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Head Coach Andy Reid

Injury Report: "Again, there are no injuries to talk about."

Opening Remarks: "All in all, it was a good game. We've had a chance to review the film, and I thought, really all three phases played well. [There's] plenty of room for improvement, but again, like I mentioned yesterday, anytime you win in the National Football League, that's a good day. Credit to [defensive coordinator] Jim [Johnson], [offensive coordinator] Marty [Mornhinweg] and [special teams coordinator] Rory [Segrest] for the game plans that they put together, and the players for executing it. I thought that the coordinators and the coaches did a nice job, as did the players. The o-line and the d-line, you can't function without either one of those groups. Normally, if the team does well, both of those areas do well and that was the case yesterday. Compliments to wide receivers. I thought they worked very hard at doing what they did yesterday and had a good day. As did, I thought, the cornerbacks. I thought the corners came out and played very aggressive. All three of them had an opportunity to play just about the same number of plays. They just looked like they were all over the place making plays."

On WR Hank Baskett: "Hank is fast. Because he's so long it doesn't look that way, but Hank's got deceiving speed there. He's real smart and strong, and the quarterback likes to throw him the ball, so those are all good things."

On whether he has a sense of where WR Reggie Brown is at with his injury: "Reggie actually feels pretty good today. He's going to continue to rehab. The players will be in today and then they are off Tuesday and Wednesday and then they're back on Thursday, so we'll see how he does for Thursday. If he can get a little work in, then we'll do that, if not, we'll just play it day by day there."

On whether Brown will automatically start when he's ready to play again: "Yeah. Well, most likely, yeah. It just depends on if he's in a full-time role or a part-time role. We'll see."

On WR Kevin Curtis' progress: "He's doing very well actually. He's not going to play this week, but he is doing very well."

On whether it still looks like Curtis will be out for a month and a half: "I'm optimistic today that it won't be, but we'll see. The month and a half takes you to about the bye week, so hopefully we can get him back a little sooner, but we'll see."

On whether it is difficult to assess the team with a win like yesterday's: "I think the Rams have some talent and they have good coaches, and so I think you have to take that up. You see it week in and week out though. Teams that are good teams, they play each other and maybe one team gets beat by more than three touchdowns, two or three touchdowns, when really they are a little bit closer than that talent wise and coaching wise. I don't think the Rams are near as bad as what that score showed. And again, I mentioned in the first game, sometimes this happens, there is a lot of emphasis put on the first game of the season and it's the most important game for us that week, but the reality of it is that there are fifteen more of them and that's just one of 16 games. Can we assess the talent? Well, we can for this week. We did well this week, but it's time to rip that one up and get on with the next one."

On how much the cornerback rotation depends on who the Eagles are playing: "The only way it would matter is if you're playing a three-wide team and you're doing a lot of nickel. Then, they're on the field for every play of the game. Other than that, we rotate it, and it just happened that this week it came out fairly close."

On whether he thinks defensive coordinator Jim Johnson consciously tries to give an even amount of reps to the cornerbacks: "That's part of it, but also the players, they've kind of worked it out amongst themselves, too, so it works out. They give each other an opportunity to get in there and play."

On DT Dan Klecko and whether he has impressed the coaches: "He gave us some good snaps. He played well during the preseason, and it looked like he carried it over to this game. He'll continue to get work in there."

On whether they will continue to use Klecko as a goal-line fullback: "There's a chance we work that. He did some of that in the minicamps, so we'll just carry it over."

On how tough it is to gameplan for Dallas WR Terrell Owens: "He's a pretty good player. If he's not the best, he's one of the best at his position, and when it's all said and done, that'll be how it is for, I think, history. He'll go down as one of the great wide receivers in this league, so you have to bring your A game when you're playing against him."

On whether in retrospect he would have done things differently in regards to T.O.: "I'm not going to get into all that. He's doing great right now. He's happy and playing good football, and that's alright."

On whether at the start of training camp he thought that they would use Klecko in the way that they are:"I did once we switched him over [to defensive tackle]. Once we switched him over we had a chance to look at him during camp. I thought he had a chance to log some time with us, playing time.""

On whether he is trying to guard against WR DeSean Jackson from getting a big head: "No. He's alright. I told you before, DeSean's alright. He's been a star at every level he's been at. He's playing well right now. Does he have a lot of room to improve? Absolutely. He's playing well. He's confident, and I surely don't want him any other way than that."

On whether he was calling the plays yesterday: "We mix that up. [Offensive coordinator] Marty [Mornhinweg] and I, we talk the whole game. He takes some, I take some."

On TE L.J. Smith and how important he will be to the red zone offense this year: "He helps. He's another weapon. And really even last year, we weren't quite sure what we had in [TE Brent] Celek, so we didn't use him enough after we got done evaluating the red zone in the offseason. We didn't use that position enough. Now, L.J. is very good down in there and had been very successful there, and it looks like he's just kind of picked up where he left off before, and we were able to dial up some and put in some plays for him that we thought he could have a little success with.""

On QB Kevin Kolb's performance yesterday in a real game setting: "He did a nice job. I thought he played well. He handled himself well, and we were able to get all of our young guys in there and give them an opportunity, our backups. I thought they, for the most part, did a pretty decent job."

On what he saw from DT Trevor Laws: "Both he and Klecko rolled in there, and we need to do that. We need to continue to do that. Trevor did some good things. Again, he has things that he can continue to work on, but it looked like his effort was very good. He's getting better with his technique both in the pass rush and the run game, so I thought he played well with the snaps that he had."

On how important it is to the team to have rookies making an immediate impact on the field: "It's a tribute to [general manager] Tom Heckert and what he does with the personnel department, and then for those kids. They came in here and they all work their tail off, and they all want to play. They are all very competitive. They proved to the veteran players that they deserve a spot in there to do their thing and to the coaches. But obviously, it started with Tom and his group bringing them in."

On whether he will take special precautions for the rookies to prepare them for the highly-hyped Dallas game:"I just want them to go play. That's what I want to do. It will be an exciting atmosphere, and then you can't let anything, obviously, disrupt your game, so you go play. We've got enough veteran players here and coaches that have been through games like this that will be able to help them out. You get yourself ready, and you just go play your game."

On the knee injury that Patriots QB Tom Brady sustained in last night's game and how the Eagles managed QB Donovan McNabb's ACL injury in 2006:"I didn't hear the outcome of Tom's [injury], but it's a shame if it is bad. That's a tough position to play, and he sure is a good player. I think he's good for every body that's involved in the National Football League. We went through that with Don, and it's not an easy thing. It's not an easy thing for the team or the player. But it allows your backup quarterbacks to have an opportunity to play, and normally, the guys around him, [they] step up and they just take their game to another level. They have a veteran team there and great coaches, and I think that's probably what they'll do. If Tom can't go, then every body has to do just a little bit better."

On what he thinks of CB Sheldon Brown's hit on Rams RB Steven Jackson:"It was a heck of hit. I didn't look at it close, but it looked like he – I love physical football. As long as it's within the guidelines, I like it. Sheldon is a tough tough guy."

On whether the Giants' use of a number of rookies last year changed the way that teams are doing things around the league this year:"I think it depends on the rookies you have. If they are capable of playing for you and winning games, then you're going to play them."

On whether he thinks that Donovan has returned to the "Old Donovan":"I think I mentioned this yesterday. It was the last three games of the season last year, I thought Donovan – I just felt like he was back to his old form. He was very confident in his leg. He just had everything going. I think he just picked up from there. It looked like he did in the preseason, and it looked like he did yesterday afternoon. To answer your question, he looked the same to me as he did before he was hurt."

On McNabb being able to come back from his knee injury last season:"That's important, and that's a hard thing to do. It's easy to say that he's there, but that whole process, you have to go through what he went through to get to where he is. If you're not tough mentally, you never get back to where he is right now, and you see that over and over in this league. He pushed through it. He pushed through the criticism. He pushed through the soreness of the leg and the rehab period and all those things to get himself back to where he can function at this level again."

On how impressed he was with the performance of the offensive line yesterday: "They did a great job, and anytime you can come out with the numbers around you that they had, that means you were playing good football. Granted, the other players played well. I've said this before, I have a hard time believing that there is a back better than RB Brian Westbrook in the National Football League, so that helps. Those linemen help you get those numbers."

On Westbrook playing a role in the passing game: "There will be games where he is, and then there will be games like this here where he's not. One of the positives I thought coming out of this game, is that we were able to spread the ball around a little bit, and I think that's really where this offense is the best when you do that. Our receivers played well enough and have the quarterback's confidence enough to where they were able to get some touches there."

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