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Head Coach Andy Reid

Opening Remarks: "For the most part everybody practiced today with the exception of [TE] Rob Myers who did some rehab work during practice and [WR] Kevin Curtis. The rest of the guys were out there and did a little bit of stuff. The way the rotation will go for tomorrow, I'll give you the quarterbacks first. [QB] Kevin Kolb is first, scheduled for the first half and then a combination of [QB] Michael [Vick] and [QB] A.J. [Feeley] in the second half and I'll try to see where Michael is off of the observation during the game. We'll see how that part goes.

"The line will start off with [T] King Dunlap at left tackle and [G Mike] Gibson a left guard, [G Mike] McGlynn at center, [G] Paul [Fanaika] will be at right guard and [T] Winston Justice will be at right tackle and the rest of guys we'll just rotate in there.

"The safety position, [S] Quintin Demps will start the game and I'll just keep a close eye on the safety position, it really doesn't matter what position they're playing back there in the secondary, as far as the safeties go they'll be able to show me what they can do. We have an open competition there and we'll just see how that works. The MIKE Linebacker, [LB Joe] Mays will start at the MIKE Linebacker, I'm not going to put [LB] Omar [Gaithier] out there for the game. Time is yours."

On how WR Kevin Curtis is progressing health-wise: "It really isn't [bad], we're just trying to make sure while we have this time right now, just make sure to keep the swelling out of there and he's actually doing pretty good. He'll travel with the team and go through the warm-ups and all that so it'll give him a chance to get out there running around."

On whether some of the projected offensive line starters could play in Thursday's game: "Well the thing I told those guys, and really all the ones, is be ready to go. Right now I don't have them scheduled to be in there, but there's a chance that that could happen as we get closer."

On what affects the decision to have starters play in the last preseason game: "It won't be as much of a hunch as if somebody gets hurt. Then you need someone to be in there and ready to go."

On who will start at wide receiver: "[WR Jeremy] Maclin will be one of the guys and [WR Brandon] Gibson will be one of the guys and we will just take it from there."

On whether it is difficult to integrate Vick into the West Coast offense: "The positive is that he knows the West Coast offense. He ran it very effectively in Atlanta so when they came here to play the [NFC] Championship game, that's what they were running. So he's very familiar with it."

On how challenging it is to fit Vick into his specific form of the West Coast offense: "It isn't really challenging. [QB] Donovan [McNabb] is the quarterback and then if and when we choose to use Michael in there, then we use Michael in there. That's not much of a challenge."

On what he is specifically looking for from Vick on Thursday: "I think you'll see him probably play a little faster this week than he did last week. It was just a matter of getting him acclimated back into the speed of the game and then this week he'll have a chance to get in and get a few more reps. He had a good week of practice, he's worked very hard so I would expect good things from him."

On how Vick fits into cuts and how important he feels it is that Vick plays given that he may miss the first couple of games: "I have no idea where we'll be with that and what the commissioner is going to do there. I talked to Michael about, just you work hard every day and then the commissioner will make his decision. I would think it would be important for him to continue to practice, but I would have to see what the situation was."

On whether he has asked the commissioner to make his decision regarding Vick sooner rather than later: "I think the commissioner will make his decision when he wants to make his decision. I don't go there with that."

On whether he is hopeful that Vick will be able to play soon: "I'm sure he'll let us know when he thinks the time is right. It's not for me to wish on that part. I've got a plan either way."

On how much he is looking to see Vick play under center: "You'll see him take some snaps from under the center. I didn't really put a number on it. He's been doing it all week and looked fairly smooth. He had a drop today but that was his first one here. I don't have a number on that but you will see him be underneath the center."

On his comfort level entering the season: "I wish at any time I had a level of comfort at this time in the year. There is no level of comfort sitting in this chair. I have confidence that I have good players and good coaches and the next week and a half here we'll get everybody back out there and practicing together and get ready for Carolina. But right now, I haven't gotten there yet. I'm excited to see some of these young guys get in there and compete this week Thursday against the Jets."

On whether he is happy with what the wide receivers have given him this preseason: "I tell the players the first day of camp, make the decisions for [general manager] Tom [Heckert] and I as tough as you possibly can and that means we're doing okay at your spot. I would say that about the wide receivers, we have some kids that can play and so there will be some tough decisions there."

On whether he would be comfortable deciding who would play safety right now: "The thing is there are really three guys battling for that spot and I know all three can play so I'm confident in that and it's just a matter of getting to where you pick out that one guy to do it. And they understand that there's a competition there and they've got to continue to perform well."

On whether he usually prefers to know exactly who will be starting at positions like safety and MIKE linebacker by now: "That part doesn't bother me as long as the person that's in there, we have it figured out that this is the right guy and that he's making plays. I think we have people for those spots that can do that and that's not a coverage barrier thing there so it's a matter of just finding the right guy to get in there and do the job."

On his assessment of Kolb's preseason: "I think his level of development has been good. It was a little bit postponed there for this camp in that he missed a couple of weeks. Last week was his first week back in; he didn't start off the greatest on the first play but it sure smoothed out and he played a good game last week. It's important just that he plays, that's the number one thing here. He'll have an opportunity to do that Thursday and then if he has a chance during the year to play then he gets that opportunity and he'll continue to grow, but he hasn't had a lot of in-season, in-game experience so I know there will be a bit of a growing process there but I don't think it would be very much."

On whether RB LeSean McCoy will play Thursday: "Yes."

On whether it is difficult to evaluate the safety position because the defense blitzes less in the preseason than it will in the regular season: "I'm not worried about that. I think we're fine there, it's not a big problem."

On how much McCoy will play Thursday: "He'll play about a quarter and a half."

On what he is looking to see from McCoy: "I just think that as much experience as he can get is good for him, so we'll give him an opportunity there."

On whether RB Brian Westbrook will play Thursday: "No."

On whether he is comfortable going into the first regular season game with an offensive line that has not played together in a game before: "I've told you before I have a concern there. I think it's important that they play together. The one thing I will say though is if there are a couple positions that work as close to game speed as you're going to get, it's the offensive and defensive line. They do that on a daily basis. [Offensive line coach] Juan [Castillo] takes them down there with [defensive line coach] Rory [Segrest] and they get after it. Now, it's as live as you can get it. They work the stunt games and they work the run games so they get plenty of fast work. Again, would I like to see them all together? Absolutely."

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