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Head Coach Andy Reid

Injury report: "Players not playing in this game are (DE) Victor (Abiamiri) and (WR) Kevin (Curtis). (WR) Reggie (Brown) is going to practice today, (S) Sean Considine will practice today. They are both listed as questionable."

Opening remarks: "We look forward to the opportunity of playing the Cowboys. What a great atmosphere it will be. NFC East rival, down in Dallas, Monday Night Football. All those things go into it. The important thing is that we are able to blank all the things out that distract you and get your focus on getting yourself right as a football team. That's what we're working on today and we will continue to work on until we have an opportunity to play in the game."

On how excited he is to play the Cowboys on national TV: "I think they've got a very good football team and I think they have very good coaches. That's always a great opportunity to play a team like that. You always want a challenge every week. They will present a challenge to us and we will play to the best of our abilities and see what happens."

On whether recent success in Texas Stadium helps players' confidence: "The players know each other so well, on both teams. You play against each other twice a year and we've been doing that for a few years. I think our guys blank all that stuff out and they concentrate on the game. I think (the Cowboys) do the same thing when they come up here. Usually it leads to a decent football game. We'll see how it all works out."

On having such a big game in the early stages of the season: "It's kind of a neat thing. There's nothing wrong with it. It's exciting. That's what this league is all about. You want to be challenged. They are the best team in the National Football League right now. It has been said over and over. I think that's a great challenge for our football team, to see how we can do against the best team in the league."

On whether the Cowboys are a better team now than they were last year: "I think they've added some quality people and players. They talked about getting faster, they've gotten faster. It's a credit to them to do that."

On Reggie Brown's injury: "We are just going to see how he does and start him off slow. He went through the walk-through this morning and did that. We'll see how he does. We don't want any setbacks, that's the primary thing."

On whether they are adjusting their travel plans because of the weather: "We are keeping our eye on the weather. We haven't done anything yet, as far as changing anything. Is there that possibility? I guess there is, yes. We'll see how it goes here."

On CB Lito Sheppard's success against the Cowboys: "I don't know the reason why. You see that around the league. You have certain guys play better against certain teams. As great a player as Lito has been here, he's even been greater against the Cowboys. I can't answer why, I don't know that."

On whether it makes it harder for Lito to not play as much when he's had success against the Cowboys: "He'll be out there. It really evened out last week. They all got good numbers last week."

On Cowboys TE Jason Witten: "He's a great player. Jason Witten is a great player. You obviously have to know where he is."

On keeping WR DeSean Jackson grounded: "I'm grateful that it's not an overnight success story. He did this at the high school level, he did it at the college level, so he's used to a little attention. He's handled it very well for a young guy. He's maintained a very humble attitude. He's been great around his teammates, and he's been working very hard to better his game. He's kept it in perspective."

On being able to contain Cowboys QB Tony Romo: "He doesn't have a lot of those (bad games). He's a good quarterback. The obvious thing is we were able to get a little pressure on him. He has a very good offensive line and he's a very good player. He does have mobility, very good mobility, and he has a great knack for the game."

On how quickly upon his arrival in Philadelphia he realized how big the Cowboys rivalry was: "I found out early. The first time we played them I found out. Believe it or not, I went up to a McDonalds up the street there before the game. I had a little breakfast burrito. There was this 80-year old lady in there, or somewhere thereabouts. She saw me come in and she got after me. She said, 'Hey, you better kick their…you know.' She looked like your normal grandmother and I went, 'Okay, this is the real deal.'"

On whether he will miss playing in Texas Stadium: "We played there somewhere between seven and nine times straight when I was in Green Bay. It got to the point where I knew the guy who fixed the chili dogs up in the box. Honestly. He knew exactly what I liked on the chili dogs. It was like home away from home. It was crazy. I have great memories there. I have a lot of bad memories there, but I've had some good memories. It has such a great history. In fact, when the Vet went down, I'm sure they look at (Texas Stadium) as old and decrepit and so on, it's time for a new stadium. However, once that thing goes down, you reflect. They've had great football teams and I know personally I have been involved with some great games down there. You hate to see those things go, but on the other hand they're building a 100,000-seat stadium down there and that's pretty exciting for them too, I'm sure."

On whether Cowboys head coach Wade Phillips plays an aggressive 3-4 defense: "He does. Wade is very creative and has a lot of experience with that defense, as does his defensive coordinator. They know how to use it and they have a few different variations of it. They shade you. They're not just going to line up on you like some teams do, head up on you and two-gap you. They're going to take shades and cross-face and jet up the field and come back and two-gap you the next play. There are all kinds of variations off of that. The blitzes are endless."

On stopping WR Terrell Owens: "He's a great player, so he's going to catch the football. That's what great players do. It's important you contain him as best as you possibly can. I said this the other day, you're talking about, when it's all said and done, he'll be one of the greatest receivers ever to play this game. He's playing at a very high level right now. I haven't seen any slide in his game at all here."

On whether he thinks Dallas is the best team in the league: "I think they're pretty darn good, yes."

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