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Head Coach Andy Reid

Injury report: "Really the two primary ones are [G] Max [Jean-Gilles], Max has an ankle sprain. He is moving around pretty good – did have an MRI [and] there's not a lot of damage in there or anything. It's just a matter of days, here, to see how he does. And if we had a practice today he wouldn't practice, but there's a chance he makes it by Wednesday. And then [LB] Stewart Bradley, I'd tell you the same thing, if he had to play today he wouldn't be able to play. So we'll take it day by day and see how he does here. I think it will be a stretch for him to make it, but we'll see how he does. Everybody else is good and ready to go. [WR] DeSean [Jackson], [T] Winston [Justice], [DT] Trevor [Laws], [CB] Asante [Samuel], [QB] Michael [Vick], they're all ready to go."

Opening remarks:"We look forward to the challenge of playing Green Bay, I mentioned that yesterday. We saw some good things from some of our young kids yesterday, and it was good to be able to evaluate them in a real game. And I thought there was great effort and intensity and so on. And we had three guys that we just picked up that had an opportunity to play and I thought they did a pretty good job for being here such a short period of time and knowing the schemes that we've asked them to know. But again, we're moving on into the playoffs here, so that's where our focus is and getting ourselves ready for Green Bay."

On whether Bradley is a stretch to play Sunday: "Well, I think it will be a stretch to get him ready to play on Sunday. But we'll see how all that goes."

On whether Bradley feels he's ready to play in his mind: "Well, we'll just see. We have to see how he does. He hasn't been able to do anything where he applies pressure on it. In other words where you have to jam and do those types of things."

On whether not pushing Bradley to come back for Sunday is a product of the play of LB Jamar Chaney: "Well I would say no, but there are two parts to that – Chaney's doing well, yes. I don't want that to be neglected in this statement. But on the other hand I would tell you that if he's ready to play, then he'll play, he's just not ready right now. And so, we'll see how he does here."

On whether Chaney and Bradley will be on the field at the same time: "There's that possibility. I mean, we have so many different personnel groups that we throw out there."

On whether he thinks the starters benefitted from resting against the Cowboys: "I think it was important. I think it helps out – the Sunday game [because] we had a little bit of a crazy schedule with the delayed game on Tuesday. So I think yesterday's rest helped."

On whether he ever weighed the option of starting the first offensive line unit versus the Cowboys and why he ultimately made the decision not to: "If I had another person for Max I wouldn't have had him in there either. So I would have sat them all if I could. But with [WR] Jason Avant and Max it became just a numbers thing."

On whether C/G Nick Cole's knee has ever completely healed: "Yeah, I think it's healed. He doesn't have the swelling in it that he had and he came out of this game without swelling, which is a good thing. I think if he's asked to play this week I think those snaps were important even though he had been in the game during our goal line, short yardage stuff in weeks past. We have trust in Nick, obviously, as a starting caliber guard."

On the defense giving up the most points in his time with the team going into the playoffs and whether he thinks that is a product the game becoming more offensive-minded: "Well, I think there are some pretty good offenses out there, I do. But we're always striving to play even better on defense and offense for that matter. But I would tell you that offenses are pretty explosive in this league."

On what the team has to do to neutralize Packers LB Clay Matthews: "I'll tell you what, he's a great player and he has a great motor, loves to play the game. And he's deserving of any award he gets. He's that kind of a player, that caliber of a player and looks like he loves to play the game. So, it's a great challenge for our offensive line, the guys blocking him, and we'll come up with a couple things for him."

On whether Vick started preparing for the Packers last week: "Yeah, he did a little bit of it last week, not a ton, but he'll get on most of it this week here."

On how you prepare for a versatile playmaker like Matthews: "Well listen, there's a rhyme or reason where he goes. Now, they move him around, but they're not going to put him through the same gap as another guy because there has to be a rhyme or reason to where he goes, and there is. I mean, [Packers defensive coordinator] Dom Capers is one of the best in the business at what he does. So they keep it as sound as any other defense would be as far as gap responsibilities go."

On CB Charles Woodson spending a lot of time in opponents' backfields and whether that adds a different dynamic to their defense: "Well he's another, and listen, he's a future Hall of Fame player, he's a good player, and they play him in the nickel position, that's how they played us last time. They played us in the nickel last time and they kind of started off doing that against Chicago and then mixed it a little bit as it went on yesterday. So they feel very comfortable with him playing in that, which really is like a WILL linebacker position, he's a physical guy. He has great speed. He's a great blitzer, great blitzer. So that's how they use him."

On whether Woodson presents a similar challenge to Vikings CB Antoine Winfield:"Well I'm sure they'll test those looks and they have that in their package. They gave us similar looks the last time we played them. Does he play the same position? Yes, to answer that part. Will they do that, that's part of their package, yeah they'll do that."

On whether the first Packers game is meaningful in preparation for Sunday's game or whether it is ancient history: "Well listen, both sides have had just a number of injuries, but schematically, I think it is. I think we're similar to what we did there, they're similar to what they are doing now on both sides of the ball, and so you just have some different people in places there. And will they dig up some new stuff? Yeah. Will we dig up some new stuff? Yeah."

On whether there is a reason why the red zone defense was the worst in the league since 1988: "Well the thing we have as coaches, the thing we're doing is we're working as coaches and players to get better at it. And that's about as far as I'm going into it. Do we need to get better? Yeah, we need to keep getting better. And do we have an idea of the issues? Yes, and we're going to work on fixing those."

On how he gets the younger players prepared for a playoff atmosphere: "Yeah, everything kicks up a notch speed-wise in the playoffs. We were able to get some of the young guys reps yesterday – again, that's not the same speed they'll see on Sunday, but there's no way to duplicate it. You have to get in there and you have to play and you have to prepare yourself the right way and exhaust the whole process here of preparation, getting ready for them. So we'll start, actually a couple guys have been in today, so we're starting today."

On whether it is the same type of preparation for him with this team as it has been with his veteran teams: "Well it's not different than the rest of the year. I mean, we've had young players playing for us, I think they've done a good job, and so we continue to coach them and they continue to learn and execute."

On whether he can do anything with Vick to help limit turnovers: "Well again, that combines a lot of different things; a turnover is not just the quarterback, but that's part of coaching, it's part of protection, and then the decision making, route running, all that stuff goes into it."

On how much of Vick's success in the first meeting was because the Packers weren't prepared to face him: "Well I think they prepared for certain situations for him, that's what we were doing with him at that time. But I think their base gameplan was for [QB] Kevin [Kolb] and they'll come up with some new things. So I think Dom would probably tell you that, that when he sat down for his preparation it was those situational things for Michael and most of it for Kevin."

On whether he has ever had a year where he has had so many new players and changes in the lineup over the course of the season: "I don't know. My thing with injuries is they happen in this business. I really, I care for the kids who get hurt, but from a team standpoint I don't really care. I expect the next guy to jump in and let's go, let's play. That's why you're here, and it's not a free meal and a uniform, you're here to play, let's go."

On the effectiveness of Vick in the running game and whether the running game as a whole will be a bigger part of the gameplan moving forward to the playoffs: "Well, I think that's a threat for defenses. That's one more thing they have to think about and he sure has made some big plays that way, so I don't think that part will change. But again, [RB LeSean] McCoy's also a good runner and you saw [RB Jerome] Harrison yesterday's a good runner. So we have other guys that can tag team that with him."

On whether there will be a role for Harrison in the offense moving forward: "You know, every week we go in and we identify the plays for him, and then he ends up with a handful during that game. You'd like to play him more. He's very worthy of it. But at the same time the other kid's playing at a high level too."

On whether the offense allowing 50 sacks this year has more to do with offensive line struggles or the type of quarterback the team has:"Well listen, a sack is a little bit like what we were talking about with the interceptions. They encompass a lot of things whether it's coaching, play calling, personal/individual protecting whether it's the offensive line, running back, or tight end, quarterback, wide receiver. Everybody has a little piece of those as you break them up, but the bottom line is we have to do better there. I would tell you the same thing about the turnovers; we have to do a better job there."

On whether he has stressed to Vick about getting the ball out quickly against the blitz: "Well that's one phase of it, and again, there are other things we can do to help him with that. And so, we've gone back and looked at it, analyzed it, and we'll get that fixed."

On whether he has gotten a sense from Vick what it means to be playing and starting in a playoff game after his comeback:"Well, I think he's excited to have the opportunity. You guys will have an opportunity to talk to him on Wednesday I guess it is, I think. But anyways, I think he's fired up about it. Now listen, he has to go through the process, being fired up doesn't make you achieve – that's a small part of it, but you have to go through the process and make sure you get all the studying down and he's been in today and he'll be ready to go."

On whether he is concerned about Vick trying to do too much in a playoff atmosphere: "Well, you know, our thing is, and I think it's Michael's primary thing, is to just execute the offense and give his guys an opportunity to make plays around him. And if that's not there, then he's going to make something happen. So as long as he just sticks with that, that's a good way to go."

On the Packers peaking at the right time: "Well we'll have to see on Sunday. I think they're a good football team and I'm sure they'll have a good plan and we'll try to come up with something to see if we can't compete with them."

On whether he thinks the team relies more so than most teams on the quarterback play of Vick: "I think it's important that everybody does their job. That's what I think the most important thing is."

On whether he is planning to start CB Joselio Hanson at right cornerback:"We'll see, we'll see. I thought [CB] Dimitri [Patterson] did a nice job yesterday, actually a very good job, both on the outside and the inside. So it's good to have all those guys."

On whether it will be an open competition this week between Hanson and Patterson: "We'll see, we'll see."

On whether it's important that the team understands everybody has to do their job and can't rely solely on Vick to make plays:"Well that's the important thing that everybody does their job and does it to the best of their ability; I'm talking about coaches, players, and we'll do that."

On whether he thinks it is important to have some sort of momentum as you go into the postseason: "We'll see, you know, we'll see."

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