by-day, but he's sore. I can tell you he's sore today."

On whether G Danny Watkins is healthy and whether he will be reinserted into the starting lineup: "He's right about there and he worked in a little bit at the left guard (position) last week when we were banged up just a little bit. Right now, the group that's playing right now, I think is a positive, so I'm sticking with that group as we speak. They're playing well together and that's (an) important position that you play well."

On the difference in the offensive line the last few weeks: "You look at sacks. I mean, that's one thing that you look at. You look at the run game and you've got a running back that's cranked out a few yards here the last few weeks. They've done a good job in their protection. They've done a good job with the run game."

On how the addition of defensive line coach Tommy Brasher helps the team do what they want to do defensively: "He hasn't been here long enough to do anything, but he's a positive guy. He's upbeat. He's all about the team. He wants to help us get better and that's how Tommy was the years that he was here prior to his retirement. So, that's welcome."

On whether he would like to see what Watkins can provide the team over the last four games: "We'll see."

On Tampa Bay RB Doug Martin: "He's really a good football player. He was good at Boise State and he's taken that and just carried it right over into the National Football League. He's having a heck of a year right now. When you play the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, you've got to be concerned about him."

On whether there will be any changes in the secondary on Sunday: "Well, right now, you'll see (S) Colt (Anderson) in there possibly if Coleman can't get himself back healthy. That'd be the difference."

On whether it will take a while for RB Bryce Brown to improve his ball security: "Playing is going to help. Just the sheer amount of reps that he's getting, that's going to help. Then, he's got to make a cognizant effort of just keeping it high-and-tight, especially later in the game after a number of carries."

On how much of a role QB Michael Vick's long-term health played in the decision to start Foles: "Right now, as we speak right now, he's not ready to play. The number one thing is his health; absolutely the number one thing as we go forward. So, I'm not going to put him in any jeopardy out there. In the league rules, the way things are set up for concussions are pretty cut-and-dry. But at the same time, I'm not going to put him at risk if possible."

On whether there is any reason to bring back RB LeSean McCoy this season after his concussion: "We'll just see. I'm going to see how it goes with the doctors with that. We'll go from there, take it day-by-day here and see how he's doing."

On whether McCoy will play if he is cleared before the end of the season: "There's a chance. We'll cross that bridge as we get closer to him being healthy. We'll just see how all that works."

On whether McCoy is still feeling the symptoms he felt on Friday of last week: "Yes. I'll have (head athletic trainer) Rick (Burkholder) update you as we go here."

On what he saw from Brown in college that led him to believe he could be a good runner: "Well, really, you're taking it off of very limited film. He did rotate in with the starters at Tennessee his freshman year. I had a chance to talk to Lane Kiffin who coached him and he was positive about him. A coach at Kansas State that I knew (said that) before he was injured, he was positive. (General manager) Howie (Roseman) had done a ton of work on him, just background work, and then worked him out and so on and felt very comfortable. (Running backs coach) Ted Williams worked him out and felt very comfortable with him; a big kid who can run fast and had good feet. Once I had a chance to meet him and Howie and Ted had a chance to meet him, you understand that he was a smart kid. Those were the things."

On whether Foles has been able to lead the offense without missing a beat: "Yes."

On what he has seen in terms of reaction from the defensive line on the change in coaches: "It's too new right now. Tommy had an opportunity to meet with all of them and sit down and talk with them over the last couple of days here. Then, they went through a walk-through with him. They've got to go through a practice and get to know him a little bit better than what they know him right now. It's a good group, so they're on board and they're going to work hard. That's their nature so I don't worry about that."

On whether there is a specific difference he wants to see from Brasher in relation to former defensive line coach Jim Washburn's style: "I'm not going to get into that, but I just want him to do what he does and what he does is he prepares a good, sound, aggressive defensive line. I think that's what you'll see from how Tommy coaches."

On whether he feels as if defensive coordinator Todd Bowles can let himself show more with Brasher on staff: "Todd's had that. Todd has a strong personality. He's quiet, but he has a strong personality. Again, it's too early to tell. But they've met and the meetings have been good and open and great communication. That's the important thing right now this early and we'll see how it goes here as we go forward."

On whether Foles is more advanced in his development than other quarterbacks: "He's a smart kid. He works hard. He spends a lot of time in his job. He's done well up to this point. You've got to keep going. As teams have an opportunity to study you and your strengths and weaknesses and present you with different looks according to what they see, you may be able to answer that. Again, it's a matter of just getting reps under his belt."

On whether he feels the team has to rebuild the confidence of S Nate Allen: "It comes down to your angles and your tackling and those things. You've got to keep working on that. Again, he's wired that way. He'll do that. He'll continue to work at it."

On whether he has had conversations with CB Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie regarding his tackling: "Yeah, we've talked."

On Rodgers-Cromartie's reaction to the conversation: "He's going to work on it."

On what he sees for Vick's future and whether he feels he has anything left in the tank as a quarterback in the NFL: "Absolutely. Right now, it's getting over (the injury), but can he still play? Yeah, absolutely. Physically, he can still run, he can still throw. Smart kid. He can still play."

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