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Head Coach Andy Reid


Injury Report:** "(LB) Akeem Jordan has a slight groin strain. (S) Nate Allen is recovering from a hamstring strain. He did not play. (WR) Mardy Gilyard has a hamstring strain. He did not play. (T) Todd Herremans had an MRI and we're just waiting on the results. We'll get them to you when we get them. Then, (G) Danny Watkins has an ankle sprain. Again, we will see him later today and have a better evaluation there with him."

Opening Remarks: "The obvious with the game that I mentioned after the game were the five opportunities in the red zone – 0-5 scoring touchdowns, and giving up an interception for a touchdown. Having seven sacks, you obviously can't function at this level with seven sacks. Then, defensively, just our tackling was not anywhere near what we are capable of doing. We have a couple of key penalties there that enhanced field position for New Orleans. All and all, we have to sharpen up our game, which is obvious, and make sure that we coach better and play better."

On why the tackling was so bad yesterday: "One of the things that we have stressed here over the years is that you run through your tackles. Make sure that you keep your eyes up and put yourself in a safe position to make the tackle. Plus, being able to see the offensive player. I don't think we did a very good job with that. Angles are also very important."

On whether he has seen T Todd Herremans today: "Todd is sore. I had a chance to talk to him, and he's still sore."

On whether Herremans is still on crutches: "Yeah."

On whether there is any common theme or a repetitive issue with the red zone struggles: "I started with me. I look at the play calls and the design of the plays for the secondaries that we're seeing in the pass game and the run game. Same with the fronts. Then, the execution of those plays. You go and you look at that. We're hit and miss there. We have had some sacks and we had some turnovers. We've got a little piece of this thing. We need to make sure we tighten it up by putting our players in the right position. Then, if it's a blitz, (we need to make sure) we get the ball out quickly and make sure we protect it when needed. We're seeing some overload blitzes down there and some zero blitz down in the red zone. It seems like a pretty common look for most defenses down there. You either see "Cover Four" or you see zero blitz. Against zero blitz, you have to know that one man can't be taken care of. The ball has to come out, and the receivers need to be aware of that and the quarterback needs to be aware of that. He needs to be alerted to it. The offensive line, they protect the inside part and give him the opportunity to get the ball out."

On whether Reid needs to make a scheme or personnel change going forward to ensure red zone success: "Right now, there are a few things we need to take care of. We need to keep getting better at those things. Somewhere here, it's going to come together. In this league, you get a win and you hit on a couple of these things and you get yourself a win and we go from there. Now, it's going the opposite way and we need to make sure we stop that, keep practicing our fundamentals, and doing the things that we know are right. The young guys need to continue to grow. We just have to stay persistent with them."

On whether he is banking on this turning around without major changes to practices or personnel: "We go back and you look at all of it. Yes, you go through it and you make sure that you are practicing right and you are practicing the right things. Not only practicing hard, but practicing the right things. You make sure that you put the players in the right position and you show them the things that they're going to see in the game. Then, if the same things are showing up in the game, then you make sure that you execute."

On why QB Michael Vick is having trouble picking up blitzes: "It's not that he's not picking them up. There's going to be an extra guy. It's his responsibility to get the ball out, and/or you have to look at the receivers and make sure that they're doing their part, too."

On why the offense cannot get rid of the ball quicker: "It's a combination of those things. There are times where we have had the opportunities to slide to that and we didn't slide to it."

On whether Chairman/CEO Jeffrey Lurie's comments have put additional pressure on him and the players: "You focus in on the job at hand. You don't get past that. You don't start going past and thinking about records, futures, and all those things. I know those are questions that you have to ask, and I understand that. When you're in this thing, you are in it to practice every day. Every play, you get yourself better. There is no time to think about those things and the guys are worrying about getting themselves better to win football games. That's number one. That's where I sit."

On whether he is concerned that the players have lost confidence in themselves or the coaches: "The things I saw – I saw guys playing hard. We've got to make plays. If guys are in position to make plays, then you have to make the plays. Coaches have to put themselves in a position to make plays. This isn't over, and we're all in this thing together. I didn't sense that. Is there a sense that things aren't going well? Absolutely. These guys want to do well. The coaches want to do well and the players want to do well. They are battling to get that done and working hard to get that done. I don't see – that isn't the problem right now. The problem is that you have to get a couple things bouncing your way and creating things going your way, and make a couple plays here and there. Then, you can get this thing turned around."

On whether he feels the players' minds are in the right place given the fact that a few have spoken about fan comments: "The seats are fairly close to where they're sitting. Things are said, and you can't help but hear it when you're that close. We know we have good fans, and their support means a lot. They're going to understand that everything is not going to go absolutely perfect. During the tough times, we love to hear them rise up and support us. We love having people come in to Lincoln Financial Field and play us because of our fans."

On whether he likes the character of the team: "I do like the character of this team, yeah. I've said that a number of times."

On how he makes sure what was said in the players-only meeting last week was worthwhile: "I think it's important that you continue to battle and that we're all in this together. That's important and you're going to run into some tough times, whether it's playing football or in life. You're going to run into some tough times. You keep battling, keep swinging and then it's the coaches' responsibility to make sure they're designing things right for the players and then it's the players responsibility to go out and execute. But stick together."

On whether he can continue to send the same offensive line out on the field: "Well, listen, we ended up with one starter finishing the game. One first-day starter finishing the game, and that's not an excuse. The other guys came in; they're going to battle. If (T) Todd (Herremans) (is down), those are the numbers that you have, those are the guys that you have and I expect them to go out and play. That's what I expect. Again, it's our responsibility to make sure we put them in a position where they can have success and execute."

On whether he feels as if the team can win with the offensive line personnel they have: "I do. Yeah, I do. I expect them to play that way."

On whether he has spoken to chairman/chief executive officer Jeffrey Lurie since the game Sunday: "Yes."

On Lurie's message to him: "Well, listen, Jeffrey's a competitive guy. He feels like the rest of us. He likes to win football games and that's why he's in this business. That's why he owns this business. That's his expectations."

On whether T Demetress Bell will replace T Todd Herremans should he miss time: "I'll work all that out today. I've got to get all the information on (G) Danny (Watkins) and so on and Todd and then we go from there. We'll work that out today. We don't practice until tomorrow so we'll get it knocked out today."

On whether he feels the offense still has confidence once they reach the red zone: "I think they have the confidence. You need to punch one in here; that's what you need. So, it ends up being that simple. You get one in and then those things end up going in your direction. We were doing pretty good with that earlier in the year. We've got to get it back there now."

On whether there is any reasoning behind why the team seems to come out flat at the beginning of the game: "Well, listen, we had the turnover early. You knew this team was going to score a touchdown or two. They're a pretty good offensive football team, so we understood that. So, you can't give up points in the red zone. You just can't do that against this football team, so we did that and that's been some of our issue as you've looked at it throughout the year. Either a third-down situation, a third-and-medium situation where you didn't take advantage of it on the first or second drive where you've driven it down the field and either fumbled or (thrown an) interception down in the red zone or end zone."

On whether QB Michael Vick will be the quarterback for the remainder of the season: "Michael is our starter."

On how Vick looked on Sunday after reviewing the film: "He did some good things. There were some things, I'm sure he told you, that he'd like to have back. He did some good things."

On what he saw when he reviewed Vick's early interception: "I feel like I did last night. I thought that there's a fine line there on decisions that have to be made as far as whether it's defensive holding or a legal play. So, they let that play go. I think the ball was in the spot where, if there wasn't the aggressive play by the defender, that it's probably a touchdown."

On whether he has seen the hits Vick takes affecting his elusiveness: "I don't think it's because of the hits. I think he was pretty elusive last night. I mean, he made some nice runs when he was under pressure last night."

On whether he fears the team will tune him out if they continue to lose games: "Well listen, I think the way this football team is wired I don't think that'll happen. They're a close bunch and they've got good character. They fight. They battled through last year. Again, it was too late but they battled through last year and ended up winning some games. I would expect them to continue to battle through and good things will happen."

On whether he is confident he can motivate the players to turn things around: "Yeah, absolutely. I like these players and what they represent. And the coaches, we've just got to put it together, play as one, and we'll be there."

On what he sees in this group of players during times of adversity: "I think they're a tough bunch. And then it is my responsibility to make sure they get going in the right direction where we're all (pulling) the rope in the same direction. Right now we're off a little bit and we need to straighten that out. It doesn't take much. The margin between winning and losing in the National Football League is very small. We've got to make sure we tighten up a couple things and get them right and then we'll start winning football games."

On whether it is difficult to get all the players moving in the same direction since many were brought in via free agency as opposed to having an abundance of homegrown talent: "I think they can feel that. There are enough alums that have been here for a number of years that work in the community and talked to these guys so they understand that. They feel that. Like I said, it's just a matter of getting a few things tightened up here and getting them right."

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