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Greg Lloyd, Jr. Conference Call

On his reaction to being selected and if he felt his previous injuries caused him to be taken later in the Draft: "I think it definitely kind of set me back because if people couldn't evaluate me to my best. I mean I really didn't get a chance to show what I could do in my senior year because I got hurt at the end of my junior year and then I tried to come back like a little too early. Then in my senior year I couldn't really play, so I had to sit out. So, I kind of feel like it definitely held me back. The fact I couldn't play my senior year as opposed to everybody else that had the opportunity to finish playing out their senior year, but I mean I'm definitely ecstatic about the way everything has turned out and the situation that I'm in and the fact that I'm obviously getting the opportunity to play for the Philadelphia Eagles."

On the injuries he had that kept him out of action while at Connecticut: "I tore my left ACL and MCL in December of '09."

On whether he feels his best football is now ahead of him: "Oh, most definitely. Most definitely. I had rehab basically my entire senior year. I'm back in tip-top shape and I'm willing to get out there on a field and hurt anything and everything put in front of me."

On whether there is extra pressure on him because of his father, Greg Llyod, played in the NFL: "I mean, no. In all honesty, we don't have a relationship. Really the only thing there is to say about it is that he was a phenomenal football player. Having the same name and having the same profession, I can only expect to have the same aspirations for me. I'm going to be constantly judged by like how great he was. Honestly, it's going to be a lot of work. I want to prove myself and put a name out there for myself. My whole thought process coming into it is I have the mindset of planning on being better than him. That way, when people talk about me, they won't be comparing me to my father, they'll be comparing me to what I have done because I'll be my own person."

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