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Head Coach Andy Reid

Opening Remarks: "All in all I thought it was a good practice this afternoon. We did a 10/10/10 practice. I thought the guys moved around well. We're able to, in these 10/10/10 practices, work on some specific areas of the game and really focus in and slow it down and teach them. And at the same time get some good film on it, so we can use that also as a teaching tool."

On how he spent the morning: "We met as a staff, and then the offense and defense, they broke up as a staff and they met. We let the players have the morning off. We didn't try and cram something in there when we weren't prepared and they weren't prepared. I thought it was good that they could all feel like they were 30-plus today."

On whether tomorrow with be a 30-plus day as scheduled: "No, there was a sudden change there, so today was a 30-plus day."

On whether he feels like they are behind schedule: "It really doesn't. No, not at all. We're fine. We were actually a little bit ahead on our installation. We've been loading the guys up and cramming it in there, so this allowed the guys to be able to back up and go back and review, and I think that's a plus for them."

On DE Victor Abiamiri's prognosis: "You know what he wanted to do? He wanted to get back up here with his teammates, and make sure that he stayed up on the installs that we were putting in. He doesn't want to fall behind. I told you what the worst possible scenario is, we'll just have to see. I can't tell you the best one. They don't know. They just have to see how this thing heals and we'll see. I think any way that you look at it it's going to be a little bit of time here. But he wanted to be up here, so I thought that was a good thing."

On how the fullbacks are progressing: "They are doing a good job. Obviously, (FB) Jason (Davis) has been around here for a while. (FB) Luke (Lawton) is fighting to learn a new system right now, but he's working hard at it. He's getting better every day. I think Jason has been doing a great job in there. He's stepped in and (has) done kind of what we hoped that he would do. It's important that he maintains that. That's a very physical, pounding position, so you've got to be able to bring it every day, every practice, and so far he's done that."

On the chances of CB Asante Samuel coming back soon: "I want to get him back in, but I want to make sure he's healthy at the same time. I'm anxious to get him back in there and going. Could it be the next couple of days? Possibly. We'll just have to see how this rehab goes and how he's doing."

On whether today was the first day WR DeSean Jackson has worked with the 1st team offense: "No, he's been in there a little bit during the other practices, for probably just a couple snaps. He's been in on certain plays that we have for him in there."

On whether it's rare for a rookie to pick up the offense as quickly as Jackson has: "He's doing a good job, for the most part, with it. Right now, the numbers are up right now with the number of plays he has. He's sorting all that out. Every once in a while, he'll have a bust out there, but, for the most part, he's doing a good job with his reps."

On what he's seen from T King Dunlap: "He's a good athlete. He's got a little bit of a sore ankle, but he's played through that and he's done very well with it. It hurts him a little bit, when he's being bull-rushed, because he can't put his foot in the ground, like he wants to. He's moving around very well. He's got very long arms and knows how to use them. He's not afraid to play the game out in front of him. I've been impressed with the way he's handled himself."

On whether LB Stewart Bradley's progression is what he's expected: "Yeah, he's doing well with it. Both he and (LB) Omar (Gaither)--really, we've got a handful of linebackers that I feel very comfortable with. (LB Akeen) Jordan, he's another good one. (LBs) Chris Gocong and Rocky Boiman have experience. Yeah, he's improving and getting better and he's doing what we expected him to do."

On TE Matt Schobel, who has been excused for personal reasons: "Matt will be back tomorrow. Actually, he'll be back today, but later."

On whether he sees Gaither as one of the leaders on the team: "Yeah, Omar's been that way since he was a rookie. Omar has an extreme amount of confidence and is able to project that to that defense. I think they feed off of, not only his knowledge, but also his confidence and that upbeat spirit that he has."

On whether Gaither's confidence carries over to the locker room: "All the guys know that he's sharp. He's in tune with things and they all have a lot of confidence in him. So, when he speaks, people listen."

On having TE L.J. Smith back today: "Yeah, he looked good. It was good to get him back out there. He's had a calf strain and it looks like it's healed up. He had an MRI and the MRI showed that it looked like it was healed up and ready to go. He came out and did a nice job. Again, I look forward to seeing him with the pads on tomorrow."

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