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Head Coach Andy Reid

Injury Report: "(DT) Brodrick Bunkley has an ankle sprain. (TE Brent) Celek has a thumb sprain. (G/T Todd) Herremans has an AC sprain, shoulder area. (WR) DeSean Jackson has a concussion and we'll see how he does here the next few days. (LB) Akeem Jordan has knee hyperextension and is making progress, has a chance to possibly get back this week, but we'll just see how that works out. (LB) Tracy White has a chest contusion. (LB Will) Witherspoon has a foot strain. (WR) Kevin Curtis and (RB Brian) Westbrook are making progress. We'll just see how they do. Brian will be re-examined this week and (head trainer) Rick (Burkholder's) setting that up. I'll let you know when that will take place as we go here. Other than that the other guys made it through fairly good here."

Opening Remarks: "It's good that we overcame some adversity, however we probably shouldn't have started with has much adversity as we did have to overcome. I'll take responsibility for the onsides kick. I'll always stay aggressive if given the opportunity. I'll never look back on that and wish I wouldn't have. If I had to do it again I'd still give it a shot and just try to do it a little better. That's one of those things that I will continue to do. The fourth quarter comeback I thought was a positive. (K) David Akers (had) four field goals; he's kicking as well as any kicker in the National Football League right now and has been throughout the season and I'm proud of him for that. (WR) Jason Avant, (WR Jeremy) Maclin, and (RB LeSean) McCoy I thought all played very well. Jason and Maclin had big catches down the stretch there. I thought McCoy ran hard and aggressive. He was seeing things well and reading his blocks well. I thought our defensive line did a nice job, in particular the ends I thought had a nice game. Even though we didn't have a lot of sacks we were able to put pressure on the quarterback and make some easy throws there tough ones. (CB) Asante (Samuel) with the two interceptions, any time you get turnovers in the National Football League that's a big thing."

On how DeSean Jackson feels today: "He's okay. He doesn't feel bad today. We'll just see how he does here. He did have a concussion."

On whether Jackson is definitely not playing Sunday: "We're going to continue to test him and go through the process."

On whether Westbrook's concussions make him more cautious with his decisions regarding Jackson: "I know a lot is being said about concussions and I will tell you we are as cautious as they come with concussions. We're going to do everything in our power to make sure we give him the proper treatment and diagnosis and so on for it. To compare it to Brian's, are we going to be more cautious? No, we're always cautious. We're going to do what we do."

On the league requiring them to seek an independent neurologist's council regarding concussions: "We're going to support anything the league wants us to do, if it means getting an outside source to do that, that's fine. We're in a position where we can do that and we have somebody to do that so that's not a problem."

On whether the doctor who conducted tests on Westbrook in Pittsburgh would count as an independent source: "That would be considered one of those, yeah."

On whether the tests being conducted on Westbrook this week are to see if he can play: "We'll see what the doctor says. He had a mild headache after a workout last week, so we'll just see what the doctor says. It's up to what they say."

On whether Jackson is going to go to Pittsburgh for testing: "No, we actually have a fellow in town that worked with the fellow in Pittsburgh and was associated with him. We have a couple different resources, but his test will go through the Pittsburgh office."

On whether the tests being conducted on Westbrook this week are to see if he can participate in practice: "I'm not sure exactly what step the doctor will take him. I don't know that. I'd like to tell you yes, but I don't know that. We'll just see what stage and phase that the doctor feels he's at and then he'll determine what (Westbrook) can do, the doctor will. If that's going back out on the field then we'll go with that, if it's doing conditioning in the weight room or with Rick then we'll go that route, whatever he says."

On whether if Jackson clears all of his concussion tests Reid still may not let him play: "We'll see. I don't have enough information for that. That's what we have to check on. We're not going to do anything to hinder him for the future."

On when Westbrook and Jackson are going to be tested: "I'll let you know on Westbrook here. Rick is in the process of setting that up. They give the test (to DeSean) daily here."

On if there is a chance Curtis may play if Jackson is out: "Curtis isn't ready. Curtis will be listed as out this week."

On whether Celek's thumb injury is what caused him to drop passes yesterday: "Brent makes those catches. I think it was bothering him. Normally he makes those catches."

On whether there is any truth to the report that Celek tore ligaments in his thumb: "It's a sprain. Now that can be considered a tear in there when you have those. It's something that he can function with and play with."

On whether Celek's thumb may require surgery: "No I don't think so."

On whether Celek will play Sunday: "Yes he'll play."

On how Celek hurt himself: "I don't know that."

On whether they try not to have Jackson run routes across the middle because of his size: "He has a lot of success in there with the underneath crossing routes. This one here he got caught on. He got hit; really that hit was more on the shoulder. It wasn't really on the head as it was really on the shoulder there."

On whether Maclin will be the punt returner if Jackson cannot play: "Maclin is okay there, yeah."

On whether the injuries to the offense creates a daunting challenge: "I don't care about all that. We go in, like at the end of the game where a McCoy steps up, and Avant steps up, a Maclin steps up. That's what we expect. It's that simple. If guys go down the next guy better go in and do his job. That's what our guys do here."

On the developing faith he seems to have in the run-game late in games: "We felt like it was effective and what they were playing against us, we thought we could have a little success with that. I thought our offensive line was doing a good job in that area and McCoy was seeing things as was (FB Leonard) Weaver. Weaver had some nice runs for us."

On whether he feels that the continuity of the offensive line the last two weeks has helped them improve: "I'm sure that helps. The communication is better and I'm sure that helps."

On T Jason Peters' ankle: "He felt pretty good yesterday. He's still, and you could kind of seeing as the game went on, he initially wasn't comfortable just planting that in the ground and on the bull rush. But as the game went on he felt more comfortable with it and worked through that."

On if he is thinking about putting Curtis on Injured Reserve so they can sign a new receiver: "I'm going to meet with (general manager) Tom (Heckert) after this and go through all of that. We talked a little bit this morning. Right now that's not what we're going to do, but we'll talk a little bit more this afternoon."

On QB Michael Vick's play: "He's fine. He's not the problem there. I'm sure the guys will tell you, we could have blocked a little bit better on his short yardage run. He probably could've done a little better job on his QB draw, just pulling it for another step. He's excited to get a touchdown I think. Everybody has been giving him a bad time about scoring a touchdown here, so he was a little anxious on that one and the throw was off by a hair. It will be fine. He's fine."

On whether the injuries to the offense may cause them to use Vick more: "Sure. He's a guy that has good athletic ability and skill. To play wide receiver, I don't know about that. In certain situations he could do some things."

On what he thinks this week will be like for Vick as he prepares to return to Atlanta: "I'm sure there will be some emotions there. Some experiences that he goes back through and thinks about. I know he has a lot of close friends in Atlanta on the team and the front office people and so on. I'm sure it will be an emotional situation, but he's worked through some emotional situations and done pretty good with them. I think he'll be fine as it goes on."

On if it is tough to come off the bench to make accurate passes: "In between series he continues to throw, both he and (QB) Kevin (Kolb). Is it tough? It shouldn't be too tough. He'll be fine. We'll get him a few more reps in there and he'll be fine."

On McNabb's vocal leadership: "There a few guys in there that he hasn't gone through situations like this with. In the past guys have just kind of reached down and done their things with the (former Eagles T Jon) Runyans and (former Eagles T Tra Thomases) and Westbrooks, that whole crew that had been together for so long, they'd had that experience and they kind of knew what they needed to do at those particular times. He's in there with some new faces and I thought he did a nice job with that. I thought that was needed and he did that at the right time and handled the whole thing the right way. It's a little bit of that big brother attitude that he's really had throughout the season with the young guys. I thought that was the difference. Things changed around when that took place."

On whether he wishes McNabb had been more of vocal leader in the past: "I thought he did it enough. He's had the right balance all the way through his career I think. When he was a rookie and the first couple years there he didn't have to do much; there were some seasoned guys around him. Really as the guys grew together on the offense there were enough people that had been through those situations together, so he balanced that out right. He's doing a nice job. He's like a chameleon. He's changing with his surroundings there. He's doing very nice."

On whether he thinks the past two fourth quarter comebacks will help the team in close games in the future: "I can't sit here and tell you I'm enjoying come-from-behind wins. I'm glad that we're winning, but I'd much rather be ahead and stay ahead. Can it help us? I don't think it can hurt us down the road, but I guess it's a good experience for the guys to go through. Do I want it that way? I want to get the lead and keep lead and go out that way."

On whether he thinks the past two fourth quarter comebacks will help the team in close games in the future: "It's not going to hurt those situations. It should help in those kinds of games."

On what Jordan needs to show him to get back on the field: "He has to be able to run fast and not be in a position where we feel like he's going to hurt himself, put himself in danger. I haven't seen him run out on the field in pads or doing football the speed that we practice. I want to see that."

On LB Joe Mays making mistakes: "We all had a few mistakes. The one positive is that Joe learns from any mistakes that he makes and comes back better the next time. I'm not too worried about Joe."

On the defense doing poorly yesterday on third-and-longs: "We've got to do a better job assignment-wise. I'm always big on the coaches put the players in the right position. We have to make sure we're doing that. And then the players take that responsibility to make the play. You go back through in these situations and you analyze both. It's not one person. It's not just the players. It's not just the coaches. It's a combination and we have to do a better job as a unit there and take care of that. We'll examine it and make sure we get back on track there."

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