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Head Coach Andy Reid

Opening Remarks: "It's good to get everyone together for the OTAs. I thought the energy level was great. The guys came out and fooled around a little bit. We're restricted on the contact so we're on a two-step rule here, but we're working within that. We're getting some work done with the o-line and d-line, again without the contact but on the back end, it's full speed. All-in-all, it's been a good three days and we'll add three more next week."

On whether there were any injuries: "No injuries."

On whether he was okay with certain players missing the first week of OTAs: "Yeah, they were excused in their own ways. Different situations, but both excused. It's also a voluntary camp."

On whether they will attend next week's session: "They'll be here, yes."

On how much he likes that the team has taken a different approach as far as being quieter and putting their noses to the grindstone: "That's really how the game is played and should be played. The only thing that counts is how you produce on the field. We're not a debate team, right, so that's not what we are. It's a good thing to hear from the guys."

On how much more important it is to have an offseason program after not doing it last year: "It allows you to knock off some of the rust. It also allows the young guys to learn. It allows you to take the guys out of the weight room and the conditioning part of it and put it to use. We've had pretty good timing in really all phases: special teams, offense, and defense."

On whether DT Fletcher Cox and DE Vinny Curry are picking up the defense well: "They are. You've seen them – maybe not so much with the defensive line because they can't (make contact), but with a linebacker, you're able to see (Mychal) Kendricks make plays and cover people, which is good. This is really more of a passing camp than it is a running camp, so we're not in any team periods running the football."

On what he is looking for from CB Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie: "Really just kind of picking up from where he left off last year, which he's doing. He's getting a good feel for it, and it's a little different because we're not asking him to play the inside slot position right now. He's playing strictly corner right now, so he's honing in on that and perfecting it."

On how QB Nick Foles has graded out so far and what he is working on: "Lots of little things. He's completing balls and his completion percentage is way up there. He's doing a good job with that and knowing the limited amount that he knows right now. He's a smart kid and we're throwing a ton at him right now. We really like his attitude."

On how much different QB Mike Kafka looks this offseason as opposed to training camp last year: "I think he has a better feel of the overall offense. He's been up here every day working, so it just getting where people are placed and the timing down with different receivers. I'd tell you that with pretty much all the quarterbacks. We've got a wide variety of receivers out here, and obviously we're a timing and throwing offense. It's just a matter of getting his timing down."

On whether Kafka has received the second-most amount of reps: "He's gotten the second-most amount of reps, yeah."

On whether he has liked what he has seen from QB Michael Vick: "Yeah. Listen, we still have seven practices left, the mandatory mini-camp, and then five more practices. I think they're just knocking the rust off right now and it's just a little faster when you do it in a team environment. His command of the offseason and knowing where people are is very good and knowing the defense is very good."

On how good it is to see WR Jeremy Maclin out here practicing: "He looks strong. It's good to see him out here. He is strong and physical, and he had one drop today but he's been catching the ball well for the most part."

On what changed with LB Jamar Chaney that he is now practicing: "The doctor okay'ed it. We felt comfortable with it, and he felt good. We felt it was okay in this camp. There is not really a lot of contact here and it's not training camp, but he has been cleared for contact now. It's a good thing."

On how much he can add from one week to another in these OTAs: "We're going to keep adding every day. We'll give them a healthy load every day. We try to get them exposed to everything they're going to get in training camp, and then come back and review it. It's great to have these days and have it organized the way we have it."

On his impressions of DE Brandon Graham so far: "I think he's done well. It looks like he's in really good shape and there is zero effects of the knee right now. He's moving fast. I don't know if you'd call it a chip on your shoulder, but he wants to do well. He wants to prove that he's a quality NFL player and I think he's on a mission to do that."

On whether he is concerned about offensive line coach Howard Mudd being away: "I don't think it will. He's been in and out. I told him really to stay away but he keeps coming back. That's okay. We have a lot of confidence in Eugene (Chung, filling in as o-line coach in his absence), and Howard is at that age where he deserves it. He'll be back in there and I don't think it will hurt at all."

On whether he has already seen LB DeMeco Ryans' leadership ability: "Yeah, you can. We're throwing a ton of motions and shifts at him. He just has that calm about him. He's able to get everyone lined up, so getting that influence in there is a plus."

On what he has seen from the Sixers in the playoffs: "I tell you what, heart man. It's not all perfect, but they play their tails off. Not that I'm a basketball coach, and that coach is doing a great job with him by the way. It's a young group and I just think the sky is the limit for them as they go forward. I know they're going to put up a heck of a game in Boston and I was very impressed by their tenacity."

On whether he is impressed by CB Brandon Boykin so far: "Yeah, he's doing a good job, and he's been a returner, too. He's doing a good job at corner, good job in the slot. He's so willing to learn and work. He's been picking things up fast. It's been good.  

On whether QB Trent Edwards is trying to get his legs back as a quarterback: "I think he's getting used to the offense and everything else. He's a veteran player and he's been through it before. Every day he gets a little bit better and more comfortable."

On whether Edwards' arm is where Reid would like it to be: "Not there yet but it will be. He'll get there as we go."

On whether Edwards is 100% healthy: "Yes."

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