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Head Coach Andy Reid

Injuries: "These guys won't play on Thursday: [DE] Victor [Abiamiri], [WR] Reggie [Brown], [WR] Kevin Curtis, [DE] Chris Clemons, [FS Brian Dawkins], [K/P] Richmond McGee, and [RB] Ryan Moats. All of them are getting better as we go forward here."

Opening remarks: "We have kind of put the final touches on the Jets today. I was able to get the second group some work. The ones had taken all the work against them the last two days. I haven't made any decisions yet on what direction I'm going to go, as far as playing time. We will just wait until we get to the gameday and I will determine how long I want everybody to go."

On the pros and cons of playing the ones: "More reps [is a pro]. It's just a little bit of time before we play our first game, so a few reps aren't going to hurt."

On whether he is leaning towards playing the ones in the game: "I'm not leaning any way right now. We will see how I feel once I get there."

On why he would play the starters in this game when he usually hasn't in years past: "It seems like a long period of time [before the first regular season game]. I wanted to get those guys into the third quarter in this last game and ended up pulling them out at halftime. It's just something to evaluate, the number of plays they have had."

On whether seeing injuries like the one to Giants DE Osi Umenyiora influences his decision about playing starters in the final preseason game: "Those things are going to happen. We've had our couple of injuries here, too. Those things happen and that's all part of the game."

On whether he would play QB Kevin Kolb with the first team: "I wouldn't do that. [QB] Donovan [McNabb] could use all the opportunities he can with the ones."

On the perception that the ones have taken more reps this preseason than the past: "I just wanted to accumulate plays and give them an opportunity when they come out against the Rams where we are sharp."

On whether WR DeSean Jackson will get a lot of playing time in the game: "We'll see. I really haven't even put numbers down on who I am going to play right now. I haven't even gone there yet."

On whether the wide receiver position is a little thin right now: "We have camp numbers right now. We have enough guys to do it however we want to do it. I'm going to figure that out in the next couple of days what I am going to do."

On whether Jackson will play the X receiver spot in the first game of the regular season, assuming Reggie Brown is healthy: "I don't know that yet. I don't know what direction I'm going to go with that. I don't know that yet."

On what the options are at the X receiver: "You've got [WR] Greg [Lewis], you've got [WR] Hank [Baskett] and we even worked [WR] Jason [Avant] in there a little bit this past game. They can all play there."

On who this game is most important for: "The majority of the reps will go to the younger guys, the guys who are trying to make this football team as backup players, so it's important for that group.""

On what RB Tony Hunt can do to solidify the starting fullback position: "He has to continue to take a step forward. I need to see him be better than he was last week. I'm not going to say he was poor last week, but I want to see improvement. He is on his second week here, so there should be marked improvement there."

On DE Chris Clemons: "We know Chris can play, we just have to get him healthy and get him out there."

On what happened yesterday that prevented him from practicing: "His calf locked up on him."

On whether Clemons needs more reps to master the defense: "Do I want him to have more reps? Yes, I would love to have him in there. But, that's the way it is. He has to catch up when he can."

On how tough this weekend is for him when he has to make cuts: "It's one of the worst parts of this job. There are so many positive things to the job, but that's the toughest part."

On whether he remembers any examples of players who jumped out at him in the last preseason game and ended up making the team: "One doesn't jump out at me. I'm sure there have been some who were just sitting right there on the bubble and this last game put them over the edge."

On whether any players didn't make the team as a result of the final preseason game: "Possibly. You weigh it all out. There is so much time that goes into evaluating guys every day. Every day, every play, they are graded. You sit down every day and go through it and talk about each guy. So, what seems like a one-day decision is a decision that is being made constantly with their reps."

On how curious he is to see Jets QB Brett Favre: "It looks like he's doing well. I've had a chance to look at him on film. I think he's playing well. It doesn't look like he's any different than he was last year. He is making great throws, it looks like he is able to get the snap counts right. The guys are listening to him, they don't have a lot of mistakes there. He's handling the whole situation very well. If he plays, he plays. I don't know what to tell you about it. If he plays, he plays and I wish him the best."

On DE Darren Howard playing both the left and right side: "Yes, there's a chance on that."

On whether it is strange to see Favre in a Jets uniform: "It's a little different, but he looks pretty good."

On whether he would consider talking a retired player into coming back: "I've been working on [former Eagles DE] Hugh Douglas for a while (jokingly)."

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