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Head Coach Andy Reid

Injury Report: "Alright, injuries here. (DE/LB) Antwan Barnes has a wrist sprain. (RB) Mike Bell has a right toe strain. And then, (LB) Stewart Bradley has a concussion and (DT) Brodrick Bunkley has an ankle sprain. (G/T) Todd Herremans an ankle sprain. And (C) Jamaal Jackson did tear his tricep and he will have surgery tomorrow. (QB) Kevin Kolb has a concussion. (DT) Trevor Laws has an oblique strain, should be fine. (T) Jason Peters has a knee sprain, should be fine. And then, (FB) Leonard Weaver has a very severe ACL tear and I will get you information when he's going to have surgery at a later time, here. There's no date (for surgery) set now."

Opening Remarks: "Obviously (it was) a tough loss against a good football team. There are some good things that we can take out of this and the players were in today going over the film. It's very important that again they take care of those things that we can get better at. As coaches, and specifically myself, I did the same thing early this morning, got in and hammered some things out. We can do a better job coaching, starting with me. And then, obviously we were able to relay some things to the players that we can do better. Defensively, I thought we played aggressive football. We were flying around, making plays. I thought our defensive line, for the most part, played exceptional. There was normally pressure on the quarterback, constant pressure on the quarterback. I thought (DE Juqua Parker) and (DE) Trent (Cole), from the outside put a tremendous amount of pressure on the quarterback and they had sacks to back that up. I thought our secondary and linebackers flew around. We were able to tip balls. We were able to pull out a couple interceptions. The obvious though is that we can't allow them any points. So, we can go back and improve on that part of it. But, it was a great test for us as far as a defensive unit goes against what's considered a pretty good offensive unit. Offensively, again that starts with me right there. We have to do a better job of putting the guys in a better position to make plays. We had way too many mistakes and if it wasn't a wrong play for that coverage, or it was a wrong read by the quarterback, or a penalty, or a missed blocking assignment, there were just too many holes to fill there that took place, which should be a very good offensive unit. Special teams wise we have to do a better job on our kickoff coverage, which I think was again obvious. There were some things, they did change up some things that we were able to practice against and we just have to make sure that we discipline ourselves in certain techniques. Likewise with kickoff return, we have both a good punt returner and a good kick returner and we have to do a better job making adjustments, there. They did change up some things in that area, but at the same time we made the adjustments and you have to go out and you have to execute those."

On whether Jackson's injury is a triceps or biceps injury: "Yeah, that was a tricep. I'm sorry. It was a tricep. That was my fault."

On whether Jackson will be sidelined for the season with the tricep injury:"Right now, yes."

On whether Weaver's torn ACL is career threatening: "Well, they're going to have to get in there and see exactly (what is wrong with it). That's why I just labeled it as I did. I think we all saw it, it wasn't a pretty picture. So, from ACL standpoints it was severe. They won't know the further damage, if any, until they get in there. But obviously, just from the look of things, it was severe."

On whether free agent FB Jason Davis is in town working out: "We actually have a couple guys up, he being one of them, yes."

On whether free agent FB Owen Schmitt is in town working out: "Schmitt's the other one."

On whether coaches and trainers can make sure players with concussions don't return to the game:"Well, obviously, we look at everything. I mean, we go back, training staff on through the coaches and everybody else in every situation, and so you bring up that. Listen, I know I have full confidence in (Head Athletic Trainer) Rick (Burkholder), and most of you guys know him and know how good he is, and the players surely know that on how he takes care of them. We've been issued certain criteria, obviously, and Rick's gone over that with you before the league submitted it and we stuck to the criteria there, and then followed up on it. So, I think as we look at this, that's the most important thing. We didn't just stick him out there without having followed the protocol. We also made sure that we stayed on top of it when they came back off the field and made the decision when symptoms were there. And so, I have full trust in the trainers and the doctors and the procedure they admit through. But again, we evaluate everything."

On whether anything changed from his decision to put Kolb and Bradley back into the game to when he pulled them out of the game: "Well, no the criteria remains the same. The criteria is what the criteria is. And then, the symptoms are things that change. So, he was showing signs of symptoms when he came back off, the second time Rick evaluated him, for the second time. So, we make sure we stay on top of that. I mean, nobody does it better than what Rick does and our docs. So, the important thing was that we had to take care of them and got them out of the game."

On whether he saw Bradley stumble and fall to the ground: "You know, I saw the replay of it, yeah. I didn't see the whole event live, there."

On whether seeing Bradley stumble around made him think twice about putting him back into the game: "Well, listen, you go off of the criteria. And honestly, I met with him after the game, likewise, and he was as clear minded as could be and relayed that to me. That when he came off that initial time, he was fine, he went through all the steps that Rick had and he flew through those things fine, and obviously was eager to get back out there. But, Rick was very matter of fact with him in making sure that he covered all of the bases and everything."

On whether Rick, because of the timing of the two injuries, had time to examine both Kolb and Bradley: "Yeah, he was able to check both of them."

On the evaluations for Kolb and Bradley over the next couple of days: "I'll tell you exactly what it is. They will remain here, and obviously they're tested right after, they're given the concussion test the day after, so today. And then three days later they're given the concussion test. That's right here. And then, later in the week they'll go see (Chief of Neurosurgery, Pennsylvania Hospital) Dr. (William) Welch and he'll give us an evaluation from that point. So, really what you're looking at, is really 24 hours after the injury, three days, and then five days is the normal protocol in this case."

On the location of Dr. Welch: "He's in Center City, (Philadelphia), there."

On whether Kolb and Bradley will play against Detroit: "Well, you have to go through this protocol, here. So, I can't tell you that. We have to go through and do exactly what the protocol calls for and that's the procedure that we're doing right now."

On whether Kolb and Bradley can practice before Friday: "No. They have to go through this whole evaluation process before they can be cleared, before they can play."

On whether he would be okay playing Kolb and Bradley in the game against Detroit if they don't practice on Friday: "Well, we'll see. I mean, we're talking about Monday here and they have to go through all of this. Listen, I don't want to do anything that puts these guys at risk. That's not what we're here to do and I think that's important for all of us to understand here."

On whether Bradley seemed disoriented after he got hit, according to Rule 2 of the guidelines the National Football League put out regarding concussions: "Well, I'll tell you this. I will tell you that when he came off of the field and went through the protocol and the testing there, that he was clear minded and able to pass it."

On whether bringing QB Michael Vick into the game affected Kolb's performance: "I wouldn't say that. No."

On whether the injury and the possibility of having to miss some time is disappointing for Kolb:"Well, listen, I would tell you it's very disappointing. I would tell you the same thing for a Jamaal Jackson, who battled his tail back. I mean, there's nobody who worked harder than what Jamaal did and Leonard Weaver who's coming off a Pro Bowl season. So, any time you get banged up and you can't finish, one of the things that you want to start is, this is their profession. This is what they do, obviously for a living and they take a lot of pride in it. So Kevin, did he want to play the second half? Yeah, he would have loved to play the second half, but that's all part of it. So, he'll be fine down the road here."

On whether he had a chance to speak to Kolb about the game: "Yeah, we looked at it. And there were a couple throws that he'd like to have back, sure. There were some things he can learn from and he will, that's how he is and he's been in, and we've talked about it. So, he knows exactly what he needs to do to improve his game and I've mentioned it before, it wasn't just him. There were some other issues there. I will start it with me. You have a young quarterback. You put him in a better situation than what I put him into. And so, I'll go back and fix that."

On whether there was a problem trying to contain Green Bay Packer LB Clay Matthews:"Well, he's a good player. And I think you saw both offensive lines for both teams at times not do as well as they would like to. I'm not speaking for the Packers, but I'm speaking in behalf of our defensive line. And our offensive line, there are some plays that we'd like to have back, that we could have done better and we will. I think this was an important game for him. I think that kid's a heck of a player and he's going to make a play here or there, but we need to make sure that we slow him down there a little bit, too."

On whether they are going to promote an offensive lineman from the practice squad if Jackson is out for the season: "I'm going through that with (General Manager) Howie (Roseman), right now. I'm not sure exactly what I'm going to do there, as far as moving somebody up. I'm looking at a couple different spots right now."

On whether it helps that G/C Mike McGlynn has preseason experience playing with the ones: "Well, I think it paid off because he was one of the guys that I thought came in and did a nice job. And I think everybody has confidence in Mike that he can step in and play. I think the preseason for him was very valuable."

On whether playing DE Brandon Graham inside had anything to do with the matchups with the Packers: "Well, you really saw Brandon go up against a really good player. That's probably their, they have a bunch of good offensive lineman, but I think he's probably the best of the bunch and I thought he did a nice job. We were able to get that inside push where (QB) Aaron (Rodgers) couldn't step up and throw, so it gave our outside pass rushers an opportunity. I thought Antwan did a good job, in some cases with the outside rush, as well. It gives us a good combination. We brought (Juqua Parker) off the bench. We brought Laws in and (DT Antonio) Dixon in. So, I thought they all were able to get that inside push that helps those defensive ends on the outside."

On whether he will continue to play Graham the same way: "Yeah, we'll see. We have some flexibility there. There are some different things we can do and every team's a little bit different that we're going to play. But, I wouldn't tell you that he won't be back in there again, there's a good chance he is."

On whether he feels confident in Graham's ability to play inside: "Well, he did a little bit of it in college. And so, that's how we initially started with (DE Daniel Te'o-Nesheim), work him in there. He had done it in college and then Brandon had done it in college and we tried to work the other route there. But, we felt like we could get a little bit more pressure the way we were doing it. And so, I think it paid off during the game. It looked like we were able to be disruptive with the defensive line, with the front four, which I think is important in this league. In this league you can't blitz every down and make a living that way. We have to be able to take care of business with the front four at times."

On whether it is unfair and premature to say QB Michael Vick is the starter going forward because of the game:"Well, I'm just going to tell you that's not what's happening. But listen, I don't want to slight Michael Vick one bit because I'm very proud of the things that he did in there. He did a heck of a job and he did a lot of it with his feet. He had over one hundred yards rushing the football and he was able to get away from some of the pressure and make things happen. I think Michael will tell you that he would like to have a couple throws back, too, but I have no problem with what he did. He's come a long way from where he was when he first got here. But again, Kevin's the guy."

On his thought about Vick saying that if he had played four quarters the Eagles might have won the game: "Well, I think you take it. That's not how Michael meant it, to slight Kevin Kolb. That wasn't how he was saying that at all. He was really saying that he kind of ran out of time there. He wishes he had another quarter (of play) back and maybe we pull that thing out, right there."

On whether Vick will have a chance to compete for the starting quarterback role:"Well, let me say it again. I know I'm using poor English. Kevin Kolb is the number one quarterback."

On his thoughts about Vick's throwing and Vick's decision making throughout the game:"Listen, I think he did some good things. I think if you asked him, there are a couple throws that he'd like to have back. But, I don't want to take anything away from him. I mean, he did a heck of a job and like I was asked, there's a chance this week that he's going to be called on, with Kevin's situation, to be a starter. He just needs to build on what he started this week. And he's watched the tape and he's evaluated his play. He knows the things he can get better at and the things he did well."

On whether Weaver would have been on the field during the 4th-and-1 play in the fourth quarter: "Yes."

On whether he learned anything from Bradley or Kolb's concussion this past weekend: "Well, listen we followed the protocol, that's what we did. But, I think Rick mentioned this in his article and I think the league also mentioned this is you learn something new every time you deal with this type of situation. We'll go back and we'll evaluate it, which we've done. And I'm not going to get into all the details of it, but I will say that I know, I'll reiterate this, I know how good Rick Burkholder is and our docs and how they protect our players. They go to the extreme to make sure that they follow the medical protocol that's set for everything and it's no different for this situation."

On whether players 'bluff' their way through testing:"Yeah, they try, but normally they can't get through it. There's too much to it. Most of these guys want to get back out there. Part of, obviously the protocol is that the players, and I'll tell you for the most part, the players are very good with this. We know they want to play, but at the same time when it starts coming to the head, they normally are going to shoot you straight. From Bradley's disposition on the field, or off the field on the sideline, he was very clear minded when we initially gave him that test."

On whether outsiders, based on the Brian Westbrook concussion situation last year, will think the Eagles put their players in a compromising position: "Listen, again, two high profile guys on national TV, too, that's also part of it. But, I don't want to slight the way Rick goes about doing his business with these guys. He follows it right to the 't' and he did that with Brian and was very cautious with Brian; Stewart the same way and Kevin the same way. We'll continue to do that with him. We're going to keep a close eye on him and there was no pressure to get back in the game and go, that's not part of this. It's all for the player and make sure we take care of him."

On whether Kolb or Bradley have any lingering effects from their concussions: "We actually, yeah, part of this is that they don't watch the tape and you send them home and do that, that's part of the protocol. So, we did that. We evaluated them this morning and then sent them home."

On whether Kolb or Bradley had any headaches this morning: "They just, they didn't feel great. Yeah, they didn't feel great."

On whether the media would be able to speak to Rick: "No, I gave you everything that needs to be done."

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