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Head Coach Andy Reid

Injury Report: "[DE Juqua Parker] J.P. has some knee swelling. [TE] L.J. [Smith] is out with the concussion, and then [G] Shawn Andrews is out. JP is listed as probable. The other one that is struggling a little bit is [WR] Jason Avant with a trap strain. We'll just have to see. That's a game day thing. JP should be okay."

On what changed with Smith's injury status throughout the week: "The tests were inconsistent. That was a heck of a shot he took, and I just don't want to mess with that thing. He's not right, right now."

On TE Brenk Celek and in what areas he has developed the most in his second year: "You have to look at just the overall understanding of the offense. Last year we threw a lot at him, and this year he has a full grasp of it in both the run game and the pass game. It's just a better understanding, which allows him to play a little bit faster."

On how he sees the wide receiver position playing out this week and whether he will still start WRs Kevin Curtis and DeSean Jackson: "It all depends on the plays that we have. We kind of mix and match them on both run and pass plays. We'll just see. If you had to list starters right now, it would probably be those two, yeah."

On how Smith is dealing with his injury: "He's a tough guy and it can be frustrating, but this is a little different. The concussion is a little different than so many things that he's had, but he wants to play. He's a competitor, and he wants to play. It's one of those things that will pass, and he'll be fine."

On whether he thinks that the Phillies winning the World Series has caused the Eagles to be less focused: "I wouldn't think so. We're going to be out there for a couple of days, and then, when the guys have been here, they've followed it. From what I saw, the players loved every minute of it. I don't see that being a thing that would be a distraction."

On whether the Phillies winning the World Series could energize the guys: "I don't know that either. The guys know a lot of the players, so the guys are happy for the Phillies. I kind of just take it for face value. That the Eagles are very supportive, I think, all the way around of what the Phillies did, and we are very proud of them and very happy for them."

On whether he feels that the Phillies have taken the center stage away from the Eagles: "I don't think that's what this is all about. I'm pulling for the Sixers, I'm pulling for the Flyers. I want us all to win a championship, so I don't feel that way and I don't see any of that. We are all in the same city. It's all about Philadelphia and that's it. That's how it is."

On how CB Asante Samuel is feeling today after being listed on the injury report yesterday: "He feels good today, yeah. He feels good. He moved around great and practiced full and everything."

On whether Andrews and Smith are the only two players listed as out for the game: "Yeah, and Jason Avant is hurting. We'll just have to see with Jason, how he does here. I'm not going to take L.J. [to Seattle]. I'm going to take Jason."

On Seattle's front seven and whether he still sees speed in their defense this year: "Yeah. I don't know if [DE Patrick] Kerney is going to play, but if he doesn't play, they bring in a first-round draft pick that's a good player, a kid that was an All-American at SC, so you're looking at a real good player that they've got."

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