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Head Coach Andy Reid

Injury Report: "Everybody practiced today. (DE Juqua Parker) was the one that didn't practice yesterday and he was out there. (RB) LeSean McCoy's a little better today, too."

Opening Remarks: "We look forward to the challenge of playing the New York Giants. We know it will be a great atmosphere. I've said it before, but I know our fans will be out of their minds. And it should be a great atmosphere, again, for a National Football League game, NFC East rivals and we really bank on our fans, and the great atmosphere, and noise, and everything else that they bring to that stadium."

On whether Parker is 100 percent healthy: "Well, he'll be there by the time the game starts. He went through some things today. You know, we weren't live, obviously today. But he was moving around pretty good. He feels pretty good. He'll do a little bit more tomorrow, and then we'll see."

On whether he anticipates Parker being in the starting lineup Sunday: "Oh, yeah."

On who will start at right guard:"Well, it will either be (C/G) Nick (Cole) or (G) Max (Jean-Gilles), but there's a pretty good chance it's Nick. But there's a chance Max could be in there too."

On his thoughts about Cole's performance against the Redskins: "He played very well. And again, I know where you're going with Max and Nick, but this has nothing to do with Max because he was playing very well too. But Nick played well and there was great communication there on the line, and as you remember Nick had been the starter, his knee was bothering him, and Max stepped in and did a phenomenal job. So he executed very well against Washington."

On whether Cole just needed time to rest his knee: "Yeah, you know, it was bothering him. So I thought rest was important and I think the doctors felt that way. So I think it helped him for down the stretch, here."

On whether Cole and Jean-Gilles are healthy right now: "They are, yeah."

On whether he gets anything from rotating Cole and Jean-Gilles: "Well, I don't know that I'm necessarily going to rotate them. I might. I might not."

On whether it is a process to build chemistry on an offensive line that has had so many different starters and how the process is going: "Well, they've all played together. So I look at Nick and Max as kind of the same guy in that they both have experience in there and I have a lot of confidence in them and most importantly the guys next to them have a lot of confidence in them. And then, (G/T Todd) Herremans has been able to put a number of games together here, healthy, and (C) Mike (McGlynn) continues to get better every week; he has a great challenge this week and really for the remainder of the season as you look at the different teams. But he's getting better every week and keeping all those tackles healthy has been a good thing. As much as they can play together the better and the better they are."

On whether he has addressed the players about not letting all the national attention the team is getting affect their mentality: "No. Listen, I'm not going to get into the things I talk to the guys about. But they're aware of all that. And like I said, the most important thing as a coach that you can show them is the team that they're playing and really focus in on that. When you're looking at the number one defense in the National Football League and you're looking at an offense that really moved the ball up and down the field last week against what I consider a very good (Dallas Cowboys) defense, and the special teams that they have, that's the best thing. You can sit up there and lecture them and do all that, but they have to respect the team they're playing, they have to see that, and then work hard at learning the gameplan and that's what the guys have done."

On whether players sometimes try too hard to duplicate a performance like Monday night: "Well, I think that's a good question. But it comes back to a little bit when you talk about one game at a time mentality and you have to look at that. Very seldom are you going to have a game that gets out of hand. They're never as good as you think and they're never as bad as you think, but sometimes games get out of hand. And I've been on both ends of those, so I know how that works. And the main thing is that you go back to the process and you just keep hammering that part out as a player and as a coach."

On his thoughts about the development of the offensive line and his confidence in them: "We've gone against some good defensive lines, but this one here, collectively, is the best. So it is a big challenge for our guys. I'm very confident in our guys. Our offensive linemen, they have a great line coach that works them hard and they want to work hard, and that's a nice combination to have there. And we do have some experience there and I feel good about that. But again, they've worked very hard for this group that they're going to play against and they know exactly how good they are."

On whether the Redskins game was the best performance to date in the trenches: "Well, I think both sides did pretty good, yeah. I think they did pretty good. Listen though, that's a tough question to ask for a coach because you get in there and you're very critical on getting things taught and fixed that might have gone wrong. And as a player, you're just as critical. It's a little bit like the artist who paints a picture and he knows all the problems, right. So that's how the players and coaches feel. We look at it from a little different prospective than maybe the people watching the games. So we go back to the drawing board and make sure that we put the players in the right situations with the right schemes, that they were doing the right techniques and fundamentals, and then that kind of absorbs all that time that you have to think about all the good stuff that you see."

On whether the offense is aware of the comments made by the Giants about knocking quarterbacks out of games: "Yeah. Listen, we don't get too much into that. We just do our job and do it to the best of our ability and then let everybody else do the talking and that's okay. There's freedom of speech in this country. And like I said before, that's a good thing and we'll be ready."

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