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Head Coach Andy Reid



Opening Remarks: "Injury-wise, that I'll give you and then I'll have (head athletic trainer) Rick (Burkholder) step in. (DT) Fletcher Cox is questionable and he did not practice today for personal reasons. He was excused. And then (RB) Chris Polk is listed as out. We'll talk to you about (QB Michael) Vick and (RB LeSean) McCoy, like I said, with Rick.

"And then (WR) Marvin McNutt I'm going to move up which will bring (the roster) to 52 (players). We still have an extra spot there and we haven't made any decisions there.

"Look forward to the challenge of going down and playing the Dallas Cowboys. Anytime the Cowboys and the Eagles play, that's a great thing. It's a great rivalry and we look forward to that challenge of playing them."

On why the team waited until Friday to add more players to the active roster: "We're looking to do the right thing there and put the people in place (to) make sure we do our homework on all that."

On whether C Dallas Reynolds participated in practice today: "Yeah, Dallas Reynolds practiced today. We'll just see how he does here in the next few hours after practice."

On whether Reynolds is officially listed as questionable for Sunday's game: "Yeah."

On whether he anticipates adding one more player to the active roster before Sunday: "I don't know that yet. Right now we're not there obviously or we would have put it in. We'll continue to look and make sure we evaluate everything."

On whether releasing DE Jason Babin sends the message that he is giving up on the season since an accomplished veteran is no longer on the team: "Well I thought it was the right thing to do. It gives some of our young players, who I think deserve the right and can help us win football games, the opportunity to play. And at the same time it worked out for Jason. He hooked on with another team."

On whether Cox will come back to Philadelphia or meet the team in Dallas: "He's going to meet us down there."

On whether there is a possibility of Vick being shut down for the remainder of the season: "Rick is going to talk to you about his health. He's getting better. That's a positive thing and so that's really all I care about."

On a report by ESPN stating that Vick felt he was being held out due to team politics: "Listen, I'll address that but there's nothing to that. I've talked with Michael and Michael is good. I don't know where things get started but Michael is fine with it. He understands that everything is in the best interest of him right now and making sure that he's ready to go. Let Rick talk to you about the symptoms."

On whether he can sense Vick's frustrations about not being able to play right now: "Ultimate competitor. Absolutely no doubt that he wants to play and do those things. You have to go through the protocol. There's no way around that. When you're talking about a guy that loves to play the game like he does, that's how it works. He still has to do everything that everybody else does and that's the way the league set it up and rightly so. That's the right thing to do. He loves to play the game."

On whether the ImPACT test results have to be sent to the league before players can return to action: "Rick will take care of all that for you. Everything is open obviously. The league has put a lot of emphasis on that. He can go over all that with you."

On whether he is bothered when reports come out that portrays the organization negatively: "I don't think anybody is doing that. I think maybe that gets worked up that way outside of it. That's not the way Michael feels. That's not the way we feel. It's all been open communication and we talk all the time. Michael has been going through the walkthroughs out there with us and standing out there with us and doing that part. He knows exactly how we feel on that. And I know exactly how he feels."

On whether there will be a point when he has to make a decision about the starting quarterback position: "Listen, Michael is the quarterback of this team. That's how I've approached it from the get go. I've told you guys that. Until I tell you guys differently, that's how I feel. Michael understands that so that's the important thing. I just want to make sure there's open communication between us."

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