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Head Coach Andy Reid

Injury Report: "(CB) Sheldon Brown has an abdominal strain, that's a day-to-day situation. (CB) Dimitri Patterson has a quad strain, he probably won't be able to make it to this game here, we'll just see after that. (WR) Kevin Curtis has knee inflammation. We're just resting him the next couple of days here. (G/T) Todd Herremans is making progress with his foot. (TE Brent) Celek, (CB Ellis) Hobbs, (CB) Asante (Samuel), (QB Donovan) McNabb, they're all doing OK."

Opening Remarks: "Good win. Every win is a good win that you get in the National Football League. There are plenty of things we could work on. Number one, the penalties; we had a variety of them. If you just took the pure penalty itself, we had eight of them on defense and three of them on special teams and one of them on offense, it's way too many. Discipline, we just have to keep ourselves disciplined. We played hard, but we have to watch the football in some cases and then other times you have to be smart with where you put your hands or take hits.

"Defensively, I thought we did a good job of pressuring (QB) Josh Johnson. At the same time, I thought he did some good things with the ball, trying to get it to hot receivers as the game went on. I thought we did a good job. I thought (defensive coordinator) Sean (McDermott) was relentless with his blitz packages. The interceptions, I think, were directly related to the pressure that the quarterback had on him, that he had to get rid of the football and as a result there were errant passes there. Asante with two of them, and Sheldon, both of them were good interceptions. They weren't interceptions where they were running through the receiver, but where the ball was either deflected or overthrown.

"Offensively, it was good to have Donovan and (RB) Brian (Westbrook) back in the mix. I thought Donovan played extremely well. He got himself in a rhythm there and the offensive line did a nice job of protecting him and the running backs, the tight ends, when asked to block did a nice job. And then (WR) Jeremy Maclin had a nice day. That was good to see. He's been working very hard. Especially, at this time when he has an opportunity to start, he really showed up. Special teams coverage teams did a pretty good job yesterday. I thought (P) Sav (Rocca) had a nice day punting the ball and I thought (K) David (Akers) was very strong on his kickoffs and he had a nice field goal there. All in all we did some good things, but there are a lot of things we can do better and that's what we'll focus on."

On the running game: "We need to be more efficient when we do run the football. I'm never big on numbers in the throwing game or the running game, I don't necessarily care. But when we do either one, when we throw the ball and when we run the ball, I want to make sure we do it well and we didn't do that very well yesterday."

On whether it is tough to get a feel for the offense when the team is running so few plays: "We had 48 plays and first half you go in and you've got somewhere in the twenties and that's not a lot of possessions. The positive was we had points in those possessions. That was a good thing that we just happen to have some long throws there."

On whether he sees Westbrook getting more touches as the season progresses: "We rotated both (RB) LeSean (McCoy) and he throughout the game. We'll do that as long as we need to, and as long as he feels comfortable with his foot. We can increase things but right now that's where we're at and we'll see how it works this week. He came out feeling good though; that was the positive."

On WR DeSean Jackson having few yards after a series of big games: "He's a competitive little guy. There's nobody on our team that loves to play the game more than he does. You're going to run into games like that every once and while and you work through it and he'll back at it on Wednesday and then we'll keep trying to design ways of getting him the football."

On whether it is difficult for a young receiver to deal with receiving a lot of attention from opposing defenses: "I don't know if that's the case. He's handled it alright. Those things happen and I think (WR) Jason Avant probably said it best that when he makes a catch, one of the receivers makes a catch, they all make a catch. It's all for one there and that's how we've approached it and I think that's how they approach it."

On whether he sees G/T Stacy Andrews getting more playing time: "We'll just see how it goes here. We'll see how it works out as we go here."

On whether Andrews' playing time is affected by the strong play of G Max Jean-Gilles: "Max is playing well. Max is doing a good job. Both Max and (G/C) Nick (Cole) and Stacy, when he has an opportunity, so I don't mind rotating them in there. That's not a problem."

On whether he has spoken with LB Jeremiah Trotter today: "No I haven't. I talked to him after the game; I haven't talked to him since then."

On how he thought Trotter did after viewing the film:"He did a good job of plugging his spot. There wasn't necessarily a lot of action in his direction. For being out of it for a while he did a respectable job. I talked to him during the game actually, towards the end of the game and he kind of said the same thing. I've reminded him a couple times that he's been sitting on the couch watching the games and he reminded me that I was right."

On whether he is feeling out the level of play Trotter should get: "I think he'll be fine. We gave him 20 plays and I think that was the right number and so he'll get back out and work again here and keep getting better as he goes. It wasn't a physical thing, which was the good part. It was just a matter of his timing and seeing things for the first time and that. Physically, he ran around pretty good though."

On what contributed to his decision to announce both LB Omar Gaither and Trotter during pregame introductions: "(Jokingly) I did it so you could ask me that question and be excited for the game."

On whether he could elaborate on that decision: "It was according to a personnel group that we had on the field who would be the starter and so I figured that we might as well introduce both of them, either one could have been starting."

On the Wildcat formation being less successful than in past games: "We only had six Wildcat plays yesterday. Three when (QB) Michael (Vick) was at quarterback and then three when he wasn't, when he was at the wide receiver position. It averaged about 2.7 yards a carry, (and it) wasn't as good as it needs to be. We'll just go back to the drawing board and see what happens. That happens every once and awhile."

On whether the decrease in Wildcat plays had anything to do with McNabb being back in the game: "It really didn't."

On the effects of having two young, talented receivers on the team with DeSean Jackson and Maclin: "They're competitive. They're both returners, they're both wide receivers. DeSean had a tremendous rookie year and I think that's a nice goal for Jeremy to set. And then DeSean has come out and been a good example to Jeremy on how to work and they kind of challenge each other. I think they have a good relationship. That's a positive thing that helps them better as they go on here."

On how long he will be holding Curtis out for: "Just a couple days here to see how his leg is."

On whether Curtis will lose his starting job when he gets back: "I'm just trying to get him better right now. I have to see how he does here."

On whether he would cutback on Wildcat plays if the basic offense was running well: "Again, we only had 48 plays. Maybe if we had 80 or 78 like we did the week before we would have ten of them. If we like it one week we use it, if we don't we won't. It's not something that I say we have to do every week. It's what fits. If it fits right we'll wear it."

On whether he has a set number of Wildcat plays in mind at the beginning of the game or if he just throws it in as game progresses: "I can't tell you how many times we're going to throw the ball in a game. I can't tell you who we're going to throw it to x number of times. It's just a feel that you go on with and you do. Again, that has nothing to do with a player that you set out to play a certain number of plays. There are times with this Wildcat thing where Michael's in the game, there are other times where he is not in the game and the backs carry the ball. They all don't go together."

On whether he sees FB Leonard Weaver getting more of a role on offense: "I think he's very talented and a very good athlete. I would expect that to continue."

On whether the defense's zero blitzing is something he sees as being effective against all teams in the NFL: "Every week different with it, that's not something that you calculate like that. You go in and see what's working and what answers they have and so on. Stay aggressive with it, if it's zero blitz or cover one, certain teams you're going to do it more against than others."

On T Winston Justice's play: "He did a pretty good job, I thought. I don't know how many sacks he was charged with. I can think of one that he probably would want to have back. The other one we had some feet tangled up in there and things happen. There was one in there that I thought he could have done a better job on, but other than that I thought he did a pretty good job."

On whether he watched the Phillies' game last night: "I did. It was a pretty good game."

On his attitude about playing Oakland: "These are National Football League teams. You can't take anybody lightly in the National Football League, we know that. Shame on us if we do, you never do that. You come out and you concentrate on that football team, we give them the utmost respect. I don't care who it is. And then you do what you can do to be the best you can be for that game, anything different from that and you're making a huge mistake."

On whether he thinks his team has done a good job of not underestimating their opponents in the past: "I would say they've stayed fairly focused. I can't give you a stat, but they're doing okay so far of just staying focused in. Can we do better? Absolutely, too many penalties this last one."

On whether he has ever been affiliated with a team that has underestimated their opponent: "That's a little Catch-22. I've told you before I go into every game thinking we're going to win that game. I don't care who it's against. I can't sit here and tell you who we're going to beat and who we're going to lose to. I'm going in every game and I expect my guys to do the same thing. You could ask me that about any team we play and I'm going to tell you that we're going to prepare ourselves to go in there and win that game."

On whether he as any reaction to former assistant coaches Brad Childress and John Harbaugh playing against each other next week: "I don't get into all of that."

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