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Head Coach Andy Reid

Opening Remarks: "(T) Jason Peters did not practice today, he is making progress on that quad spasm. (CB) Asante (Samuel) is a little bit better today with that hamstring. Shawn Andrews back is feeling a little bit better. The other guys are progressing. (DE) Victor (Abiamiri) didn't practice, (RB Brian) Westbrook didn't practice, (S Macho) Victor Harris feels a little better today and (DT) Trevor Laws is making progress. (WR) Kevin Curtis had a thigh contusion and we'll just see how that works out. He was really the only one today to give you. It was good to get back out here and some hitting in. I thought the guys got after each other a little bit here and challenge each other and that's going to help make us a better football team. We'll get these other guys healthy and get them back out there and give them a chance to get themselves better also."

On how Curtis was feeling physically at the beginning of camp: "This has nothing to do with that. He and (FS Quintin) Demps just collided. He was feeling pretty good. He went through those first three days, I thought those were important to knock some of the rust off and he felt good."

On the most important thing Reid is looking for on the first day of practice with full pads: "You want to see the young guys. The guys that you haven't seen hit, you want to see those guys and see how they play and see how they hold up under the contact. We save the contact right— at least the full live period until right at the end. And so, you've got to have the endurance to get through the practice and then finish strong with the contact part of it."

On Rookie RB LeSean McCoy's performance in practice: "I thought he did good. He had one play where he lined up on the ball and he's suppose to be off of the ball but other than that, that's a minor thing, if I can pick that one thing out that's pretty good. He did some good things. We gave him an opportunity. That live period was more of a run period with a play (action) pass thrown in every third or fourth play, so it gave him an opportunity to carry the ball a little bit and I thought he did a good job."

On whether these practices with pads are the first opportunity to see the run game:"That's the one thing you can't do much in the minicamps. You can go through the recognition part of it but until you get the pads on and guys are flying around, linebackers are stepping up and flowing, defensive linemen are slanting and pinching, you can't on work on that too much without the pads on. So, you get a chance to do that here and this was the first step of it. We'll just keep pushing through it."

On whether he thought there were too many dropped passes in practice: "Well, today I thought was a little better. There were a few that were contested that ended up on the ground but I would say that's good by the defense for being in position to do that. I don't know the exact number. Yesterday we had three and I'm not sure what we had today so, I'll have to see that."

On whether RB Lorenzo Booker dropping passes in practice will hurt his chances of making the team: "Well, he's got good hands. I'm not sure what the deal is here, he's had a couple yesterday and a couple today. He'll work through that. But, naturally he's got good hands. So, he's just got to see what it is and focus on seeing the ball all the way in."

On whether the team asked DT Mike Patterson to bulk up: "No, he's about the same as he was when we left. Actually, he's a little bit lighter but not too much."

On whether he's concerned about Shawn Andrews' back: "I'm not really concerned right now at all. I just want to make sure he gets his treatments done and gets back out here."

On why T/G Stacy Andrews didn't participate in the live period: "Like I said, we're gradually feeding him back in. He's ahead of schedule and I want to keep him there."

On whether any of the young guys impressed him today: "I have to go back and look at the film. It'd be wrong for me to start picking guys out. It's way too early."

On RB Eldra Buckley having a good practice: "Yeah. He had a nice run there. He ran very hard, I thought."

On WR Hank Baskett having an eventful offseason, and whether he thinks he will be able to set his distractions aside: "(Jokingly) What happened? It doesn't seem to affect him. I haven't seen any difference in him. As long as he keeps playing and making catches like the one he made out there, that's alright."

On what it says about Westbrook that he's on the sideline talking with the guys: "Right now he is chomping at the bit to get back in. We just have to make sure he's healthy and ready to go. He wants to play. He's in great shape. He's just got to heal up and he'll be back in soon enough. I do appreciate him being out there and being a part of it, and I know that the players do (too). He has a lot of experience, good words of wisdom for them."

On whether there is any chance that they might accelerate Westbrook's return to practice: "We'll see. He's doing well. Down the line he has to be cleared by the doctor but he looks like he's a little ahead of schedule. We'll just see how he continues to improve. (Head athletic trainer) Rick (Burkholder) has been challenging him with some pretty intense stuff. And he handles it and he's pain free as we've gone here. That's a good thing."

On whether he would like to see Westbrook play in a preseason game: "No. I'd like to see everybody play in a preseason game, but at the same time, I have to be smart with it and make sure that he's right. I would give up that 'want to' to keep him healthy."

On whether the hitting part means less for Westbrook than it does for the younger guys:"Somewhere he'll get popped before he gets in a game I'm sure. If not, he'll have to work through that and get it done. Ball carriers, that's a rough position to play. You can take a few shots."

On which young wide receiver has a chance to take some more reps in place of WR Jeremy Maclin: "You've seen (WR Brandon) Gibson in there getting reps. They've all just rotated through on that. Out of the young guys, probably Gibson, I'd say, has had more quality reps there."

On whether there is any update on Maclin: "No. There's nothing there."

On how he's lost 75 pounds and how he feels: "(Jokingly) You know I was going to make a joke about your weight, too, because you're looking good. If I can get down looking as good as you Bob (Brookover), I'll feel pretty good about myself. It feels better; I guess is what I'd say. It feels better. I don't want to make a big deal about it, I've got to get through Christmas first. You get towards the last part of that season and I watch you guys swell up and I swell up right with you. That's where things get a little tougher."

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