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Head Coach Andy Reid

Injury Report: "(C/G) Nick Cole didn't practice today. We went inside, so I kept him off the turf. I'll just make that a game-day decision between he and (G) Max (Jean-Gilles). Max obviously has gotten the reps, so we'll just see how Nick's leg is doing by gameday. He felt pretty good today. So, we just wanted to make sure to keep the swelling down there. Other than that, there are really no other injuries to discuss."

Opening Remarks: "We look forward to the challenge of playing the Redskins and we know exactly how talented that football team is and the guys have had a good week of preparation, focused in the job at hand, and tried to master what they're doing offensively, and defensively, and on special teams."

On the Redskins going with running backs by committee: "Well, listen, (Redskins head coach) Mike (Shanahan) did that at Denver. So, that's what he believes in and who's to argue with that? He's been so successful with it and we understand that."

On the decision to go with Jean-Gilles over G Reggie Wells: "Reggie's been a left guard for the last six years. So to learn the offense and then put him on the right side; I'm not sure that's fair to him. And Max has played both sides. Max came off a heck of a training camp – most of that was on the left side – so I put him over there where he's played for us before and has a little better feel for the offense right now."

On whether the team has been able to keep the game in perspective and control the hype: "Well, it looks like they have. Listen, who knows? I'm not there every minute with them, but when they're in this building that's what I've seen. We're very excited to play the Washington Redskins and that's a NFC East rival, and those are all exciting games. And so, we know our crowd will just be unbelievably loud and fired up, and that helps us when opponents come in here. So, I think it will be a great atmosphere for a football game."

On whether it is hard to get players to focus on the game and forget the hype: "No not really. I mean, I haven't found that before. We have enough guys that have been around here for awhile, so they've been in games that have had a little hype to them. And so, they understand and the young guys just kind of follow the lead of those players."

On his thoughts about Redskins QB Donavan McNabb and how he performs in big games under the spotlight: "Listen, he's a phenomenal player who is playing phenomenal football, right now. So, we had some great moments here and he left a phenomenal legacy here, big games and everything else, man. He's a heck of a player."

On whether he will talk to QB Michael Vick about keeping himself under control and not getting caught up in the hype: "I don't think that's how Mike is by nature. He's pretty cool about things. He loves to play and focuses in on that. The thing is as a player you have so much responsibility and you have to focus in on that and I think that's what these guys do - I know the media part is a little different. But, it's very important that all of us, for each game just hone in and it's like finals every week – you sell out and make sure that you cram and get it all right. There's really no time for anything else if you do that right."

On whether the change in defensive scheme for the Redskins benefits players such as LB Brian Orakpo or S LaRon Landry: "Well, I mean you named two guys that are playing, I think, phenomenal football. But they have a few of them that are pretty good players. So, they're flying around and they have a great coordinator (in defensive coordinator Jim Haslett). We're talking about three games here, so it's very early in the season, but they have good coaches and good players."

On whether he has thought about the future quarterback situation: "No. I haven't even gone there. I haven't even looked at that to be honest with you."

On whether he is disappointed that Wells wasn't able to digest right guard like he had hoped: "No, listen, I know Reggie's a heck of a player and a phenomenal player. So, I know he has this body of work at left guard and then all of a sudden you're going to change his post-leg around, do all this stuff to him, and then have him learn the offense. It's completely different than what he did before. So, listen, that's my responsibility and at the left side we have a ton of trust in Reggie. It's just not fair to the kid to move him like that."

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