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Head Coach Andy Reid

Opening Remarks: "Alright, injuries here. (C) Jamaal Jackson did practice today. (G Mike) McGlynn practiced. (CB) Dimitri (Patterson) practiced. And (LB) Ernie (Sims) practiced. So, everybody practiced. That was a good thing. We were able to get a 10/10/10 in and introduce a little bit of Green Bay's offense, defense and special teams, which is important. And a lot of action going on the last couple of the days here. I think (Eagles GM) Howie Roseman has done a phenomenal job of staying aggressive throughout this part of the year, and throughout the draft and so on.

"I can't say enough good things about what he's done and what his guys have done, and giving the coaches an opportunity to have good football players here, and to be able to coach. With that, which is the toughest part of my job, we had to release the players that have spent some time here and had really worked their tails off. With (G) Stacy (Andrews) and with (LB) Tracy White. My hat's off to them, I wish them the best of luck with their new teams. I know they're going to do a good job there. We were able to add a couple of players with that, with (DE) Antwan Barnes and (G) Reggie Wells, who will help strengthen both of our lines, which both Howie and I believe are really the keys to winning football games in the National Football League.

"It all starts there and we want to make sure we are strong in those positions. Antwan gives us another pass rusher, also plays the Joker position, which becomes very important. Reggie has started a tremendous amount of games at really both guard positions. He'd been playing right guard position here during the preseason, he had been a left guard before that, playing on a championship-caliber football team at a championship-caliber level, so he's somebody that we can add into the mix with our offensive line. (G/C) Nick (Cole) is the starting right guard and (G) Todd (Herremans) is the starting left guard, and Jamaal is starting at center, so Reggie's going to have some time here to learn the offense, and be in a position, if something were to happen at those positions, to step in and allow us to stay as strong as what we've been in the past. And then practice squad, we're in the process right now of putting the practice squad together and we'll know and finalize that in the next day or so, and be able to get that to you."

On whether the team is finished making roster moves: "Well, right this minute, we are. We're talking about 17 moves that we've made here over the last few months, so I can't sit here and tell you that we're absolutely done. We feel very comfortable with the football team that we have right now, but again, Howie and (Director of Pro Personnel) Louis Riddick and their crew are keeping their eyes open for players. (Director of Player Personnel) Ryan Grigson is up here, also, with some of the scouts and they're all working together to do these evaluations and really were up very late last night doing it, to make sure we don't miss on anything."

On what McGlynn's injury was: "Yeah, Mike, he just strained his back just a little bit in the weight room, but he's fine, he practiced."

On whether DE Trent Cole practiced: "Trent Cole practiced, yeah, everybody practiced."

On whether Jamaal Jackson will be starting the opener: "Yeah, unless there is a setback here."

On how having Jackson back on the offensive line helps the team: "This is what we have. We have good depth, so it allows Jamaal to get back in there and give it a shot here. As long as he feels strong and good about it and the doctor feels good about it, then we go that direction. Again, if he tires or fatigues at all, we've got Mike McGlynn, who's taken great snaps in there and we feel very confident that he could step in and play. Nick hasn't played in the preseason, so if he were to get fatigued, we've got Reggie there, we've got (G) Max (Jean-Gilles) there. We've got people that have played in positions that we feel very comfortable with to step in and play."

On whether he has ever thought about being more cautious with Jamaal Jackson even though the doctors have given the okay because it has only been eight months since his surgery: "(The doctors) have been wrong, but they have been right. I've tried to explain this. I think this is a very important part of it. Everybody recovers differently. Every injury is a little bit different. Every surgery is a little bit different, how it lines up and so on, so I think you have to take it on an individual basis, and that's what we're doing with Jamaal. We're going to be as cautious as we can with it, like we have been to this point. If it's not right, then we have people in position to step in and play. We have no hesitation with putting Mike in there to play."

On whether McGlynn will take snaps with the first team this week in practice because of Jackson's injury: "For the most part, Jamaal will take them. Mike will stay ready. But, for the most part, Jamaal will take them."

On whether he has an emergency tight end or safety in mind: "Well, we've got the two tight ends. And then we have (WR) Hank (Baskett) who knows that position and (WR) Riley (Cooper) is learning it, (WR) Jason Avant has done it. So, we've got those players that can step in in a short yardage situation. We've got the tackles and Mike McGlynn who know those positions. So, I think we're covered there. And then at the safety spot, (CB Dimitri) Patterson will also work as a safety. He covers both spots."

On whether there was something holding G Stacy Andrews back from starting for the Eagles:"Listen, I'm a big Stacy Andrews fan, and he was getting better every day at guard. I think he has a chance to go out there and possibly play the tackle position and that will be great for him. We were able to pick up (G) Reggie (Wells) and so we just felt we could do this. (C/G) Nick Cole had been the starter there and because of the situation with Jamaal, Nick had to go over to the center spot, lost his starting spot at right guard, because he was starting at center. I don't kick people out of positions because of injuries, so he was going to go back and have an opportunity to step in and work there. And you saw how we rotated both of them at that guard spot last week. But listen, Stacy Andrews, he's a class act and I wish that kid nothing but the best, man. He worked his tail off here and he's a great kid."

On the depth at the offensive line and defensive line positions: "That's a lot of lineman, but we've done that in the past. So, I don't mind that. I think, I know everybody in this room understands it, but we put a lot of emphasis on the lines. I think it's very, very important. I think we're strong at the other spots too. I'm not worried about the other spots, but I want to make sure that I'm very comfortable and that we're very strong upfront on both sides of the football."

On Baskett making the team over WR Kelley Washington: "I really like Kelley Washington. That was a tough decision amongst the wide receivers, actually because Kelley's a class guy and he is a good special teams player. Hank, likewise, a good special teams players. He obviously knows our offense as well as anybody at the wide receiver position. He can play all of the different positions, so that was a strength for Hank, there. But, Kelley's played a long time and he's going to continue to play a long time. He handled himself like a pro. I really appreciated the way he did that that was great."

On whether he feels comfortable with two rookies at the safety position:"Yeah, I'm ok with that. We have a lot of rookies on the roster. I believe it's seven on defense and four on offense if I'm counting it right. But, I don't mind that, I'm okay with that. I'm comfortable with (S Kurt) Coleman stepping in and playing if he needs to play. I also know how physical Patterson is and with a few reps there. He's played in the nickel. He's played in the corner. We've had him look at the safety and now he has a chance to take some reps there. I think with his game I think he can handle that."

On whether he is concerned with the 17 roster moves that have been made recently and the number of new guys on the roster: "No. It doesn't (scare me). I look forward to the challenge of coaching the guys. The guys look forward to the challenge of playing and learning everything and they've taken that attitude right from the getgo. There's been great energy. Now, is everything right? No. But, we're going to continue to work at it and get it that way. As long as that attitude stays that way and the energy level's that way, good things happen."

On whether there is anything in particular that stands out about the Green Bay Packers: "Well, there a good football team. They're good offensively. They're good defensively and good special teams. So, it's a great challenge. I welcome them to Lincoln Financial Field. I know our fans will be out of their mind and I can't tell you how exciting that's going to be. But, they're a heck of a football team and we're excited about having that opportunity to play them."

On how WR DeSean Jackson looked in practice today: "He did okay. He's a little sore still. His teeth are a little sore, but the swellings down and he's good; he's good right now. It's just a matter of working through. He went through the whole practice, did everything, and did well."

On whether it is his teeth that are sore or his back that is sore: "His teeth. His back's okay. Yeah, his teeth."

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