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Head Coach Andy Reid

Injury Report: "(RB) Brian Westbrook is working out. I think you saw him working out yesterday. Those guys who are here, (G/T) Stacy Andrews, (WR) Kevin Curtis, (TE Cornelius) Ingram and (G) Max (Jean-Gilles) are all working out here and doing well. It's good to see Stacy out here getting some reps. We're not doing a lot of team stuff, however, but this is a good time for him to continue to work."

Opening Remarks: "All in all, I like what I've seen for three practices. The guys have come out here and worked hard, and they look like they are getting better. They look like they've improved since they left. It's obvious that they've stayed in their playbooks by them being able to retain what we've thrown at them. We've thrown a lot of plays at them."

On whether he gets the impression that Stacy will be ready for Friday: "We will see. We're going to take it real easy on him and stay in communication with him and make sure that he's working real close with (head athletic trainer) Rick (Burkholder), so I'll have an update on him – I'm not going to force anything if he doesn't feel comfortable being in a team activity at that time, then we won't do that. We'll just gradually bring him along."

On whether it's more about how Stacy feels: "Yeah. Just where he's at. As long as the swelling stays out of (his knee) and those types of things. Then, you have to trust the player to tell you the truth, and he's in a good place with that right now."

On whether he had a chance to see any of Westbrook's workout yesterday: "He's faster than Rick Burkholder, so I guess that's a good thing right now, and he felt good. He came out of it and he felt good. I saw enough of it to know that and to see that, so he feels good today."

On whether that was the first time Westbrook has done sprints in his rehab program:"Rick has been with him the whole offseason, so this is the first time he's gotten him outside and done this, but he's been doing some stuff inside with him."

On what Westbrook's rehab program includes other than the outside workouts: "He does his lift. He's in great shape right now. He's worked his tail off this offseason. His weight is a little down. His endurance is phenomenal right now, and he's stronger than an ox. He's doing that, and then he's doing the rehab, treatment, balance, all those types of things that are treatments that Rick does for him."

On whether there is an update on WR Jeremy Maclin: "Nothing. No progress so far."

On how detrimental it would be for Maclin if he doesn't show Thursday: "I told you, I thought it was important that he's here now. This is great work that these guys are getting out of here and it's not like your starting quarterback's not here. He needs to get in or this thing passes you by real fast."

On whether he's optimistic that Maclin could be here Wednesday: "Yeah. It's a day-to-day thing right now, so in fact, it could be done as we speak right here. It's one of those types of things. When I came out here there was no progress."

On whether Ingram is further along than he thought he would be at this point: "He's doing a good job. I guess one of the things is in minicamps he got a lot of reps and the numbers were down a bit and I know he missed a little time with his leg, but he had a tremendous amount of reps during camp. And then he comes here and he's been able to retain, and I think he and (RB LeSean) McCoy have done a good job with that."

On whether he has a sense of Ingram's blocking ability: "I don't know that yet. I have to see. He looks good on the bags. I've got to see him once we get live, how he holds up. Is it going to be a learning experience for him? Yeah, it will be. I'm not expecting the guy to be a polished blocker when he comes out there. He hasn't done very much of it."

On Ingram saying that QB Donovan McNabb made him feel comfortable around the locker room when he first got here, and how important is for players like McNabb to make younger players feel at ease: "It's big. That's one of the reasons we don't do all the hazing, that type of thing. And Donovan, that's Donovan's personality. You can have the rule about hazing, but if you don't have personality like that then it doesn't work. Obviously Donovan is a superstar in this business and for him to be as humble as he is and always joking around with people, that kind of loosens things up, especially with the young guys."

On whether that can help a player's development: "Obviously I don't do hazing because I don't think it helps. I think it's important that you get the young guys ready as fast as you can. I just haven't seen that as being something that helps the young guy's progress. That's why I don't do it."

On whether they will treat Ingram, Curtis and Jean-Gilles the same as Stacy, since they are all coming off of injuries: "Same deal. That's why they are out here right now. I'm just going to play it by ear and see how they do. All those guys, the guys you just mentioned, we have a lot of trust in all of those, and they're going to shoot you straight. We know they all want to be out there practicing but at the same time they'll shoot you straight."

On whether the Eagles have any interest in bringing in a player like Michael Vick:"Number one, I think he's a good kid. Right now we have a good situation at quarterback so that's not the direction I'm looking. I'm glad Tony Dungy is involved, no finer person around than Tony Dungy. And Michael, the times I've talked to him, he's a good kid, so I think that combination there will help Michael and probably increase his marketability there."

On whether he believes Vick deserves a second chance: "Sure. I'm big on second chances at this phase in my life."

On how the O-line has changed, and whether he is anxious to see Stacy get back: "Every time I answer something like I feel like I slight (C) Nick Cole. Nick Cole is a quality starting offensive lineman here, which buys time for Stacy to get himself right, so we don't have to sit here and force Stacy into a bad situation, not that we would do that anyway. We're not in that position. I think everybody has full confidence that Nick can do the job. Then, I think that's also good for Stacy on his end where he can just ease back in."

On whether he's anxious to see how the offensive line jells: "I think it's crucial that we jell. We have a lot of new people and that will determine the outcome of this football team, how we come together as a unit. And I'm saying coaches, their relationships with these players, the players' relationships with each other, and the trust factor is huge among all the parties. There's a lot of talent there and we have to come together, and the best way, I think, to do that is you get out here and you sweat together and you bust your tail together and there is a tendency to bring you together as a football team."

On whether it is a competition between Stacy and Cole at the right guard position: "Yeah. With Stacy's situation it surely is. I wouldn't count Nick out of it. We think Stacy is going to be able to work in there and do that. I think it's a great situation to have. There are not a lot of teams that have as many starting quality offensive linemen as we do, or as we think we do, and that helped us last year as we went through the season."

On McNabb having more of a leadership role this season: "I don't know if he's doing more. He's always been him. And once you stop being yourself, guys read through it. It's hard to stay some place as long as he has and be fake. It doesn't work that way in the National Football League. He can't change. He can't add or take away. He just needs to be himself and that's plenty good."

On whether he has found a particular way over the years to implement new players more successfully or whether it is entirely dependent on a given player: "I think it's probably a little bit of each. The player has to have an aptitude to be able to pick up what you're teaching him and a want-to to go along with that, a drive. At the same time, as coaches you have to be teachers number one, and you better be a good teacher. I think our staff takes pride in that. I know our scouting department takes pride in bringing in guys that are smart guys."

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