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Head Coach Andy Reid

Opening Remarks: "Alright injuries. Really the only injury to mention is (G) Danny Watkins. Danny we have listed as doubtful. Did not practice today and we'll just see. It's a day-by-day situation. Again most likely, and the guy who is taking the reps, is (T/G) Dennis Kelly. Most likely he'll continue to do that. We'll see how he does tomorrow and as far as Danny goes.

"Look forward to the challenge of playing the Falcons. Good football team and we welcome them into Lincoln Financial Field where we have our home fans and it's a great atmosphere for football. Two good teams playing each other. Time's yours."

On why Kelly is replacing Watkins as opposed to moving T King Dunlap inside: "We've given Kelly reps and we have trust in him. Rather than moving three guys around, you move one and you go with it."

On what the team saw in Kelly when he was drafted to know he could end up starting: "Well you saw a four year starter at Purdue, mostly at left tackle. A smart kid, tough kid, great size and strength, so you give him an opportunity now."

On how Watkins sustained an ankle injury: "Danny has got kind of a chronic ankle. I mean he's had it for years. He disturbed it in the last game and he thought it'd be fine. When he came back Monday he practiced, Wednesday practiced, and he just didn't feel right so back him up and let the thing settle down. We'll see how he does tomorrow and then on Sunday."

On some of the advantages and disadvantages of playing guard while being 6'8" like Kelly is: "There are big guys who've done it. King is taller than that and he did it and did it well for us. I'm not worried about it. As long as they can bend. Sometimes some of the bigger guys can be stiff in (the hips). That's not the case here. He's got good, loose hips. He's able to settle down and play low, and as low as you can be when you're that tall."

On whether Watkins' ankle is worrisome long term: "I think he'll be alright. Just let it kind of calm down here and see what happens but I think it'll be fine."

On whether Watkins fully participated in practice on Wednesday: "He did. He got through it but you could tell it was bothering him. So I Kind of pulled him out and let him (rest). But he practiced really the full practice. So I just pulled him out for Thursday and let the thing calm down and go from there."

On whether Watkins' ankle has been a chronic problem since he was drafted: "Yeah he had hurt it. Yes. By (Merriam-Webster Dictionary), yes. He tweaked it in the game, is what he did. He had had an issue with it years ago and then he tweaked it again (during the game)."

On whether it is difficult to add another new piece to the offensive line: "I think we'll be alright. We'll be alright. Guys have trust in Kelly and he went in (during) the preseason when we asked him to start against Cleveland in that game. He did a nice job there. I think he gained a lot of the guys' respect. It's an opportunity for him."

On whether defensive coordinator Todd Bowles has decided where he will call plays on Sunday: "He's going to be at Lincoln Financial Field (joking). He's going to be on the field. He'll be on the field."

On whether there is an advantage of being on the field rather than in the booth: "Just his presence on the field I think is important and so he'll be down on the field."

On whether the rushing attack has been struggling recently: "This kind of falls into that whole evaluation period. We've got to help (RB LeSean McCoy) with the play calls, we've got to help him with the blocking, and then he's got to make sure he reads things the right way. It's everybody working it together. We'll get it right."

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