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Head Coach Andy Reid

Injury Report: "(DT Brodrick) Bunkley, (WR) DeSean Jackson and (T) Jason Peters will be out. (QB) Michael Vick will be in. I can't tell you right now whether he's going to be 2 or 3. He did go through practice again today. He felt good today. So we'll just see how he does tomorrow, how he feels and go from there. Everybody else – (DE) Brandon Graham had been out sick yesterday (but) he's back today (and) he feels better. He practiced today full (and) everything's good there. Everybody else is good and ready to play."

Opening Remarks:"We look forward to the challenge of playing the (Tennessee) Titans. They're a very aggressive and very successful football team and they're very well-coached and they have good players. Our guys have had a very good week of practice and they look forward to going down there and meeting the challenge of the Titans."

On whether Vick will be limited in what he can do if he does enter the game: "I'm not sure. We'll see how he did as he sleeps on today's practice. He felt pretty good today, after yesterday's (practice), and he increased it today and we'll just see how he feels tomorrow."

On whether Vick will be 100 percent after the bye week:"Well he feels pretty close right now, so I think I'd be pretty confident in that."

On Jackson's progress healing after the concussion:"Really it's more the place where DeSean took the hit that's more sore than the head. His mind's clear – he hasn't passed the test yet but his mind's clear. He feels good in that area, but just the area on the right side where (Dunta Robinson) hit him there, so it's a bit sore. And then kind of up through his back and neck area, just from the shock of the hit there. He was upbeat today. He was up moving around. He feels a lot better today than he did yesterday. So, again, he's making progress here."

On whether he has addressed or feels the need to address his players about the league's new hit policy: "Well, I've talked to them and the players are smart guys, man. They're aware of what's happening. I would tell you there are all kinds of opinions on the situation, but it is what it is. And I think the league's really looking for one particular hit, they're not looking for you to calm down your aggressiveness, they're just calming down the shots to the head; I think that's kind of the main focus, here. It's still a bang-bang game, man (and) things happen fast, furious, it is violent, that's what the sign-up sheet says. But again, if we're making progress in this area of life after football, which I think is important, and one of the things is that shot to the head, you want to limit that as much as you can."

On whether Jackson is doing any light exercise: "No. I'm just talking about the verbal part, there, the actual test part."

On whether he has been able to pass the test part:"Yeah, he's done very well, but he hasn't quite passed it. He gets through it though. He get all the way through it. Kind of like when you used to take those multiple choice tests, you didn't always get 100. Well, maybe you did? I shouldn't question that (jokingly)."

On the challenge for LT King Dunlap in his second start and being on the road: "Well, it's a big challenge for him because now there's a game, there's a whole game of film that they get to study and so he has to answer that challenge. Listen, he's worked his tail off this week and I think he's looking forward to going down and playing and proving himself. So that's home for him (and) he has a lot of family and friends there. He'll stay focused; he'll stay focused on the job at hand. He knows that that guy's been studying him all week and he has a few plays that he can look at there."

On whether the Titans defense is smaller and faster:"Well, they've always based it on speed. Inside they're a little bit smaller, inside. Outside it's kind of that same guy, and (DE Kyle) Vanden Bosch, he's not as big as maybe you think. He's a speed, quickness guy. Obviously, (former Titans DE) Jevon (Kearse) was one of the first ones in there to be a speed guy, and that's what (Titans head coach) Jeff (Fisher) wants in there. So that's kind of their whole defense. I don't think you're looking at – with the exception of one of the defensive tackles – you're not looking at the great size, you're looking at speed, quickness and toughness."

On how he defends a speed running back like Titans RB Chris Johnson compared to bigger running backs: "You have to make sure you rally to him. He can be a little tough one-on-one, now. He has speed and quickness. You need to be very disciplined with your rush lanes and so on. He's about as good as they get right now in the National Football League. And he has that speed and quickness to go with it."

On whether he expects Titans QB Vince Young to be the starter: "Yeah, listen we're ready for whichever quarterback's there, we're ready for (and) we're prepared. They have a little bit of the same situation we have here and they have two good quarterbacks, guys that have won a lot of games in the National Football League, and so you have to be ready for both guys. Neither one's a slouch, man, they're both very, very good players."

On whether this is the toughest test for QB Kevin Kolb as a professional quarterback:"Well, I just think the back-to-back-to-back. You've seen him putting games together here and that's the part he hasn't done and I know that's the part he wants to do; he wants to build that resume. But, to answer your question, this is a very good football team that we're playing right now. And so, it's a different challenge than last week and the week before, and I think they're a different style; those were good football teams, but this is a new style for him and defense and he's worked a lot of hours here to learn it and understand what they're doing on their defensive side."

On what Peters has to do to be ready for the game against the Colts after the bye week: "Just keep the rehab process up. I mentioned to you when he first, initially started, the good sign was that he walked out of the hospital on his own without a crutch, or cane, or anything. So I thought that was a positive sign, and he's just progressed from there. He's doing well. He just has to keep the rehab up and hang with (head athletic trainer) Rick (Burkholder) and make sure that he does what he's been doing. I mean, he's working his tail off."

On whether he can do everything with WR Jeremy Maclin that he can do with Jackson:"Well, yeah I mean, he plays the opposite position so it's a little different. But yeah, he's a good football player."

On whether Maclin has the same open field abilities as Jackson:"Yeah, he can do that. They were both punt returners. And so, when you look at receivers that are punt returners, you say 'listen, they can…' - and this isn't any secret to the Titans, I mean, they knew that when he came out he was one of the leading punt returners in the nation. So those guys, they know how to kind of work in space (and) they know how to handle the ball when it's in their hand and they have that quickness to go along with the speed."

On the pluses and minuses of having young depth at wide receiver with Riley Cooper and Chad Hall: "Now, listen, there are going to be mistakes and we understand that. The one thing with rookies is that they go 100 miles per hour. I remember when (former Eagles WR) Freddy Mitchell was a rookie, Freddy Mitchell would not always run the right route but (former Eagles QB) Donovan (McNabb) knew it was 100 miles per hour and for whatever reason Donovan would throw it to him, even though the route might be off. But, it was fast, he was doing it fast. And that's the way these kids are. Every route's not going to be perfect but as long they maintain their speed through the route and don't (hesitate) and then slow down right in the middle of the play (then) you can make it work. But they're working hard at trying to be as accurate as they've possibly can. Both of them study and they do have some mental (activity) where they can grasp things and retain."

On how difficult it is to prepare for two different quarterbacks:"Listen, they're both very good quarterbacks. The bottom line is that you have to play. I mean, you have to go out and play. And so, you can't get tied up in that whole thing and have two of these huge gameplans for each guy. You can't possibly get anything accomplished. So it really comes down to making sure you go out there and you play football and you execute the schemes that you're asked to execute and do it 100 miles per hour."

On whether he will use three defensive tackles on Sunday: "You saw that worked last week, where we're rotating other guys in there according to personnel groups so we'll continue to do that. So what looks like they're playing the whole game, there's a rotation going on and they are getting a blow in there to catch their breath and so on."

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