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Head Coach Andy Reid

Injury Report: "[DT Brodrick] Bunkley has a shoulder contusion that I guess he had had. He woke up with it and it stiffened up, so we tried to get a little treatment this morning but couldn't get him back out there. [WR] DeSean Jackson is getting better with the hamstring. S Marcus Paschal has a hamstring spasm, he's doing alright, getting better. [DE Victor] Abiarmiri is in surgery right now as we speak and once we get an update on exactly what it is, we'll get it to you. [LB] Rocky Boiman has a lower leg contusion, he missed. [CB] Asante [Samuel] has a hamstring strain, he missed. [DE] Bryan Smith has a hamstring strain and he missed. They are getting better and they are day to day. [DT] Kimo [von Oelhoffen] went out today with a knee [injury] and we'll see exactly what that is after he sees the doctor. [TE] L.J. Smith tweaked his calf, and again we'll see how he does here in between practices. [LB/DE] Chris Clemons went out with dehydration. [S Brian] Dawkins hyperextended his knee a bit, but it was a minor thing. He came back and practiced."

Opening Remarks: "All in all it was a good day. We had a lot of contact today with the two minute drill that was live. The guys got plenty of work there, all the groups. I saw some good things within that two minute drill that I thought we needed to work on and it looks like we made some improvements there. We were able to have a couple of cool drills that I thought the guys worked hard on. It's a little warm out here. To come out for three hard days, this fourth day is always a challenge. We kind of switch up the program this afternoon, we go 10/10/10 as opposed to the practice we were having before. There's always that chance for a lull in the action here and they didn't do that, they came out and they got after each other pretty good. We're improving, we're not there yet, but we're improving."

* On how hard it is to keep guys healthy this time of the year:*
"That's all part of it. We don't have the serious ones [injuries] with the exception of Abiamiri. The rest of them are fairly minor."

* On whether the team is aware of the extent of G Shawn Andrews' personal situation:*
"A couple of them are, yeah. To the extent that it's personal problems. A couple of them have talked to him, yeah."

* On what the best case and worst case scenarios are for Abiamiri:*
"Worst case would be four months. Best case, I'll tell you when he gets out of surgery."

* On what the doctors are looking for during Abiamiri's surgery:*
"To see where the ligaments came off of the bone, if they need to put screws in there or not. What form of repair he needs to do."

* On how big of a set back it is to lose Abiamiri:*
"It's not good. He was playing well. We're lucky we have numbers there, but he was definitely a guy that we were expecting to be in there from the get-go. He was competing for a starting job there."

* On how T Tra Thomas played last year and what he can expect from him this year:*
"I thought Tra played well last year. Again, you know he's coming off an injury but I thought he played well, in particular as the season went on. The challenge is to maintain that with the age that he's at. But he's worked very hard this offseason and he looks like he's in good shape out here."

* On whether it will be a priority to have him back next year:*
"We haven't even gotten there. We haven't even gotten to that."

* On how DT Trevor Laws practiced today:*
"To be honest with you, I didn't look at him enough to give you an answer on that. I'll go up and look at the film and we'll see."**

On whether there is any reason to expect Andrews at camp:**

"I will let you know when I know something on that. I give you my word on that."

* On RB Correll Buckhalter and his role on the team this season:*
"I think right now Buck's having a very good camp. He came back in phenomenal shape. He's running hard. He feels healthy and he's confident in his leg. I expect him to work into a rotation there with the other two guys."

* On whether he has any plans on using all three running backs a lot like he did a couple of years ago:*
"I don't know if it will be exactly that, but I have confidence that he can step in and spot [RB] Brian [Westbrook] when we need him to."

* On K David Akers and his offseason workouts:*
"I think he's stronger right now. It's very important that kickers maintain their strength in their glutes and their legs. It starts in the glutes, where you develop that drive. [If] you start losing your tail there, you start losing power. He concentrated on that area and he's doing good."

* On whether this is one of the quicker teams that he's ever had:*
"It looks like it. It looks like it right now. It's important as coaches that we exploit that, and put the guys in the right positions to utilize some of that."

* On what he sees in RB Lorenzo Booker and how he is adjusting to the offense:*
"I see somebody who is very intelligent. He's got a great person to learn from sitting there with Brian. They are similar in size. One thing Brian has done a great job of over the years is he's developed patience, and I can see Booker working on that right now. He's letting those big offensive linemen get in the way and kind of working off of them."

* On whether he wonders why it took Booker so long to get involved with the Dolphins last year:*
"In the whole process I really didn't get into that. I know what I saw and everybody uses their backs different. I can't answer that, I really didn't concentrate on that part."

* On how big of an obstacle is it to have WR DeSean Jackson miss practice:*
"He needs to get healthy and get back out there is what he needs to do. This is a challenge for wide receivers, that first year and you have to push yourself through these things, so that's what he's working on right now."

* On whether he is concerned about injuries with the players practicing all out:*
"I think if you go all out, you limit your injuries. If you start worrying about pacing yourself you get hurt. If you stand around you get hurt. If you go out and play hard you're going to keep your injury level down."

* On the fights that have broken out during practices:*
"I'm not big on fights. We're not boxers. We're here to play football. I'd rather you get the number, get back in the huddle, and then somewhere along the line take care of the number. Fighting doesn't do anything for me. I'm not going to keep a guy because he's a good fighter."

* On whether he has to tell the guys to "cool it":*
"No, you know what, things are going to happen. I understand that. They're hot and tired and irritable, so I understand those things happen. But they are wasting their energy, it's not impressive."

* On what kind of role TE Kris Wilson will have and how good it is to have him in with TE L.J. Smith:*
"It's good. He and [TE Matt] Schobel are competing. Schobel is having a good camp, as is Kris. It's good competition at a tough position."

* On whether the passing game will be better with the wide receivers having another year under their belt:*
"Yeah, we should be. Yeah, we should be better."

* On QB Donovan McNabb and his performance in training camp so far:*
"He looks sharp right now, very confident with his body. He feels healthy and strong, and he's playing very well right now."

* On how important is it to have Westbrook's contract figured out before the season:*
"I'm probably like [president] Joe [Banner] and Brian, that as soon as we can get it done that's great if it works out that way."

* On whether WR Jamal Jones had a good day in practice today:*
"You know he did. He's a good special teams player, we knew that when we brought him in. He sure did a nice job offensively today. He had missed a couple of deep balls the last few days and kind of made up for it today."

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