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Head Coach Andy Reid

Injury Report: "Really (LB) Akeem Jordan is the only one we need to talk about. He's healthy and he's ready to go. He'll practice today and he'll be the starting at the WILL linebacker spot. We'll see how he does, but it looks like he's ready to go."

Opening Remarks: "We look forward to the challenge of playing the Lions. We know what kind of football team they are. Their record doesn't speak to the caliber of football team that they are and we understand that. We are going to prepare ourselves to play a heck of a football team and a good football game."

On what is different about the Lions from last season that attributed to their 1-3 start: "The other teams have scored some points. They are still an explosive offense and a very fast and explosive defense. They're moving people around a little bit. They've had a very significant injury at safety, but it looks like he'll play this week, in (Louis) Delmas."

On what he has seen from WR Calvin Johnson: "When they give you the nickname 'Megatron', that means you're pretty good. He's a really good player."

On whether he would rather see the Eagles put an opponent away rather than all of the close games: "We're just in to win it. I don't care about how many points. That's what you want to do. If it's by one point or however many points, that's all you want to do. Again, we have to make sure we focus in on our job and get better at what we're doing. That's what we'll do starting today."

On what has attributed to the lack of scoring by the offense: "You've seen the turnovers costing us in scoring positions. This wasn't the first one here this past week, so you have to make sure that when you have opportunities – remember we only had eight possessions in that game – you have to make every one of them right. That's how you go about doing your job. It's not good enough to punt three times in the first half and have two turnovers. That's not good enough, and you're not going to score a lot of points doing that. We have to do better there. Everyone has to do their job better, including the coaches."

On whether there is any common thread that links the turnovers: "Really, this past week it was just hanging onto the football. We have to make sure we do that."

On how signing LB Jason Williams will impact special teams: "We'll see. Not only do we need to do a better job coaching, we need to do a better job playing. I'm going to try and bring in guys - until we get it right – that can impact you on special teams. We'll give this kid an opportunity and see how he does."

On whether running the ball more and using reserve running backs would help stop the turnover problems: "Not in the case of Sunday, no. I thought we had pretty good balance there. We were pretty effective when we were hanging onto the ball."

On what he has seen from QB Matthew Stafford after his breakout season last year: "He's a great player. He has a quick release and can throw from all different angles from his arm with accuracy. He has good players around him. He's one of the top quarterbacks in this league on one of the top offenses in this league."

On what kind of coverages Johnson faced during the Lions first four games: "He saw a variety, but normally people are looking to cover him with a couple of people. He has earned that respect and that's what teams have done. That doesn't mean that is what you have to do, but that is what teams have tried to do against him. That has been going on not just this year but the last few. They still try find ways to get open and get him the football."

On whether the Lions line up Johnson all around the field to avoid having him double covered: "They move him all over. They move him in the middle of trips, inside of trips, inside on the double wing side. They try and expose as much as possible."

On whether CB Nnamdi Asomugha could still be in the slot when the defense lines up in the nickel: "If we need to, yes we can do that."

On whether a matchup of Asomugha and Johnson would be a good example of that: "We'll see. We'll just see how it goes."

On whether the success of the defense on third-down helps offset the low amount of turnovers: "You need more turnovers. That's what we're shooting for. Our guys know that, and you want to accumulate as many as you possibly can. You want to give up as few as you can. We have to do a better job there, and that's one of the areas that we need to get better."

On whether he worries about asking too much of rookies like LB Mychal Kendricks or CB Brandon Boykin: "I think they'll continue to improve. I've said that right from the get-go. When you play rookies, that is what happens. You're going to have a blip on the screen here or there, and they'll get better. They'll keep working at it. Ninety percent of the time, they're doing a heck of a job. Every once in a while, they're going to have a mess up and that's part of being young and learning the game here."

On whether he liked what he saw from the defensive tackles when the defensive ends were being chipped by the Steelers offensive line: "They were getting four hands on those guys, and because of the numbers that they were keeping in, they were able to be double-teamed inside, which put pressure on the inside guys for about half of the time."

On whether he has seen in the past that guys who suddenly fumble a lot have been able to change: "Yes, he'll fix it. He'll get it taken care of."

On what has led to Vick's improvement against the blitz: "You saw it in this past game. They blitzed us on some of the plays in that long drive we had, in some cases zero blitzes where they brought everybody they could bring it, and still covered the guys who were eligible. He did well against those."

On whether seeing the safeties taking deep drops forces Reid to transition the offense to take more of a ball control situation: "You can see that we can do both. You saw it in the second half of that game where you come out to the fourth quarter with each team only having one possession. Ours was an extended possession there - really the two drives were that we scored on. We're capable of doing that, and if teams want to play you deep, than you use your short and intermediate game or you run the football and do the things that you need to do there. If they want to play up, then you take advantage of that."  

On whether there is an opportunity for the return units to post big gains after struggling since Detroit has allowed some big returns so far this season: "That hasn't been one of our strengths, and we need to get better at that. That's what we're working on. We have to fix us first, and then go from there. We're working on that."

On whether turnovers are the main reason that the offense has started slow after traditionally scoring a lot of points in the first half: "That's really what you have seen in the starts, in particular with this past week even though we had an opportunity on a slant route to (WR) Jeremy (Maclin) that was a little bit high. We have to take advantage of what is given to us, and make sure we get the right calls in and make sure we do the right job as coaches, and that we're executing. That is what it comes down to."

On who will be behind LB Akeem Jordan at WILL if necessary: "We'll just see. We have a variety of choices there because all of those guys play all the positions, depending on the situation."

On whether T Demetress Bell will start at left tackle: "Demetress will, yes."

On whether he is stressing to the return teams that this week they have an opportunity to bust out of their slump: "Yes, we've been pounding that home. We have to get better – the players know it and the coaches know it. We just have to do it now and we have to execute on fundamentals. We have to make sure that we're putting the guys where they need to be to execute the returns that you're given. We haven't done a good enough job there."

On whether blocking or the actual returns themselves have been the issue: "There have been a few fair catches in the punt game. The opportunities that we've had, we could have done a better job in a lot of those areas there. Then in the kickoff, it doesn't look like there is a whole lot of room to run right there. We have to make sure we do better with a lot of our special teams blocking and tackling, how well you're going to do that in space, and getting leverage on a player and keeping that leverage. We need to do a better job and schematically we're designing it right so that the guys have the opportunity to do it according to our ability. It's a culmination of things and we have to get it right."

On whether K Alex Henery's leg strength is a concern due to limited touchbacks: "No, I'm not worried about it."

On whether he has changed anything in the routine that has attributed to the team's 2-0 start at home: "No. It's been all the same. My hat goes off to the fans and the job that they have done. They have been unbelievable. I expect no different this week. This team can bring out a lot of things offensively, one of which is no huddle if they need to, and noise is a benefit to us no matter what they do. Noise helps, and our fans are the best at that."

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