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Head Coach Andy Reid

Injury report:"Alright, injuries. The guys that will not practice today – and the first person here won't play this week – (LB) Stewart Bradley. He'll be out and he will not practice this week. (LB) Keenan Clayton, with a hamstring strain, is making progress but he won't practice today. (WR) DeSean Jackson has a foot sprain and he won't practice today. Everybody else should be out there and going."

Opening remarks:"We look forward to the challenge of playing the New York Giants. They're a heck of a football team. They're very well coached and they've got great players. They're playing at a very high level and they're in the NFC East. Those are always great football games when two rivals have an opportunity to play each other. We get an opportunity to do that in their new stadium and, again, we look forward to that challenge. That's what we all work hard for. It's neat that both teams are in a position where it matters this late in the season and, so, our guys are going to go through the process. Again, we understand there will be a lot of media attention and distractions. It's important, again, that we all – as coaches and players – focus in on the job at hand and that's getting ready to play a very good football team."

On the severity of Jackson's foot sprain:"It's a day-to-day thing, so I think he's going to be okay, but we'll just see how it goes here."

On CB Asante Samuel's progress:"He went through the walkthroughs and now we'll see how he does this afternoon. I think he feels pretty good, but we'll see. We'll see how it all works."

On whether a possibility of a bye in the playoffs adds to this rivalry:"Well, listen, both these teams I think like playing each other. I'm not sure it has more or less, you know, I've always said the records really don't matter when these two teams get together. Like I've also said, I think it's kind of neat that both teams are in a position where the game is important this late in the season. It's a tribute to both teams and how they've played."

On bringing in DE Derrick Burgess:"We brought in Derrick and obviously Derrick has been here before and knows the system. We're not going to ask him to play every down, that's not what we're going to do. He gives us security there with a veteran presence and a lot of experience. If needed, we've got him right there and ready to go. We'll see how he does today. If he's moving around okay, then maybe he gets a few snaps on game day. We'll just have to see how he's moving around. He did well in the workout yesterday."

On whether he finds it fascinating that Burgess has not been with a team all season and the football shape that he's in: "Well, yeah, listen, now he's been working out. That's one thing that was very obvious. I think when you see him – you guys know him – you see him and you can tell he's been working out. When he went through the workout yesterday, it was obvious that he's been doing some stuff. Again, he hasn't been playing football. It will be good to get him back out there and moving around a little bit. We've got a couple guys that haven't played for a year or two and then come back and play for us and help us out. He's a good football player, so we'll give him an opportunity there."

On the progress of T Winston Justice:"You know, he feels pretty good. We're just going to see how he does today. We'll take it nice and easy and see how it works for him today and we'll go from there."

On whether the Giants offensive line is playing better now compared to the last meeting: "I'll tell you what, they're doing a heck of a job. I think they're playing at a very high level. They made a little switch at running back even though both guys had monster days on Monday night. They got (RB Brandon Jacobs) more involved and they let (RB Ahmad) Bradshaw be the rotational guy there. That seems to have worked."

On whether they have gained anything from the last meeting with the Giants:"Well, you go back and you look at the teams that they've played twice. They played Dallas twice so you go back and you look at that. They made changes from the first game. They played within a two-week span there, and they made changes there. They gave them different pitches. I'm sure they'll have a few wrinkles for us and we'll try to be as ready as we can be."

On whether LB Jamar Chaney will be ready at middle linebacker: "Jamar will be in there, yes."

On the challenge of playing a divisional opponent twice in a four-game span:"You know, it's all kind of egos; it's a toss-up for both teams. I think both teams know each other. Both staffs have been there a while and I know they've got a new defensive coordinator but the head coach has been there a while. I don't think it's that big of a deal for either team."

On the challenge of having a young player, like Chaney, make all the calls and checks in a tough game:"Well, listen, it will be a great challenge for him. The Giants are a good football team and they'll test the linebackers now with that run game, the way the tight end plays, the screen game and so on. They'll test your linebackers. I will tell you that Jamar did a good job. You can tell he did his homework when he stepped in for Bradley. He really didn't miss a beat as far as the calls go. Listen, he preps hard and he's one of those guys who comes in early and does all that stuff and stays late and makes sure he stays up on his game. He did have the advantage of where he was actually a middle linebacker in college and he was asked to call the defense there, so he knows the time that it takes and the preparation that it takes. I think (LB) Omar (Gaither) has been good for him too. Omar is a very intelligent guy and Omar has coached him up and Bradley has coached him up. I think he's got a pretty good feel of what he needs to do to get himself ready to go."

On whether Gaither is the back-up: "Yeah, Omar is the back-up."

On whether making calls is more of a challenge than the physical aspect: "Well, no, listen, you're playing a very physical offense. There's a physical challenge for all of them, that's part of it. The mental part, as long as he's continuing to prep like he did getting to the spot, he should be okay. In other words, he's built a foundation there that he can kind of go back and draw off of to help him through this now."

On whether Jackson will be able to put his contract issues aside and focus on football the last three games:"Well, I didn't know all that. I mean, listen, he's into the football part, that part I know. He's loving what he's doing. I never get into contract stuff with you guys anyway, but I can tell you that from the football part of it that, he's enjoying playing the game right now."

On whether he envisioned the ability to move WR Chad Hall around when the Eagles signed him:"Well, this is what I knew. I knew he was a smart kid and could probably handle that kind of thing. And then I knew he was the Player of the Year in that conference, as a running back, but his senior year they moved him to wide receiver for the first five games. So I knew he could catch the ball and also run the ball. And so that gave us some flexibility to do some things and it was just a matter of him getting an opportunity, I felt. Listen, he's not the biggest guy or the fastest guy, or any of this. He has tremendous quickness and he's very disciplined in the things he does."

On what Chaney gives the team at the linebacker position: "Well, you see the intensity, and he can run, and he has good feet, and you know he's developed into using his hands well. He wasn't asked to do that in college, but he's worked very hard at that and that's turned into a strength (of his). And yeah, it's just a matter of, he gets better every time he has an opportunity to play, you saw that during camp. And so, I would expect that when he has this opportunity to play here."

On whether he notices any changes in the Giants defense from the last meeting:"You know, they have a great defensive coordinator, now. This guy, he has a great feel for things. So, I mean, what he does, you can see, he puts together some good stuff for each team. He's able to decipher your weakness, what he considers your weakness, and then go after it. So he comes in with a well thought out plan and I think his players believe in it and they do a good job with executing it."

On whether Jackson's ankle flared up since Monday: "Yeah, it's just sore. He had a little swelling in there and it's sore."

On whether CB Jorrick Calvin will be the primary kick returner: "Yes."

On whether G Max Jean-Gilles has solidified the starting right guard position:"He has done a very nice job. But again, we have a lot of trust in (C/G) Nick (Cole), too. We make that move where we put him in (the game) in goal line situations, you know you have to have a lot of trust in the guy to do that. But Max surely is capable enough and worthy enough to start. I would tell you the same thing about Nick too. I mean, when Nick was in there he did very well."

On whether he told Calvin to run around in the endzone and whether the clock should have been running:"Their kicker's a pretty good kicker and to the point where we had no returns last year. And I just wanted to make sure that their players played the whole play. And so, you're going to get very few returns on him. But at the same time our guys are busting their tail down the field and their guys need to bust their tail down the field and finish the play. So that gave them an opportunity to get a little extra work in."

On whether Calvin did what he told him to do:"Yeah, I told Calvin to do that."

On whether the altercation on the sideline had to do with something else: "There was a penalty on the play. So that part wasn't planned."

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