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Head Coach Andy Reid

Opening Comments: "All right, injuries – the guys that will not practice today: (CB) Brandon Hughes with a hamstring strain, he's going to struggle this week to get back, it's really significant there. (WR) Jeremy Maclin has a hamstring strain. He went through the walkthrough, he probably won't do much this afternoon, if anything, but he is making progress, but we'll just see, we'll take it literally day by day and see how he does. (DE Juqua Parker) has a high ankle sprain, he is making progress but not ready to practice. (WR) Riley Cooper passed all the concussion tests and met with the independent doctor and so on, he's going to practice today. (DE) Darryl Tapp is going to practice today in a limited role, we'll just kind of ease him back in, see how he does. Likewise, (QB) Michael (Vick) went through the walkthrough and he'll practice today. He's got quite a little bit of that swelling down and, again, making progress in the right direction.

"Listen, I've just got to see how he does here. I'm going to watch him and see how he can function with this thing and then we'll see if he continues to progress then he'll have an opportunity to play. If it doesn't then we'll go from there, but right now he is making progress in the right direction here. We look forward to the challenge of playing the (San Francisco) 49ers. We're fairly familiar with their personnel, having played them last year. I think (Head Coach) Jim Harbaugh is doing a nice job with that football team. They're doing some different things offensively and some different things defensively. Obviously, they're ranked very high defensively, very worthy of those rankings, they're playing tremendous defense. Offensively Jim's installing his offense. He's got a variety of things that he's doing and the guys are picking it up and doing it well.

"I think we all know that they have a lot of talent and Jim's utilizing every one of those guys from the tight ends to the wide receivers to the one of the best running backs in the National Football League. Special teams, very explosive, we've witnessed that before when (WR Ted) Ginn (Jr.) was at (The) Miami (Dolphins). He's an explosive player and we saw it when he's played for the 49ers. Again, he's a good football player."

On whether Vick is able to grip the football: "He's able to grip the football, yeah. He was able to go through the walkthrough this morning and take a snap and do that. I'm not going to tell you it's not tender and how hard he can squeeze the ball and all that, it's tender, but he's working through it and just trying to get the range of motion, but right now he doesn't have the complete range of motion back."

On what Vick has to show him the next couple of days: "Well, really that you can control the football, and that's really what it comes down to. Ball handling, obviously is very important, in particular under the center, that's where the problem would be. Shotgun you can get away with it, but under the center you've got to be able to squeeze and right now that's not 100-percent. So, we've got to see. I don't know how fast it'll come back. I can't tell you that."

On whether the fact that he's had a lot of fumbles already this season factors in: "Some of those were from the gun, actually, and then people running into him there. Not really. The fumbling part, yes, the fumbling of the snap with his hand the way it is, that concerns me, but not the past."

On Vick's mobility and ball security: "Listen, that's part of it too. We're not going to put him out there if he's not safe. If he can't function and play and not get hurt, we're not going to put him out there. It's that simple."

On whether Vick looked tentative at all last week: "No, I didn't think he did. I mean, he ran right off, right away, he had a scramble. I didn't necessarily see that."

On whether there was any fogginess post-concussion: "No, I didn't see that. He was as sharp as ever, so I didn't see anything."

On whether he is healthy enough to take every snap in practice today: "We'll see. Honestly, let's just take it one snap at a time and see how he does. I can't make it more simple than that, I mean, it's nothing to fight over."

On whether QB Vince Young is 100-percent: "Vince is 100-percent, yeah."

On whether there will be any personnel or lineup changes with the defense: "Well listen, right now we're playing everybody. We've got so many different packages that we're using, and we're going to continue to do that, and so I think you'll see people in different positions. Am I here to tell you where they're going to be? I'm not going to do that, that wouldn't be very smart on my part."

On whether there is a possibility of Vick injuring his hand further: "We go to an extreme there making sure that it's right, that's what we're going to do. If he's in that kind of a position where we feel like he can't function and play than we're not going to put him out there to do that. That wouldn't be very smart."

On whether he has ever been in a situation before where his quarterback's non-throwing hand is injured: "Yeah, you know, it happens. There are times where it gets caught by their facemask after they throw and gets crushed, or it gets crushed up against their chest, or they fall on it, normally the brace with that hand and carry the ball in their strong hand, so it happens. Normally it happens to your linemen. Your linemen live with that every day, right? The important thing is he gets the swelling out and he has strength in that hand, that's the important thing. Right now he's not 100-percent, but he's getting there. He's better than he was yesterday."

On whether S Nate Allen will be the starter: "Well, we'll see, we're going to just see. Like I said, they're all going to be playing and will have a chance to play in certain situations. But Nate did some good things in the game. I won't take anything away from either one of them. There were some good things."

On his thoughts about the reception from the fans that former Eagles K David Akers will receive: "Well listen, it's tough, (but) unfortunately it's part of this game. I have the highest regards for David Akers. You're talking about the greatest kicker in Eagles history; really, I mean I think that's probably a slam dunk. And the guy – he's a great person and he did a tremendous amount in the community and I'm sure he'll be welcomed back with open arms. When you're together for 12 years like he and I were, then you develop a relationship there and I hold he and his wife and his family in the highest regards."

On his thoughts about San Francisco's run defense and how it affects what they do on offense: "They're a 3-4 front and they have good players there. They're big, strong guys that are agile, and yeah, they're very good against the run. So we'll see, see how it goes."

On whether QB Vince Young is 100 percent healthy: "Vince is. Vince is 100 percent, yeah."

On whether Young will be the starter if it came down to that: "Well, that's something I have to see how they do this week, and I'll make that decision as we go. But he's ready to go, to answer your question he's ready to go, and that's a good thing for our football team. We have three quarterbacks that can play and we'll just see how it all works out this week."

On what he will look for specifically when making his decision on the quarterbacks: "Well, I'll look at what I need to look at. I don't think you give anything up personnel-wise, that's not the smartest thing, so I'm going to try not to do that. We can keep firing the bullets, here, but I'd be foolish to give somebody an opportunity to prepare for any certain thing."

On his thoughts about how important the game against San Francisco is: "Listen, they're all important (and) they're all very, every one of them is very important. I can't sit here and tell you that the last three weren't important, I can't do that. It's one of those things as a player and a coach if you lose in the National Football League it's a tough thing, that's not a pleasant deal. So at that moment, those are the most important games, and this one is this week."

On whether Vick's ability to take a shotgun snap or a snap from under center affects the gameplan: "Listen, it's easier to take a shotgun snap right now, and we'll just see; he has to continue to get strength in his hand."

On whether he's surprised about the amount of touchdown passes the defense has surrendered: "Well listen, we can't give up big plays. I mean, that's a simple fact. On the other side of that you have to be able to create those from an offensive standpoint. So those are two areas that we need to do better at, and so that's what we're going to work on."

On whether he's had enough players in position to make those plays: "Well in certain situations there have been people there and in certain situations there weren't. But we're going to get that corrected as a team, coaches and players, we're going to get that corrected, both sides of the ball, special teams, we're going to get it corrected."

On whether having a smaller offensive line is a liability close in the red zone: "No, I mean, that's a good question but I don't think that. No. I didn't feel that way during the game. There are some things strategically (and) there are some things we can do physically that we didn't get done. And then coaches, we need to make sure that we're putting guys in the right position and doing that whole deal, and then we have to execute."

On whether he thinks the team has run the ball better from the spread formation: "Well, we've done both really. We've had success with both of them. We've been doing a lot of double tight, (and) you saw that the last game and we ran the ball fairly effectively. And then, we've spread people out and done that, too. So we've done both of those."

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