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Head Coach Andy Reid

Opening Comments: "Alright, injuries – [WR] Riley Cooper, concussion, we'll just take that day by day, seems to be doing pretty good today, he was doing well after the game. [CB] Brandon Hughes has a hamstring strain. [WR] Jeremy Maclin has a hamstring strain. He was MRI'd today, he's got a little spot there, but it's not quite as bad as what we thought. [QB] Michael Vick has a hand contusion, so it's not a break. It actually, and we had a couple different shots taken of his hand yesterday during the game, the early clips show that there was no break and then the ones that came back when he was on the field showed that there was a potential fracture there, and then today he had the scans, and the scans show that there was no break. What it was, it was a blood vessel that was sitting over the bone, and this I guess frequently happens. I'm not obviously a doctor, but that happens at times with x-rays, and the blood vessel made it look like it was a fracture. He still has a bunch of swelling in it that's got to get out of there, it's sensitive to the touch right now, so that part's got to go on, but the positive is that there was not a fracture there. [DE Juqua] Parker is still out with a high ankle sprain, and working through that, and [DE Darryl] Tapp is getting closer with the pec[toral] strain. As far as the game goes, like I said, I've got to do a better job of managing this football team and taking care of things for gameday. We had eight significant plays, four on offense, four on defense, in all different types, but the base part of that was that there were four significant plays that they scored on, on long plays, big plays, and we didn't have any on the offensive side. As far as the management of the game, I've got to take care of that. Obviously I thought 4th-1 changed the momentum of the game in the opposite direction and that's clearly my responsibility, and so I take full responsibility for the outcome of that game. On the other hand of that, I'll get better and as a team we will get better."

On whether Vick's injury is a pain tolerance thing as far as whether he plays this week: "Well, we'll see how he does over the next couple days. We've got to get the swelling out."

On who will start if Vick cannot play: "We'll see."

On whether he thinks it's possible Vick plays this Sunday: "We'll see how the swelling in the hand is. We'll see if we can get the swelling to where it's manageable and his hand where he feels comfortable."

On whether QB Vince Young is 100 percent: "I didn't think he was this past week, and so we'll take him out and we'll run him here and see if he can, just that top-end this past week I didn't think was there, but we'll see how he does this week."

On how Vick's hand swelling is now compared to post-game: "It's about the same right now, and it's not to say that he can't play with the swelling, it's just got to be where he can bend his hand where he can work with it."

On whether he talked to Vick today and how relieved is he that his hand is not broken: "I think he's pretty relieved about it. It's a good thing, that's a positive thing that it wasn't a break."

On what Vick said to him about wanting to play on Sunday: "He always wants to play, that's how he is. He's a competitive guy."

On what he means when he says that he has to do a better job: "Well you did a good job of explaining it, and I completely understand the frustration and so it's my responsibility to make sure we get that changed. You named the things there, that was very good by you."

On Maclin's prognosis: "It's a day-to-day thing as opposed to initially what we thought was a little more significant than that. It's tender right now. The positive was that the MRI came back and it wasn't a negative thing there."

On whether he is convinced he has the personnel at linebacker and safety to get the job done: "Well we're going to keep working and try to get that right and make sure that we all do our jobs a little bit better."

On whether he agrees with Vick that the league and referees need to do a better job of protecting him: "Listen, his best interest is always on my mind, in particular when he's on the football field. I know he's a marked man, and so I think it's important that we all keep a close eye on him when he's playing."

On whether LB Casey Matthews is still a starter: "You know what, I'm not even there with this, and really I'm probably not going to go there with you on it."

On when Vick was injured: "When he was hit. He threw the ball, and the guy was coming in, and he tried to protect himself from the guy hitting him in the head with his hand, and it got caught between his helmet and his helmet, in that area there, facemask."

On whether Offensive Coordinator Marty Mornhinweg will remain the offensive play caller: "Come on, I mean you guys are killing me. Please."

On whether that is a yes or no: "That's something you don't have to worry about, but I think Marty is very good."

On how close S Jaiquawn Jarrett is to getting on the field: "We'll see. I'm not there yet, I'm kind of doing my evaluation stuff here and make those decisions in the next couple of days."

On whether he will need to make a roster move at the wide receiver position this week: "Well, we'll see. Again, we've just got to see how they do physically here over the next couple days. If you have none you've got to make something happen there if a bunch of guys are out."

On whether he is disappointed that he's still evaluating certain positions that still aren't stable: "I would take that responsibility, yeah. And I would say yes, it's my responsibility to make sure that the right guys are on the field, the right plays. So I would take it."

On whether poor tackling was a result of people out of position or improper technique: "We have to do a better job tackling, and I can't sit here and tell you that, if you're in a position to make a tackle, then you have to make a tackle, that's how it works. And then it's our responsibility as coaches to put guys in the right positions to make the tackles. But when you're there you have to make the tackle."

On whether he will address the false start/cadence issues: "Obviously there were cadence issues with guys jumping offsides. So we all have to be on the same page, here, and I'll take care of that and put that in my category right there; doing a better job of managing the game, there."

On his decision to go for it on fourth-and-one: "Well listen, I knew we had the momentum, obviously, and I've always been aggressive. And so, I wanted to make sure that we stayed aggressive and it was the wrong thing to do, with hindsight, 20/20, yeah."

On whether he felt like he needed to score more points: "I wanted to score more, yeah."

On whether Vick's injury had anything to do with going for it on fourth down: "I wanted to score more, that's all."

On his thoughts about defensive coordinator Juan Castillo as a coach: "Listen, I think we all need to work together [and] that's what I think is the most important thing right now as coaches, and as players, and all as one. And I think that's very important for this team right now, old, young, new, whatever, we all have to work and do a better job there."

On whether he is worried about how hard Castillo will take the loss and whether he will be able to rebound: "Well listen, we all spend a lot of time doing our job. And so I've said this before, losses should hurt, and then you learn from them, and then in this league you have to get rid of them. But there's a period, there, where it's not a great feeling, and a lot of people don't have the chance to experience that, but it's not real fun. I can't tell you that this is the most fun I have in a day right here, explain how not fun it is to [not] win football games. So it's not a good thing, but you have to learn from it, all of us, and then you have to move on. And that's what we're in the process of doing."

On how they will attempt to minimize the hits on Vick: "Well listen, there are a bunch of things that we can do and we can say other people need to do and all that. But we're going to keep working on things on our end, and I know people will keep working on things on their end."

On why he didn't try to use McCoy down on the goal line: "Because we called plays that didn't give the ball to him."

On whether there was a reason for using FB Owen Schmitt twice: "We thought that was the way to go. I mean, obviously it wasn't in hindsight."

On McCoy's production through the first three games: "He's playing very well. He had a good game yesterday. There were a few plays he would like to have back, but for the most part he did a nice job."

On whether he thought about challenging the goal line sneak from Vick: "Yeah, absolutely. I had my hand on the flag ready to go [but] I couldn't get a shot of it; it showed his head over but not the ball, on the shot that I had, and so there was no reason to do that at that time."

On the status of QB Vince Young's hamstring injury: "I think he's very close. I think he's very close, to be back physically. As far as mentally, he's fine. To be back physically, I think he's right there."

On whether he has the edge over QB Mike Kafka: "We'll see how all that goes. I haven't even gotten there yet. I'm still on the swelling of Michael's hand and if he'll be ready to play."

On whether he heard WR DeSean Jackson's comments about the defense: "I'm kind of a 'we' guy, that we all need to play better. So I don't know what he said. I don't hear all of that stuff, and I know DeSean's always been a team kid, guy, and when he plays he's always over talking to the defense. And I know from my experience, and again I haven't read anything and don't know anything about what he said, but I'm big on we all can do our job better, and that's what we need to do."

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