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Head Coach Andy Reid

On who will not play in Thursday's preseason game: "(T/G) Stacy Andrews, I'm going to hold him out of this game here. Again, he's doing fine. He's been practicing. I'm just taking a cautious approach with him on this. (G/T) Todd Herremans, actually it's not a stress fracture, it's a stress reaction in a bone in his foot just above the arch. I'm going to hold Todd out of this game and possibly the whole preseason. It could be a four-week injury there. (DE) Victor (Abiamiri) will not play. He's getting better. (G/T) Shawn Andrews won't play. He is getting better.

"(LB) Stewart Bradley obviously won't play. (DE) Trent Cole will not play this week, and then we'll just see about next week. (TE) Cornelius Ingram obviously isn't playing. (QB) Kevin Kolb, I'm going to hold him out of this game. He is feeling much better, but we will not play him in this game. (DT) Trevor Laws will not play. He's getting better. (TE Matt) Schobel is getting better, and (RB) Brian Westbrook is getting better. But those people will not play in this game. Then we'll just see how it goes here with those guys next week."

On the signing of QB Adam DiMichele: "We did sign Adam DiMichele for the quarterback position in place of Coach (Matt) Nagy. (Nagy) just wasn't approved by the NFL; it wasn't any more than that. That's what that is. He can always tell people, though, that he played in the NFL for one day."

Opening Remarks:"I'd like to thank the fans. We had near record crowds here, so I'd like to thank them for all their support. The Lehigh staff here is always phenomenal with the grounds crew and the people who take care of us up at the dorms and the food staff. They go above and beyond to help us out. Then our staff here, the people that have taken care of security, and so on. They've been great. Everybody has been on the hop for the past few weeks here and has really done a nice job."

On the rotation for Thursday night's preseason game: "I'll give you the starters. It's going to be a little hard to tell you after that with all the substitutions that we have. We'll go a quarter and a half with the starters. Guys will be rotating in and out but the base starting group will be in there for that duration. The quarterbacks, I will see about Adam, maybe we'll get him some action in the fourth quarter. He's getting a cram course right now, a refresher course. He's a real smart kid, but again, we'll see how that goes into the fourth quarter. If not, A.J. will take those reps."

On whether he plans to go with Nick Cole at LG, Max Jean-Gilles at RG and Winston Justice at RT: "Yeah, that's right. Just what you saw out here with that first group, that'll be the line there."

On what type of play he can expect out of DiMichele with such little time to prepare: "As long as he can get the short passing game and the handoffs down, we're okay. Like I said, he was with us in the minicamps so it's not completely foreign to him, and he is a smart kid. Then, he's going to get a cram course here for the next few hours."

On how long he anticipates Kolb being out: "I think that if you put seven days on from when he injured it – but it is day to day. We'll just see how (it goes). He feels good right now, but I'm not going to put him in the game."

On whether Herremans has already had an MRI: "Yeah, he's already had that done. He had an x-ray and I've seen the doctor and so on."

On whether Herremans came back out to practice yesterday: "He did. He did light work, and then I pulled him out of there."

On whether he's ever gone into the regular season without having had his projected starting O-line practice together: "Probably not since the first year. We were rotating guys in and out there. The one thing I will say is that they know the offense. The ones that will be missing time here, they've had experience. Then, the fill-ins have had experience. The guys that are working into those spots for the starters have all had great game experience."

On whether he plans on keeping DiMichele on the roster after Kolb returns:"We'll see. I obviously don't need four quarterbacks but we'll see how it works. I have to see how Kevin feels and what his preseason game status will be."

On whether Westbrook and Abiamiri will be able to practice once the team returns to Philadelphia: "I think they are right to that point. We just have to make sure that the doctor's okay (with it). I'm not going to just throw them out there without that happening. Somewhere here the doctors will check them and will either give them the thumbs up or the thumbs down."

On how much Jean-Gilles and Nick Cole have progressed in their positions over the last year: "I think they have done a good job. They are good solid players, and I have a lot of trust in them."

On whether LB Joe Mays will play more than a quarter and a half in Thursday night's game: "We'll see. Right now he down for a quarter and a half."

On whether he thinks he has a better team now than he did three weeks ago despite all the injuries: "We'll see. We're in the preseason. We have a couple of guys on this injured list that are going to be players. Thank goodness we have some players that we trust are good players. We'll see how they function here and see how the rest of preseason goes. But it is the preseason."

On whether Shawn Andrews is close to coming back:"The only thing I can tell you is that when you're dealing with backs you're going off what the symptoms are. He says that he's feeling better. We'll see what that means as we go on there."

On whether there has been any thought of sending Shawn Andrews back to see Dr. Watkins: "They did talk. He and Watkins have talked. (Head athletic trainer) Rick (Burkholder) has talked with Watkins, and Watkins recommended activity for him; (he said) that you are going to have these types of things and to just keep pushing through and working, and that's what he's doing."

On whether Shawn Andrews is just getting treatment: "He's getting treatment but he's also doing stuff in (the training room). He started to jog a little bit. We'll see how it goes here."

On whether he is concerned about the chemistry of the O-line: "You know how I am with the continuity of the offensive line; I think that's very important. It was good to get them out here for a couple of practices, with the exception of right tackle. So far Winston has had a very good camp. I've always gone with what's out here and we roll and we go play. I'm not going to sit here and tell you that I wouldn't want them all out here practicing."

On how important it is for the team to come out of Thursday's preseason game without any more injuries: "Honestly I don't think about all that. If you worry about that then you're going to get banged up. I expect the guys to go in and play and if you're playing cautious football then that's normally when injuries take place. You have to go play the game. I don't get into all that. I don't think that way."

On Bradley's surgery: "He did have his surgery. I'm probably going to tell you the same thing that I've told you after every surgery, that the doctor felt good about it. They think it went well and we'll just see how he rehabs here."

On whether Dr. James Andrews will perform Ingram's surgery as well: "Most likely, yes."

On when Ingram will have his surgery: "There's a chance it happens in the next few days here. I can't give you an exact date. They are going to determine that today."

On how Herremans' stress fracture developed: "It's not a fracture. There is a huge difference between a stress reaction and a fracture. It's not a fracture. I don't know exactly (how it developed) other than it started hurting him and then we pulled him out of there. There wasn't one particular thing that happened there."

On whether a stress reaction is similar to a sprain: "I probably need to get Rick to give you a description of that. From what I understand it's similar to a bone bruise, but (football media services director) Derek (Boyko) can get you how Rick would define it for you."

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