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Head Coach Andy Reid

Injuries: "(CB) Asante (Samuel) and (T) Winston (Justice) were listed as questionable. They tried to do a little bit today but weren't able to do too much. So we'll just see; day-to-day and see how they do."

Opening Remarks: "As far as the Cowboys go, we look forward to the challenge of playing the Cowboys. We know they're obviously a very good football team, very explosive on both sides of the ball and on special teams. So I think our players have prepared very well this week and again look forward to that challenge of going down there and playing against them."

On whether Justice and Samuel will make the trip to Dallas: "Yeah, we'll see. Literally, I'm just going to take it day by day and just see what happens and see how they do overnight, here. And they'll keep getting treatment; we'll just see how it goes."

On whether there was a setback over the past couple of days to Samuel's injury: "Well, it's like what I told you on whenever it was, Wednesday, that he was going to give it a try and see how he felt. And so, didn't feel very good on Wednesday, so we backed off of him. We're giving him treatment and we'll just see how things go."

On whether he tested Justice's knee at practice:"Yeah, he went through some things early and we'll see what he can do tomorrow, and then we go from there."

On whether there is anything to read into about Samuel being 'questionable' versus 'doubtful': "Well, he's feeling better than he did Wednesday, so that's a plus of it. And we'll just see. But, hey listen, if the other guys play, the other guys play. I have full confidence in them. If Asante can get ready to go, then he goes."

On whether he likes the rotation at cornerback with CB Joselio Hanson starting on run downs: "Yeah, we have a couple different things we're doing there. But we'll just see how it works out, if needed."

On whether Justice or Samuel has a better chance at playing Sunday: "Well, I mean, Asante's done a little bit more than what Winston has, although Winston did some things today. I would just tell you they're both day to day. So they both worked, not a whole lot, but enough out there."

On whether practicing on turf has factored into the participation of Justice and Samuel:"Yeah, well I mean, probably not much at this point right here. I wouldn't say it has much to do with it. They're going to be playing on that, too. So it's the same stuff."

On whether the offense's success on third-down conversions has been a big part to the overall success of the team: "Yeah, well, it's important to extend your series and opportunities to move the ball down the field. You have to, if you're in third-down situations, you need to be successful to keep that series going. And I think the guys have done a good job with it, (QB) Michael's (Vick) handled it well, and the offensive line's done a good job with it; receivers have stayed aggressive, along with the tight end."

On whether the coaching staff focused on third-down efficiency during he offseason:"Yeah, I think (offensive coordinator) Marty's (Mornhinweg) done a good job just looking at it in the offseason. You know finding out the strengths and the weaknesses and getting better at the weaknesses and maybe doing what your strengths are a couple more times. So he's done very well with that."

On whether DE Juqua Parker will play Sunday: "Yeah, Parker, he's ready to roll."

On how the defense is different without Samuel in the lineup: "Well, listen, the last couple of games I was proud of what they did. But again, you're talking about Asante. He's a great player. Would you like him to be in there? Yeah, absolutely. But the other guys sure did a nice job. Thus, if Asante can go, he'll go in this game. And if he can't, then I have full trust in the other guys."

On Vick leading the Pro Bowl voting and what that says about his public image:"Yeah, I don't look at all that stuff. But I trust that you're telling me the truth on it, and that's fine. You know, that has nothing to do with Sunday night, but it's alright."

On whether the game schedule has been hard to deal with over the past couple of games:"Yeah, you know what, I think the guys, they're used to it. The one good thing about the preseason besides getting to see your players is that they're all night games. So it normally means you're doing okay if you've dealt with that during the year and it gives you an idea of how to prepare for it. Those are long days, so you need to get yourself a schedule together and a routine. And so, I think the players have done a good job with that and it's worked out okay."

On whether T King Dunlap is as good on the right side as he is on the left side: "Well, yeah I think he's comfortable on either side. I would tell you that he's probably more comfortable on the right side than the left."

On whether Dunlap being left handed affects him playing on the right side:"No."

On whether Dunlap's confidence level has risen having played on both sides of the line:"Yeah, you know, he had the offseason. You go back to the offseason where he put on weight and when you're that tall, now he bends very well, but he's that tall and you can't get away from that and he can't be quite as light as he was last year. And so he put on good weight and really lived in the weight room and added good strength. So I think with that, then his extended playing time he's had this year has helped him confidence-wise. He's got a big challenge. You know, it's a big challenge. They have a good defensive line. But I think everybody has confidence in King."

On whether he has decided on the starting RG for Sunday: "No. We're working on it, we're working on it."

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