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Head Coach Andy Reid

Opening Remarks: "(DE) Jason Babin (is) again making progress with the calf. He's increased his running and he's getting close. (WR) Riley (Cooper) is still being evaluated and making progress with a good range of motion and all that, that goes with that. (QB) Mike Kafka, he'll be checked tomorrow. Today is Sunday so Monday he'll be reevaluated by the doctors and we'll see if he doesn't get clearance to participate with a live snap. Really he has been participating in seven on sevens. (LB) Casey Matthews, he's making progress with the high ankle sprain. He's continuing to push through that. (QB) Michael Vick is able to throw a little bit today and so he is making progress there.

"We made a few cuts and it's all part of the process here and we've still got to make a few more. We appreciate the effort that the players have given us and the loyalty and the things they've done. Really there is going to be tougher ones and even more down the road here. Every (decision) is not an easy one but as you continue to go there is going to be some tough ones that take place. Listen, the guys worked hard and I am hoping they catch on and have another opportunity with another football team."

On whether the injured players will be ready for the regular season opener: "Well I think it will be close. I think Kafka will be back. Babin has a good chance of being back. Riley we will see. I think that will be a struggle. I wouldn't expect him the first game but we will see what the doctors say on it. Kafka I think has a chance to be back by tomorrow. Casey, again, that will be a struggle for the first game but he stands a chance there. Everybody else should be good to go."

On whether DT Mike Patterson will be able to play during the season: "Patterson, listen, I think that is going to be an extended time. We just have to see how that goes if he is able to go at all. We'll have to see how that works out. We'll take checkups in increments here but right now it is going to be a while."

On the status of S Colt Anderson: "Colt, we'll see. Colt is making progress and he's getting there. I'm not sure he is quite there yet but he's made a lot of progress. I just think it is a matter of a little bit of time. We'll see how he does."

On whether the team's progress is where he expects at this point in the preseason: "I thought our performance was better the other night for the period of time that we had. I thought the penalties were the primary issue. We can't do that. We cleaned that up a little bit and still have a ways to go there. As a football team we need these next couple weeks to get ourselves right. We need that time to get ourselves ready to go and then you have to play. I've been happy with the way they've worked and I felt better after our last game than maybe the first two."

On whether Vick is able to fully participate in practice: "I think so. We probably would have had to spot him a little bit just to see. Right now he was comfortable but if he had a tweak in there or something that hurt him I would just pull him out and let somebody else go. There's a chance he does a little bit of Flight Night! tonight."

On whether T King Dunlap will play in the preseason finale against the Jets: "King won't play. King right now is the starting left tackle. You probably won't see him. I haven't finalized all that. I haven't situated the quarterback situation. I am going to wait just to see what happens with Mike Kafka so I'll get you all of that later."

On whether Kafka will play in the preseason finale against the Jets: "Listen, if he can go and the doctors are comfortable with it and Mike is comfortable with it then yeah we'll give him some snaps in there. We'll just see how it goes and I haven't made any decisions on who is going to start. Mike Vick won't play. I can tell you that."

On how much fun Eagles Flight Night! is for the team: "It is developed into that where the guys actually have a little fun. I mentioned razzle-dazzle and we're going to do a few little gadget things here and there that are kind of fun to watch. I think there is going to be an end zone dance so you get to see the guys to shake it up a little bit. (Jokingly) It's all the things I am absolutely about and you know that."

On whether the coaches have talked to QB Nick Foles about all of the fan hype towards him: "I think what you said is important (and) that he is grounded. He's been a good college player and he understands what it is like to be patted on the back. I'm not worried about him not working hard and preparing and doing all of the things he has to do mentally and physically to get ready for games. I don't worry about that. All those quarterbacks have such a great relationship that they understand that it comes with the territory. They understand how that works."

On why the team waited an extra day to release CB Cliff Harris after the initial roster cuts: "We couldn't get a hold of him yesterday. We got a hold of him today and so there wasn't anything (wrong). It gives him an opportunity to catch on with somebody else."

On how T Dennis Kelly performed against the Browns: "Dennis did okay. He did a pretty nice job so that gives you a little flexibility there. He can play both tackles (and) he can go inside and play both guards. I was happy to see him get a chance to go against their ones but I thought he held his own there."

On how well Dunlap has transitioned into a successful NFL offensive lineman: "You've got to give him credit for what he's done. He's got a long road here to go this season and staying healthy and doing all of those things and playing aggressive football week in and week out. He hasn't had to do that (yet) at this level but you have to give him credit for the battle that he's been in here with (T) Demetress (Bell). They went after it and they're still going to go after it. Demetress isn't just going to concede. That's not what he is going to do. I think we are fortunate to have two guys here that we know can play but King ended up being the guy that got the number one spot."

On whether he is disappointed that Bell has not grasped the starting left tackle spot: "I think he will continue to get better with time. I just think it is a matter of picking a whole lot of stuff up real fast here. No, I am not worried about that. I am not worried about that at all."

On how LB Jamar Chaney's hamstring injury is progressing: "He did tweak it a little bit. He was a little bit sore yesterday. He came in and got treatment (and) did his thing there and he feels pretty good today. That was kind of a knock-the-rust-off game for him and kind of getting back to the speed of the game. I don't think he was 100 percent out there speed wise and so I ended up taking him out. We know that he is a good football player and that is the main thing. He can play a lot of positions for us. He can play in the nickel, he can do everything that we need done, and he's going to play for him. That's the bottom line I just have to make sure that we don't hurt that leg."

On what Harris could have done better to stay with the team: "I'm not sure it was what he didn't do. I think it was a matter of you have to make the cuts. We've got a lot of corners that we are very comfortable with so that is really what it came down do. He really is a good player so it gives him an opportunity to hook on with somebody else and play. That's probably good for him down the road."

On whether Harris' past troubles played into him being cut: "That wasn't the issue here. It was a numbers thing and he was one of the tough ones that we had  to let go. There are going to be more down the road."

On whether CB Brandon Hughes' versatility helps him secure a job: "We've got a good group right there and I don't know if we keep them all or not. There is competition. Brandon is a good player. All the things you name, he does. He's got good size and speed."

On whether it has gotten harder or easier to make decisions regarding the personnel on the defensive line: "I think you're right. They played well. I would tell you that, for most of the guys that we've had here, they've come out and done a pretty nice job. You want that, though. It's a little bit like sweet and sour pork: there's a sour side and a sweet side. The sour being that not everybody can make the team; the sweet is that you sure want that position to be strong. I think we're going to come out with good players. Unfortunately, somebody else is going to get some good players too. But that group has done a nice job."

On LB Ryan Rau and how far he has come since being signed: "He's a tough kid. He was one that came here for a tryout and ended up being invited back and then (has) taken full advantage of that. So, you're looking at a tough kid that did a pretty nice job on special teams the last couple of games here. You have to compliment him for his tenacity and understanding of what we're trying to get done."

On whether QB Trent Edwards has practiced and played better than he anticipated: "He's done a heck of a job. I mentioned after the game that we'll keep three, so whatever quarterback it is that is released, somebody's going to get a good quarterback. We have a good situation. What you've seen with Trent is he comes in and he was coming off of a surgery and then he's been kind of rehabbing it, but (he was) thrown into the mix maybe a little too quick.

"Here, he was able to kind of get his arm where he needed to get it without a ton of reps. Being a smart guy, having played (and) been a starter in this league, (he) picked up the mental reps. You could progressively see his arm get better and better as camp went on and when given the opportunity, he did a nice job."

On what he took from S Phillip Thomas' performance on Friday: "He did some good things. There were a few snaps he'd like to have back, just alignment and coverage-wise, but he plays fast, he plays physical and (he) did a nice job out there."

On whether it is possible the team keeps six defensive ends: "Yeah, there's a chance. There's a chance. I'm stingy when it comes to defensive linemen, but we've got to work the numbers and we'll just see how all that pans out. (There will be) some tough decisions all the way around there."

On whether the team is getting calls from other teams regarding defensive linemen: "Right now, the phone's (ringing). This is every year. I'm not saying (that) just because of what we've got here. You get calls, yes. You do. You talk, not just about that position. The personnel directors, G.M.s, they are constantly on the phone and talking trades or talking about players. So, yeah, that does take place."

On whether DE Darryl Tapp is a player they've received calls about: "You can name a bunch of guys. You can't probably name a guy that you haven't had a call on, you know what I'm saying? So, to pick one guy out, you can't say that. But Darryl, I like Darryl. Darryl's a good guy, boy I'll tell you. Good player too."

On whether there is room for Edwards to improve mechanically: "I think, and he's probably told you this, but I think when he had the surgery, he was dropping his elbow just a little bit and balls were sailing on him. I think he's worked to correct that and he hasn't put any added strain on his arm. He's using his legs, I think, a little bit better, which helps increase velocity and accuracy, consistency all the way around. He looks like he's operating pretty well out there, physically and mentally."

On whether LB Brian Rolle is still the starter at the Will linebacker position: "Right now, no. (LB) Akeem (Jordan) is going to work in there as a starter."

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