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Head Coach Andy Reid

Opening Comments: "Alright, injuries – (CB) Brandon Hughes is out. (DE Juqua Parker) is out with a high ankle sprain. (DE) Darryl Tapp is listed as doubtful, he has gone through the last couple days of practice but we'll just have to see, it's a day to day situation. We look forward to the challenge of playing the (San Francisco) 49ers. We know they're a good football team. We've had a chance to look at the tape and I think our guys have had a good week of preparation preparing for them. We look forward, again, to bringing them into Lincoln Financial Field and introducing them to our fans."

On what WR Jeremy Maclin is listed as: "Jeremy is, on your sheet here, will be probable. He went through practice today. (QB) Michael Vick is probable; he'll be listed on there as probable. He went through the practice."

On what he has seen at practice this week: "I think the guys have had a good week of practice. They've worked the gameplan and done it with a good attitude. I think they're just looking forward to playing."

On whether Maclin is fine: "I didn't see anything. We limited his work yesterday, so today he did all the stuff and he felt pretty good. He felt good coming out of yesterday which I thought was important."

On whether Maclin's hamstring injury was mild: "It wasn't too bad."

On how confident he is in Vick's ability to hold the ball with both hands: "Listen, I mean, today he had very little swelling in there, his hand seemed strong, and I think it'll do nothing but get better with time here. We'll just see. Right now it looks like he's okay doing that. We'll see how it is tomorrow."

On whether Vick will wear a glove on his injured hand: "Well we'll just see, we'll see how he does. That's all I can tell you. We'll see how it feels."

On whether CB Curtis Marsh or S Jaiquawn Jarrett will dress in place of Hughes: "Listen, we gave both of them reps. Jaiquawn got a little bit more than Marsh, and then I'll just see how it goes, see how Tapp's doing, he's in that mix too. Just see how the guys are feeling. Really the two guys, Hughes and Parker, are the two that are out, so I've got to make that decision. To answer you, they all got work, Jaiquawn got the most."

On whether he moved DT Cullen Jenkins outside to defensive end at all next week: "No. The guys were able to go, and felt good at it, so we were just monitoring to see how they felt. We knew we had the flexibility to do that if needed. (DE Phillip) Hunt got a few snaps, so that helped in there too."

On whether he thought DE Jason Babin and DE Trent Cole were strong still strong in the fourth quarter: "Yeah, they did alright, yeah."

On how he feels playing this week in light of the recent defensive personnel changes: "Listen, they've all got a role, so that's the important thing. They're all going to play. I thought the guys that we moved around a little bit, I thought they did well in their role."

On how close San Francisco 49ers Head Coach Jim Harbaugh's version of the West Coast Offense is to his own and whether this will help the defense: "What you do with the offense is you work it around the personnel that you have. He's got a lot of very skilled people and they're all getting involved. And it is, it's similar, yeah, it is similar. The basic fundamentals are similar. I think he's done a heck of a job. (QB) Alex (Smith) is playing very well, he's on the same page with all those receivers and tight ends, and he's got a tight end and a fullback/tight end that are very gifted and they utilize both those guys accordingly."

On whether being familiar with the offense may help the defense and the players that are moving around and are in and out of the lineup: "They're going to run whatever plays they run and we've got to make sure we cover them. Could it help? I don't think it'll hurt."

On the 49ers special teams play: "They do a nice job. The coach does a good job, too. They obviously have explosive returners. Ginn is a pretty good one, I'll tell you."

On whether Jeremy Maclin will still return punts: "Yeah, we'll just see how he feels. We're making him work that out and we'll see how. We'll just see how we feel along with Jeremy as things progress."

On his early impressions of Nnamdi Asomugha meshing with the rest of the defense: "He's getting used to it and he's a phenomenal guy to deal with. You can see why he's one of the top corners in the National Football League with all the challenges he takes on. He really works at it."

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