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Head Coach Andy Reid

Injuries: "(G) Todd Herremans sprained his ankle in yesterday's practice, so he is questionable. He did not practice today. (RB) Brian Westbrook didn't practice today. He practiced the last couple of days and then we went inside on the turf, so I kept him out. (G) Shawn Andrews is out. (WR) Hank Baskett is out for this game and then (WR) Kevin Curtis is doubtful. He did some things today and then we'll just see how he does here over the next couple of days. Everybody else practiced and did fine."

Opening remarks:"We look forward to the challenge of playing the Washington Redskins. We understand how loud the game will be and we understand what kind of football team they have. It looks like the weather is going to pass through and it should be a great day for an NFC East-rival football game. I think our guys are prepared very well this week and are excited to get down there and play."

* On what his plan is, should Todd Herremans be unable to play:*
"(G) Mike will work in there, McGlynn."

On how important it is to get a quick start against a team that has not been playing well: "They've been banged up a little bit and I think they're getting some people back. We're not expecting anything but the best from them. I think you'd be foolish if you didn't. Most of these players we know and most of our players they know. It should lend itself to being a very good football game."

* On whether he's concerned about possibly playing Mike McGlynn:*
"I think he'll be fine. He's played all three positions and I think he understands the offense. He got a few snaps last week, on Monday. We'll just see how he does, but I would expect him, if he has to be in there or is asked to be in there, that he'll do a nice job."

* On how T Jon Runyan is feeling:*
"He's doing well. He was good today; moving around alright. I'm not saying he's not sore, but he's moving around okay."

On whether he's disappointed to have injuries to the wide receiver group given that they've been playing so well lately: "I don't look at it that way. I think those guys, they would love to be out there, but we're fortunate to have (WR) Reggie (Brown) here; somebody that's played quite a bit and kind of got moved out of the lineup there, due to numbers and the chemistry of the other guys playing. But, he's a guy that (QB) Donovan (McNabb) has confidence in and he'll step in. He's had a nice week of practice, so I would expect him to play well."

* On how Brown has handled being inactive:*
"He's done a great job. He's been fine."

* On how important it is for a player like Brown to stay positive even when unexpected things happen in their careers:*
"He's worked very hard and I think he's prepared to play every week here. It hasn't worked out that way, numbers-wise, but he's been upbeat and we're fortunate enough to have good players on this team. The other guys have been upbeat. You've seen (CB) Lito (Sheppard) out there competing on special teams. You've seen him doing scout-team offense and defense. He's stayed very positive with that. I know that's not an easy thing for either one of them, but they've done it."

* On whether he wants to see Brown have more of a sense of urgency:*
"Reggie has done a good job for us. That's not the issue there. It really just came down to he's banged up and other guys got in there and did well and we kind of stuck with what we had going."

On whether he thinks Brown sees this as a new opportunity to put himself back in the mix: "I think he's excited about playing, that's what I think. I think he is excited to get in there and have a chance to get back on the field and play."

On whether he has to get the attention of the team to keep them focused even though Washington has lost games recently:"I would say this about the NFC East teams, I've never felt like you had to say much against the NFC East teams because of the proximity, with the exception of Dallas and Dallas is Dallas so you're always far, but the proximity with New York and Washington being so close, these guys know each other, they see each other in the offseason and so on. And I've always felt like with those teams our guys are always ready to go. Now, I'm not saying they liked getting their tail kicked the last game against them, but I'm saying that I don't worry about them being up for this one. I didn't worry about them being up for the first one. I thought they were ready to go, we just didn't play very well."

On how C/G Nick Cole has been doing: "Nick's done a good job, and really, I don't think to a man on our team that anybody thought that he wouldn't. They all have a lot of confidence in Nick. I think Nick and (G) Max (Jean-Gilles) were always looked at as guys that could start here or somewhere else for that matter, they were that caliber of player. And (we're) fortunate to have both of those guys and Nick's done a nice job. And again, Nick also plays the center position and both guards and does them all very well."

On whether he sees a concrete reason for why Washington went from 6-2 to 7-7: "The one obvious thing is just guys getting banged up, injured, and so that's a tough thing to put back together. Other than that they have a good football team. They have good coaches, a good football team. I worked with (defensive coordinator) Greg (Blache) for a number of years at Green Bay and he's as fine a football coach as there is out there. (Head coach) Jim Zorn, likewise. They have a good staff and good players, but you start getting guys knocked out at the rate they were there for a bit, that's a tough thing to do."

* On whether he has talked to Vikings head coach Brad Childress at all about the game vs. Atlanta:*
"Brad and I always talk, but I don't really go there. He doesn't need any help with me coaching him. He's done a pretty good job. I really don't get into that. It takes so much energy to get yourself right to play a good football team and play a good football game that there is no time to be calling up guys and begging them to play good. That's not what I do."

* On what he talked to Childress about:*
"His son just joined the marines so I was checking on him and that type of thing."

On whether he remembers any stumbling blocks when he was a rookie coach: "Well, you're a coach so it's probably foolish to tell you those things, right? Jim will work it out on his own. He doesn't need any coaching from me, so I can't give him anything there."

* On what he had to do to correct it:*
"Just work hard and do what you know. Work a little bit harder and do what you know."

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