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GM Howie Roseman

On what goes into these moves and decisions: "Yeah, I think you mentioned guys who did play really well in the preseason and made it really hard for us the last 24 or 36 hours since we played the (New York) Jets and throughout the preseason. I think there are a lot of things that go into this, and at some points at some positions where you have some depth, guys that may be inactive, and then are they going to be here for past this year. And you try to kind of balance having the best team right now, which is obviously our goal, and at the same time being strong going forward."

On his thought process in letting go of CB Joselio Hanson and G/C Mike McGlynn: "Yeah, those are good players and guys who played a lot of football for us and we appreciate their efforts and they'll get a great opportunity to catch on somewhere pretty quickly here. And those are tough decisions and at both those positions we feel like we have some depth and kind of a combination of some youth and veterans. And we went through the process and we kind of came out on that end, but not easy decisions."

On who he anticipates being returners: "We have guys on this team who have been prolific returners both in college and in the NFL. So we're excited about the possibilities we have with the guys we have on the roster."

On where he will go with punt returner: "(RB) Dion Lewis is primarily a kickoff returner. Like I said, we have guys on our roster who have returned punts in the NFL and have been successful at it."

On DE Daniel Te'o-Neshiem: "Well, I think what we looked at was the job that (DE) Phillip Hunt did here in the preseason. We wanted to make sure that we stayed based on what the film was telling us and kind of reacted off that. This is a guy in every game that he played was making a difference rushing the passer, and obviously he was successful in the CFL, and he's a guy that we liked coming out of the University of Houston. I think it's a testament to him that he came in here and had the production that he did and everyday he came to play. It's no slight on Te'o, but more of, really, the camp that Phillip Hunt had."

On how tough it is to cut a third round pick in only his second year: "Well I think for us, we just want to be true to the process. We don't want to keep guys on the roster just because of where they're drafted. We always talk about 'let's make sure we get the players right.' So we don't care where we get them from; whether we get them from waivers, from trades, from the CFL, from the AFL, let's just make sure we have the players. If you let ego get in the way and you make a decision based on that instead of what's best for the team, I don't think that really helps your football team or your organization."

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