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Head Coach Andy Reid

Opening Remarks: "The players that will not play in this game are (QB) Mike Kafka, (DE) Jason Babin, (WR) Riley Cooper and (LB) Casey Matthews. Everybody else is scheduled to play unless something comes up different from now until then. What you'll see is the ones; they're scheduled to go three quarters, at least a half and then we'll see how it goes into that third quarter. But again, I'll make that decision as we get in the game. (QB) Mike (Vick) will be the starting quarterback. You know the starters and then the second group, (QB Nick) Foles will take the fourth quarter or whatever is left of the third quarter."

On what he expects to see specifically from the team on Monday: "You want to sharpen yourself up from the last game is what you want to do. We understand we're still in the preseason, but you want to play good football and we have an opportunity to play a good football team. So, I think if you talk to both coaches, we'd probably tell you the same thing; that we want to play better than we did last week and improve and, at the same time, get the young guys in and that second group in for the latter part of the game."

On the challenge presented to LB Mychal Kendricks by New England's tight ends: "Well, they're good players. So your safeties and your linebackers, that's a big challenge. That's the primary part of their offense, pass-game. They use combinations with those guys and you've got to be disciplined. It will be great for Kendricks. He's a young guy and it'll be a great experience for him."

On what will dictate if the starters stay in during the third quarter: "I'll just get a feel. We'll just see how it all rolls and go from there."

On whether he has any trepidation about playing CB Nnamdi Asomugha in Monday's game: "Well, just getting the spasm out. He was X-Rayed; everything was good with bones and concussions. There were no concussions, any of that. So he had a spasm in his back area and it was just a matter of making sure that we got that calmed down. He felt great. He's a good communicator, so he feels like he's ready to go."

On whether T King Dunlap will play the entire time with the ones: "Yeah, most likely. We'll see. Again, I'll just see how that goes with that. But right now, that's what I'm looking at."

On the replacement officials and whether he thinks about it: "They're busting their tail just to get caught up on the speed of our game and so on, and so they're working hard. They came up and visited us and I can just tell you they're trying their hearts out. Whatever situation goes on, it goes on. This is what it is right now, so we go with it and I appreciate their effort."

On what the potential concerns are with replacement officials being behind in learning: "I can't go there. These guys are busting their tails to try to get up to speed. I mean, that's all I can tell you. So, they're going to keep doing it through these next couple weeks and we'll just see how things work out from there."

On what he has seen from LB DeMeco Ryans through training camp: "Every day he gets a little more familiar with the defense and so you see him playing faster. You see him getting off blocks faster. He understands the gap responsibilities and the changes that take place up front with the defensive line. He's very composed when offenses throw different formations at you and different personnel groups."

On whether he expects Ryans to play better against the Patriots than he did against the Steelers: "Well you saw some good things (against) Pittsburgh. You saw him kind of feeling it out in the beginning and then as it went on you saw him react and it looked like he felt a little more comfortable. I expect everybody to step it up and do a better job than what we did the last game."

On what he expects to see from S Jaiquawn Jarrett against the Patriots: "He's busting it to make sure he gets better. He's identified the problems. He knows the problems and he's worked on them like crazy out here. I would imagine he would get that taken care of. That is the kind of person he is. He's a good football player and he's always working to get better."

On whether extra practice reps have benefitted DE Brandon Graham: "I think it's been good for him. I think camp has been good for him all the way around. Just getting him back in that tip top shape and he worked very hard in the offseason to keep his weight down and make sure he came back in good physical condition. I think it has paid off for him in this camp and now it is just a matter of playing. The more reps he gets the less hesitant he'll be and he won't have any reservation of just smoking off of the ball fast and furious. You can see him doing that (and) he is getting better every play that he has an opportunity."

On what the benefits are of DT Cullen Jenkins playing at defensive end during certain situations: "He gives you a little bit in the run game. Just a big body and he is athletic enough where he can still pass rush from out there. He just gives you another big body; a 300 pound guy out there that can move like he does."

On whether WR DeSean Jackson was injured during Saturday's practice: "Yeah, he's alright. He's okay."

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