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Head Coach Andy Reid

Injury Report: "Alright, really the only injury is (G/C) Nick Cole, who's got a little knee inflammation so I kept him off the turf today. We still have him listed as probable and he did practice the last couple of days, but I just thought it was best to keep him out of there."

Opening Remarks: "Again, we look forward to the challenge of playing (the) Jacksonville (Jaguars) down there, and we know it will be a physical football game and physical football team. Our guys have had good preparation this week and are ready to roll."

On whether Cole is still the projected starter at right guard with his knee injury: "Yeah, right now he is, yeah."

On whether the heat in Florida will be a factor during game time:"Well, listen, I don't put a big emphasis on the heat or the cold, when it's cold. I think you just go play, and you start thinking about (the heat) and not the game, then I think that's a problem. On the other hand, it's always good to practice in the type of climate that you're going to play in. I think that's ok."

On whether it helped to have LB Stewart Bradley back at practice this week: "Listen, Stewart's a good player, but I'm not going to sit up here and put (LB) Omar (Gaither) down either. I mean, Omar stepped in and did his job. But, it's always good to have your starters in there. I think that's an obvious."

On whether G Reggie Wells would be ready to play if needed: "He's been taking a lot of reps, so if he needs to go in there, listen, he has six years of starting experience. I think he's caught up on the scheme now, so I don't think that would be a problem."

On whether the Arizona Cardinals offensive line scheme is different from the Eagles scheme:"Yeah, a little bit. There are a few changes that he had to learn."

On whether Cole's injury would affect the communication of C Mike McGlynn with the offensive line: "No, I think we'll be okay. Mike has all of that down. If that were the case, he can communicate it to (Reggie) if it comes down to that."

On whether Cole's knee injury has affected his play: "No, I wouldn't say (it has affected him). I'll tell you it was sore a bit after the last game. But, I want to make sure we get him rested here a little bit so he can be effective in this game."

On whether there is anything the offensive line can do to correct the mistakes from the first two games: "Listen, I think we just need to continue to play together and keep getting the two guys that didn't have the reps during training camp, reps, and I think it will all settle down here. And obviously, all those (sacks) weren't the offensive line's responsibility there. So, even though they might take it, but some of those were just overload blitzes that you just don't have enough people to pick up. A lot of times you can spread sacks around to a little bit of everything and everybody."

On whether QB Michael Vick's mobile style of play changes the philosophy of the offensive line: "Well, I don't think it's different. I think as an offensive lineman, when you talk to an offensive lineman, they're going to tell you 'we have to block the guy in front of us, or that comes in front of us, if it's a game or a blitz, no matter who the quarterback is.' So, I think their job is relative. They take care of business up there and whatever is presented them, they block."

On the inconsistency of the defense so far this season: "I mentioned that after, really both games. The first game I thought was two different games in itself. I thought this last game was almost three different games in itself. There were three phases that the offense and defense both went through. We have to work on that and we've addressed it, and we have to work on it and play consistent for four quarters, and that's not just about the defense. That's the offense included there."

On DE Darryl Tapp's inability to get on the field in the first two games:"Well, Darryl's had a couple good weeks of practice. I think he's just getting used to the system and all, and the way we do it. He's done a pretty good job here the last couple weeks, so we'll just see. We'll just see how he does."

On whether Tapp can play inside: "He can do both. He can play both spots. We did that a little bit with him in the preseason, and we'll just see what time brings to us here."

On whether he expected a slow start with defense because there are so many young and new faces: "Well, listen, I've mentioned this with all the young guys period. It takes a little bit of time to get going. The important thing is that you get better every week. I'd tell you that on the defensive side we just keep getting better every week, and the continuity and aggressive play, energy; all those things come into effect. You want to make sure you keep your energy level up as your working through things and this crew does that. I think we've seen that in practice and in the games, they play very hard. It's just on both sides of the ball, we just have to get a couple things together and we've been working on that this week."

On how the players have responded and been able to stay focused this week: "That's what they do. Players, and this group in particular, they've had three good days of practice. So, they've been aggressively attacking the issue of playing the Jacksonville Jaguars, and that's what's important in situations when there is change that takes place – that you focus in on the things you can control and that you need to work on and exhaust all your energy on Jacksonville."

On the challenges Jaguars RB Maurice Jones-Drew presents: "Well, he's tremendously quick and strong. The kid loves to play the game. He's got a very good offensive line that he's running behind and he's going to keep bringing it, and bringing it, and bringing it. He's an inside threat, an outside threat. He's also very good catching the football."

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