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Head Coach Andy Reid

Injuries: "(RB) Brian Westbrook did not practice today. (We're) just trying to maintain the swelling; getting the swelling out of his knee. He practiced yesterday and did well; didn't have any swelling. We went on turf today and didn't want any to re-accumulate in there. (G) Shawn Andrews did not practice, he is out. (T) Jon Runyan did not practice, but he is getting better. Again, just trying to keep him off the turf and let him rehab. Everybody else practiced and did well."

Opening remarks: "We look forward to the challenge of playing Cleveland on Monday night. It will be a great atmosphere for a football game. Anytime you can give the Philly fans a day to warm up, that's a good thing. I know they'll be ready to roll and it's important that our football team's ready to roll. They've worked hard this week in preparation, and they'll continue to do so over the next couple of days, to get ready for a very tough Cleveland Browns team."

On why the team practiced inside today: "To get some work done. To get some actual work done. It was a little cool out there."

On whether he thinks Runyan will play:"Yes. Runyan, most likely, will play."

On how Westbrook remains effective in games even after not practicing: "Obviously, he's rehabbing and working hard in that area. Also, he snuck out yesterday and got some reps in on the new plays. Would we like to have him practice? Yeah, we would, but we have to be smart at the same time and make sure that we do what's best to get him healthy for the week. I've said this before, he's a very intelligent guy and he had some good workouts."

On how valuable being able to convert third downs is to finding rhythm: "It's important. It's important that we have manageable third downs, you put yourself in that position. I think that's probably what we've done best, along with converting, of giving ourselves an opportunity to stay out of the long third downs. Those are tough to do in the National Football League. We've done a better job on first and second downs there."

On the Browns' secondary: "They're unbelievable, the second best in the league."

On whether the Browns' secondary does anything special:"They sit back. First of all, their players do a nice job, and I think the coaches put them in a good position to do that by a zone coverage. They do a nice job of being patient, reading, and then driving the football. They have good players to do that. Their linebackers are very active. All four of the guys on the back end there, the secondary, have real good hands and ball skill."

On how tough Runyan has been throughout his career: "He's a tough guy. He and (T) Tra (Thomas) have been banged up but they find a way to get out there. Any time that you can put those kinds of streaks together, especially the way he plays, he plays a very physical style of football, any time that you can put those streaks together, that's an amazing thing. He has been banged up before and he has gone out there and done what he's needed to do to play."

On whether G Shawn Andrews is close to being able to practice: "We'll just see how he does here in the next week or so. Obviously, he's not ready this week. We'll see if he continues to improve. He's had a real good week of rehab this week, and we'll see how he does this next week."

On what he likes about the personality of his players: "I told you I'm not going to compare it to other teams, but I will talk about our football team. You have (FS Brian) Dawkins, (QB) Donovan (McNabb), (RB Brian) Westbrook—I could go on—(LT) Tra (Thomas), (RT Jon) Runyan. These are guys who have been here a long time and they have very high standards they hold on and off the field. They know when it's right in the locker room and what it needs to be in there. The coaches can't always be there, nor should they always be there. You bank on that veteran leadership. We have those guys who do a nice job of keeping things right."

On whether FB Kyle Eckel will be active for the game, in light of RB Correll Buckhalter being healthy: "I haven't made that decision yet. We'll see how it goes here."

On whether Runyan gets to decide if he is able to play: "I'm not going to put him out there with something that is going to be career-ending or anything like that. I would do my best to lock him up in that case, so that he wouldn't go out there. He has been very fortunate where he hasn't had that type of injury. The things he's had, he's been able to play through with a strong will and it would be tough. It would be tough to hold him out. At the same time, if it's something that's going to hinder him the rest of his life or if he's going to be severely hurt, you're not going to (let him play)."

On whether Runyan has a longer leash than other players in that respect: "I wouldn't even say that. I feel that way with the rest of the guys. If they are right, they're out there. If not, they don't need to be out there."

On whether Runyan has what it takes to play another year and whether the team has discussed that with him: "I haven't even gone there. I know everyone is interested, but I haven't even looked at that. I don't plan on looking at any of that."

On whether Runyan has the ability to play another year:"I'm not even going to go there. I don't even want to even talk about that."

On whether he has confidence in T Winston Justice if Runyan is unable to play: "Yes, he'll be fine."

On whether he has given any consideration to growing a beard like a lot of the players: "We'll see. I have a very gray beard."

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