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Head Coach Andy Reid

Injury Report: "The three players that are out and will not travel are (QB) Michael (Vick), (CB) Asante Samuel didn't pass his (concussion) test. We gave him another one this morning and he didn't pass that. And then, (WR) Riley (Cooper) was just the opposite; Riley passed his test, actually two days after the event, and then had symptoms, so we're not going to put him at risk by putting him out there. (G/C) Nick Cole didn't practice today, but he practiced the rest of the week, and he'll be good to go, I just kept him off the turf today. And then, (G) Reggie Wells was sick, had an illness, so we kept him in, he'll travel and play if needed. And then (RB) LeSean McCoy practiced the whole practice and felt pretty good. So, I'm anticipating that he'll be able to play the full game and do what he needs to do there."

Opening Remarks:"Again, we look forward to the challenge of playing the (San Francisco) 49ers. We throw records out, here. We don't look at those, we look at the facts, and that's how they play. They're a tough, hard-nosed football team with a lot of talent, so we know that and that's the way we prepared ourselves this week. Guys have had a good week of practice."

On whether he will have a fourth wide receiver by Sunday: "Well, I'll travel (WR) Chad (Hall) out there. I haven't made any moves, but I will travel Chad with us."

On the starting cornerback against the 49ers in place of an injured Samuel: "Well, it depends on the package. But we have (CB) Joselio (Hanson) who's started for us before and who we know can step in there. And (CB) Dimitri (Patterson) plays out there also. And then, (CB Trevard) Lindley has a couple things that he does as well, so we have a bunch of different things we're doing there."

On whether Samuel didn't pass the test with the doctors:"No, that was the test here. We never made it to the doctors."

On whether Samuel still has symptoms: "He feels great, but, hey listen, they're completely opposite deals."

On the starting right guard against the 49ers: "(G) Max (Jean-Gilles) is the starting guard."

On whether Cole is healthy and capable of playing on the offensive line: "Yeah, Nick can play. Nick will suit up and play. He'll be able to play."

On whether Jean-Gilles is the full-time starter: "Max is starting in this game, yeah."

On whether Jean-Gilles is the starter full-time now: "Max is a full-timer. Max is the starting right guard."

On his thoughts about QB Kevin Kolb's preparation this week: "He's done a good job, and done everything we've asked him to do. (He) seems comfortable with the game plan and I think is fired up about playing."

On how Kolb deals with the pressure of being the starter: "Yeah, he's fine."

On whether he will mix RB Mike Bell into the rotation on Sunday: "Well, he took all the snaps this week with the exception of today. And I think that was good for him to get out there – we've had a little package for him the past weeks and that's what he's practiced. But this week he was able to get them all in and did well with it. So, we feel comfortable rotating him in with any package we have."

On whether Hall was able to get reps with the first and second team offenses this week: "He did, yeah. He took all the reps when Riley wasn't there, he took all the reps."

On whether Hall is ready to play in a game and contribute to the offense: "Yeah, he'll be fine; if we decide to go that route, I think he'll be fine there."

On whether he will limit the touches McCoy will get because of his rib injury: "I think he's okay, I mean to go. He feels good and we'll see by game-time, but I think he's going to be okay to go and do a normal load that he's been doing."

On whether DE Juqua Parker is at the top of the depth chart defensively: "Well, yeah, he is right now, but they're going to both play the same amount. So, he's in with certain groups and the other kid's in with certain groups. I can't tell you who's starting, who's not starting (because) that depends on what personnel group we have in (the game). He's back in with the base and then they'll just roll it."

On whether he will go into the game with three wide receivers: "Well, I have a couple different options I can look at. I mean, we have three tight ends and I have that whole deal there that I can look at; I'm just kind of working through it. The tight ends know all the four-wide things of the wide receiver positions there. So, I just have to make that decision in the next day or so."

On whether inserting Parker into the starting lineup is an attempt to get more physical along the front line: "Well, yeah, Brandon was doing a good job, it's just I think (Juqua Parker) has done a nice job too. We're fortunate to have a couple of – what we've tried to do and that's why I hesitate on who's starting, who's not starting is (because) we really have eight guys right now that we feel pretty good about out there. So, it depends on the personnel group and package; we have to give (defensive coordinator) Sean (McDermott) some flexibility there to work different people in. But (Juqua Parker) has been playing very well, so I think he deserves a chance to be on that first group."

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