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General Manager Howie Roseman

On his thoughts about the trade: "I think, first of all a change of scenery might be good for both players. (RB) Mike Bell can fit their scheme. They're looking for a downhill runner between the tackles. They like to run the ball a lot. For us, (RB) Jerome (Harrison), he's a quicker guy, he's athletic (and) he can catch the football. Obviously, he was really productive last year at the end of the season. With our backup running backs, with the skill-set they have in terms of (RB) Eldra (Buckley), (RB) Joique (Bell) and Mike Bell, they were all kind of bigger backs who could run between the tackles. And we thought maybe Jerome's skill-set kind of fit in terms of complimenting those guys."

On his thoughts about why Bell wasn't a good fit with the team: "I think Mike Bell will end up being a good player for the Cleveland Browns and he was obviously really successful in New Orleans. He's the kind of guy who needs the football a lot and you saw that when he played against us last year and they fed him (the ball) and he got the football a lot. Obviously, our starting running back has been really productive for us and we want to get him the football so (Bell) has been spotted more here than he was last year when he was playing a lot and he's probably better (fitted) when he gets a lot of carries."

On whether there is a reason why Harrison lost some playing time in Cleveland since the end of last season: "Yeah, (RB) Peyton (Hillis) has done a great job for them, obviously. He's really fit what they do and Jerome hasn't had a lot of opportunities this year. And the opportunities he got last year he was really productive and we'll see when he comes in here what he can do once he learns the offense."

On whether he anticipates it taking Harrison a little time to learn the offense: "We have good reports on him in terms of learning when he was in college and (Cleveland General Manager) Tom's (Heckert) always honest; we're honest with each other, we've worked together so long and he said he's a smart guy and he's going to work at it. So we'll bring him in here and we'll see how long it takes."

On whether Cleveland has a similar offensive system: "It's different. Their system is different. Their offensive coordinator Brian Daboll had worked in New England, and then worked in New York. That's not a West Coast Offense, so it's different. (Harrison) hasn't played specifically in the West Coast Offense but there's a lot of similar terminology."

On whether these trade discussions started after Sunday's game: "No. Tom and I talk a lot, just like you talk a lot to other people in the league, and the trade deadline's coming up, so the conversations kind of get a little bit more intense. And we just tried to figure out something that would be win-win and that's what you're looking for here; trades that can be beneficial for both sides and hopefully that's the way it works out here."

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