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Head Coach Andy Reid

Injuries: "(G) Shawn Andrews had back surgery, obviously, and we feel like, and the doctor feels like, it was successful. Time will tell. He is doing better and recuperating and doing some rehab. (WR) Reggie Brown did some show-team this week. We're gradually bringing him back and he's feeling better every day here. We'll just see how it goes. He's listed as questionable. (DE Juqua) Parker, J.P., his knee swelling is down and he practiced, which is good. (CB) Lito (Sheppard) is the same way. (T) Tra (Thomas) and (RB Brian) Westbrook, they all practiced and all did very well. Again, it's important that these guys continue to work with (head athletic trainer) Rick (Burkholder) and continue to follow his rehab program and do the job they're doing. My hat's off to them. Going into the bye week, we had quite a few guys on this list and they worked their tails off to get themselves back."

Opening remarks: "Again, we look forward to the opportunity of playing the Falcons. They're a good, young football team coming in here. They're playing very well on both sides of the football and special teams. They've got explosive players in both areas and, again, we've practiced hard and we have to make sure that we continue to finish up this week right and have ourselves ready to play on Sunday."

On whether Reggie Brown's injury is progressing slower than expected: "No, we're being smart with it too, with the practices, so we can have a chance for the game here. That's important right now."

On whether Brown had a setback with his injury: "No, there was no setback."

On whether Kevin Curtis looks like he's 100 percent: "He does, with the exception of playing in a game. He hasn't done that for a while here, but he feels good and he was able to put a hard week of practice in and take all the reps. We'll just see how he adjusts during the game."

On what he looks for in practice from a guy who is coming back from an injury, like WR Kevin Curtis: "You watch him in practice and then you talk to him. You communicate with him and see how he feels. Then, during the game, you do the same thing, you do the same thing that you did in practice. He'll shoot you straight and you go from there. You never question Kevin on whether he wants to play or not. He's a pretty tough kid."

On whether he's looking forward to potentially seeing his full offense on the field: "Yeah. I've been proud of the guys who have stepped in. The way they've played, we've had some success there. But, it's always good to get the other guys back; getting them in there and letting them cut loose a little bit too."

On what he's seen in Kevin Curtis that he knows he's ready to play: "He, obviously, had a great year last year; he was our leading receiver. He's another person that (QB) Donovan (McNabb) trusts. He's got trust in all of our receivers. This is a guy that he utilized quite a bit last year. Kevin is very consistent and he brings another speed player out there to the mix with the other guys."

On whether he has an update on Shawn Andrews' rehab in California: "I don't. We're just going to play it by ear. We're communicating with the doctor and we'll just see how it goes."

On what type of rehab Andrews is doing: "I don't know."

On whether he has a timetable for whether or not he'll put Andrews on the Injured Reserve list: "No, we'll see. They said the earliest he'd be back would be six weeks. I'm just going to see how he does here in the next couple weeks, three weeks, four weeks. I'm not sure when we'll make that decision."

On why Atlanta is one of the bigger surprises in the NFL right now: "On defense, they're playing very hard and very aggressive. First of all, I think it starts with their coach (head coach Mike Smith). Their coach is a good football coach. He's brought a nice package there, on both sides of the ball. Then, the players are playing their hearts out on the defensive side and, on offense, they brought in two players to add to the other players that they have. A quarterback (Matt Ryan), who's very good, and even though he's a rookie, he's playing like a veteran player right now. And then a running back (Michael Turner) that had been a rotating player in San Diego. They bring him in and allow him to be the starter and he's stepped up and done a great job there."

On what Michael Turner brings to their offense: "I don't want to compare him to other backs, but his strengths are his core strength. He's very tough to bring down. He's strong in the thighs and the hips and you've got to be a very accurate tackler and bring a little mustard with it and make sure your buddies rally with you to bring him down."

On what he means by "accurate tackler": "You better pick a spot on him and hit that spot, because there are a couple spots that you don't want to hit."

On the improved second-half play at San Francisco and what that did for the Eagles: "I told you after the game, I was proud of the way the guys stepped up. They could have easily folded the tent and gone home and they didn't do that. They stepped up and played very aggressive football. It's important that we build on that and that's the approach that the guys have taken this week. We'll see where we're at."

On whether he plans to use either FB Kyle Eckel or LB Tracy White this week: "Possibly. We'll see how it goes on the special teams part of it."

On how Brian Westbrook feels: "He feels good. He looks like he's moving around pretty good. Initially, when you have broken ribs, they kind of grind in there a little bit and he doesn't have that anymore. He feels pretty good."

On whether Westbrook is coming back on schedule for the type of injury he had: "It depends on the ribs that you break. That's part of it, and where they are, where they're located. Brian's a quick healer, normally. I think that's the case here. I think he's on schedule."

On whether Westbrook will wear any extra padding this week: "We'll see. We'll see what he has to put on there."

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