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Head Coach Andy Reid

Injury Report: "(S) Quintin Demps has an ankle sprain. We'll just see how he does here, he's limited today, we'll see how he does the next couple of days. (CB) Ellis Hobbs saw the spine surgeon and the MRI has not changed from what he had there before. We have to do further evaluations on that and see how he comes out of this. (LB) Akeem Jordan hyper-extended his knee, has a bone bruise there. (T) Jason Peters has an ankle sprain very similar to the one that he had earlier in the year here, it's on the same leg. (FB) Leonard Weaver has an ankle sprain. (WR) Kevin Curtis will be returning to Philadelphia in the next day or so and he's doing well recovering from his knee. We'll just have our first shot of seeing the results of the surgery. (RB) Brian Westbrook is doing well today, made it through yesterday feeling well. We'll see how that progresses. (DE) Victor Abiamiri is doing better. He should be able to return to practice Wednesday as well as (LB) Chris Gocong."

Opening Remarks: "All and all it was a tough NFC East loss. It is my responsibility to make sure that we win those games. You are going to have games like that where they're tight, knockdown, drag-out fights where everything isn't going perfect and you have to battle through that and win those types of games. We can learn from it and we will learn from it. We'll move forward here rapidly.

"We're going to southern California to a good San Diego Charger team this weekend, and it's important that we learn from this game and get our mind on the Chargers. I thought the 3rd quarter penalties were a problem. There were too many of them at inopportune times, not that there is an opportune time for a penalty. I thought the turnovers, any time you turn the ball over in the National Football League, in particular twice, you have a problem, and that was the result here with ten points. The two missed challenges on my side of things, that was a problem. Whether they're right or wrong they're wrong, so that's my responsibility.

"Our short yardage has been very good over the season and we have to continue to concentrate, get back on that, and do a little better job in short yardage situations. (On) third-and-2-or-less we were 12 for 15 and we have to get back on that. Actually our challenges have been halfway decent coming into this game; we've made two out of three on those. There are no excuses for what went on yesterday. We have to do a better job and that starts with me.

"Positives: I thought some of our special teams play. (K) David Akers' kicking was positive and I thought the effort of our football team was a positive. I thought they kept swinging all the way through the game. We have to straighten out a few of the mental mistakes and techniques. As coaches we have to make sure that we are putting the players in the right positions to make plays and make sure that the right players are in the right position to make plays and that's my responsibility to make sure that happens."

On whether it is disturbing to him that he's still talking about technique at this point in the season: "No that's the name of the game. That's why you work on it every day. There are going to be games like this where things don't go the way you want them to go. I'm sure they're sitting there saying the same thing on their end. When you have two good teams playing each other there is going to be a tendency to have those things happen. It's not all going to be pretty, but you have to keep battling until you win the football game."

On why this team has struggled in close games: "I think it comes down to putting the players in the right position and executing. We all have a piece of that pie."

On whether he thought it hurt them in this game that they hadn't had more drives in the red zone earlier in the season: "That happens. We didn't have the huge plays that we did before, but that's going to take place and you just keep battling through it. We had other opportunities on drives to make plays and we have to make sure that we capitalize on those."

On whether he thinks it is a lack of focus that causes players to get distracted late in close games: "I didn't see that. I've seen guys battling and I didn't think that was the case. Maybe it's the other end, we're trying too hard. I've seen maximum effort out there and it looked like the guys were pretty focused."

On whether he thinks there is a link or cause given that the Eagles are 1-8-1 in their last ten games decided by six points or less: "That's a pretty good stat so there is probably some form of a link. I'm not sure exactly what that link is other than that stat. We have to do better in those situations on both sides of the ball and special teams."

On whether he sees a difference among the players in the second half of games where they're blowing teams out verses games that are closer: "I didn't necessarily feel a tightness or press, I don't think that was case. I haven't seen that."

On whether he sees and expects inconsistencies from young players: "I do and we've had a few too many that we have to make sure we get straightened out. I know those things are going to happen. That doesn't mean we're happy about it, but things will happen like that and we just have to keep pushing through it and as time goes on here we'll be better."

On whether he thought to punt rather than go for it on fourth-and-one: "I was going to go for it. Can I sit here right now and tell you that I should punted? Yeah, I probably should have punted."

On lowering the number of penalties: "You have to discipline yourself and you have to practice so that those things don't happen. There hasn't been a lack of effort with the penalties, it's concentration and focus and all of those things that go into that."

On whether LB Moise Fokou's penalties have a theme: "Some of them are young player penalties, grabbing when you're getting knocked backwards as opposed to just letting go. Or cut blocking on an interception, these are things that you don't see the veteran players doing. He'll learn. He is a smart kid. He'll learn from them and move on."

On how he goes over the rules with rookies given that Fokou said he was unaware of the chop block rule for which he was penalized: "The rule has been mentioned."

On Jordan's health and who would replace him if he was unable to play against the Chargers: "(Defensive coordinator) Sean (McDermott) and I are going through that right now. We haven't determined anything on that yet."

On whether they are looking internally or externally for Jordan's potential backup: "We have to see how Akeem is first and then we'll go from there."

On whether QB Donovan McNabb's inconsistency yesterday was a result of his ribs injury: "No, he had some nice throws and then there were some that were off, but I don't think it was the ribs or the flack jacket."

On whether the second interception was McNabb or WR Jeremy Maclin's fault: "When you get to that 10-12 yard area you want to make sure you get your eyes back for the ball. Could it have been thrown a little better? It could have. At the same time they have to get on the same page there with each other."

On how he feels about the team's position at this point in the season: "We wanted to beat the Dallas Cowboys and that's a big game. But, there are eight more big games and we're sitting here with a decent record and a good position. We just have to make sure we take care of business."

On whether he expects Westbrook to practice Wednesday: "I do. I'm telling you that sitting here today, I just talked to him and he feels good."

On getting the ball to WR DeSean Jackson more: "I thought we could have given him a few more opportunities yesterday, and that's my responsibility. I have to do a better job of getting that kid in the right spots to do that."

On Westbrook practicing this week: "I don't think Brian's head is a (problem). Brian had some work done on his ankle, so if he doesn't go on Wednesday that would be the cause unless something crazy (happens) with his concussion."

On the work Westbrook had done on his ankle: "He was getting work done in there. He had a little bit of swelling so he had some work done."

On whether Westbrook's ankle injury was a result of practicing last week: "He was feeling it Friday afternoon."

On whether Westbrook didn't play because of his ankle: "No. The reason he didn't play was strictly because of the headache."

On whether Westbrook didn't practice Friday because of his ankle: "Backing off of him, that's what I've been doing on Fridays. He had two hard days of practice, so I was pulling off of him on that and then the other things came."

On when he had the headache: "Friday afternoon. After I talked to you guys."

On QB Michael Vick saying that he doesn't see himself as a Wildcat guy nor does he see himself in that role next season: "Michael Vick was one of the very, very good quarterbacks in the National Football League. That's not what he is, is a Wildcat player. He's a quarterback is what he is. But for this team here and giving him an opportunity to play and presenting another threat for defenses, he's very good at that. He's enjoying doing that and having an opportunity to play knowing that Donovan is the starting quarterback."

On whether he is disappointed with the way he has gotten Vick in the game: "I'm not disappointed with that at all. He's handled himself very well. I had no set number of plays that I was going to put him in. It's important that our offense functions. That's where my concerns go. When we sputter and stutter and do all of that, that disappoints me."

On whether he envisioned more production out of the Wildcat: "I mentioned that I really had no set number of plays that we would go in with. We just see how things worked out as we went."

On whether Westbrook's ankle was scoped: "No, he did not get scoped."

On whether he has any more insight into the spotting of the ball in yesterday's game after viewing the tape: "The only thing I can tell you is that they mentioned to me that (Donovan's) elbow was down at that spot. Whatever spot that is that's where they marked it and that's what I know."

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