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Games Vs. Ravens: HC Chip Kelly


Q. What did you think of Ravens LB Terrell Suggs' hit on QB Sam Bradford? Do you think Suggs was going for his knee?

COACH KELLY: I didn't see the hit. So I just got it from Pat [offensive coordinator Pat Shurmur] in the box, but I didn't see the play itself, so I can't make any comment on it.

Q. Bradford took a couple hits tonight.

COACH KELLY: Yeah, he did. He bloodied his lip a little bit, so I don't know what hit that came on. But he did get a couple hits. No worse for the wear. Good step for him.

Q. Was the plan just to play Bradford on that first series?

COACH KELLY: No, the plan was to get him between 10 and 15 snaps and we had 14 called plays for him. I think on a couple of them, there were two penalties accepted, I think, so it ended up being a 12-play [drive] when you look at the stat sheet, but we had 14 called plays for him. We were trying to get him between 10 and 15 snaps. You never know, you can have a three-and-out; you could play four series if you go three-and-out, three-and-out and three-and-out. We are using just a play count, not a series [count] for those guys.

Q. How did he look on those six throws?

COACH KELLY: I thought he looked good for the first time back out there. I think we'll get back in the film room with him and find out what his thought process was and where he was. But I think he's happy, just got his chance to get back on the field and play football again.

Q. You talked before about a running back by committee, and we saw that you used all three of the top guys at various points in the first two drives. What did you see out of those three guys?

COACH KELLY: I thought they hit it. You watched those guys, they hit it and came out the other side a couple times. Ryan's [RB Ryan Mathews] touchdown. J.P. [T Jason Peters] and [TE Brent] Celek did a great job on the back side, but that ball got to the secondary; he didn't get touched. And DeMarco [RB DeMarco Murray] showed a little pop today, when you watched him hit it and come out the other side. I was happy with all three of those guys.

Q. The number of different personnel packages that you can run out there, with the tempo you already play at, can that make it even more difficult for a defense?

COACH KELLY: Well, when you run different personnel groups out there, they have an opportunity to match. So there's some things you can do with it. But tonight we didn't – I mean, we were really, really basic. I think we had four or five pass concepts in and we just ran two run plays. So it was a pretty simple game plan. We were not game planning for this game. It was just, let's get reps, let's continue to get a feel for how guys are playing and get going there.

Q. Did you learn anything differently that you didn't know before?

COACH KELLY: Yeah, you learn it in every game. I mean, that's ‑‑ every game you play, you learn. So I think our secondary, really that first group, I think defensively, you had two interceptions to start the game. So you start with turnovers and then they got them off the field on third down, so we get the ball back. I think our secondary is growing. Our pass rush is getting there; we are doing some decent things there. But I think you learn in every game, so there are a lot of things we learned tonight.

Q. What kind of case is RB Kenjon Barner making to make the team?

COACH KELLY: He's making a huge case. You go back‑to‑back weeks with a punt return for a touchdown. I think he made some good plays in the run game. I know him and I've known him for a long time. He's a productive player. Unfortunately for him, he got hurt in our last preseason game last year, so he was out for an extended period of time and then we brought him back as a practice squad player to finish the year. But I think he's putting himself in position. We talked about it last week and he's continuing to do that.

Q. We have not spoken to you since WR Miles Austin missed practice and then he sat out tonight's game. What's holding him back?

COACH KELLY: Me. I just held him and a couple linebackers out. They should be back for the Packers game.

Q. You don't have any updates on WRs Riley Cooper or Rasheed Bailey?

COACH KELLY: Riley is fine; Rasheed is fine, they said. I haven't heard anything else about anybody else.

Q. So their X-rays were negative?

COACH KELLY: X-rays were both negative.

Q. And the decision to waive S Earl Wolff injured?

COACH KELLY: He just wasn't going to be here until we got the cut to 75 or the cut to 53. So he was not going to be ‑‑ and we needed to get another DB in here. You look at the reps we had against the Ravens and we are concerned with some guys in terms of how many reps they are getting. So we just need to get some other bodies in here. It's unfortunate.

Q. He said he had surgery?

COACH KELLY: He had a scope, from what I understand.

Q. Is Austin healthy?

COACH KELLY: Miles is healthy, yeah.

Q. Are you pleased with what you saw from Bradford tonight considering this was the first time you're able to see him perform at full speed with other guys coming?

COACH KELLY: Yeah, I am pleased. You know, he's progressing the way we logically had a plan with him. What we did in the OTAs and what we did leading into this game, we were not going to play him in the first game and wanted to really let him get his feet wet in terms of the training sessions that we had with the Ravens and then get him out here for 10 to 15 snaps. We got 14 in. We are pleased in his progress and we'll sit down and watch film with him on Monday when those guys get back and then get ready for another big test when we go up to Green Bay and get ready to play the Packers.

Q. The first team defense, what did you think?

COACH KELLY: I thought they played well. When you look at what they did, I think the first two were interceptions and then after that, I think we had five stops. So I think they are starting to come together. Then when you can get [LB] Kiko [Alonso], [LB] DeMeco [Ryans] and [LB] Mychal [Kendricks] back in with them, I'm kind of hopeful that we're going to be better than we have been there.

Q. The secondary has not given up any passes beyond 20 yards. Each time Ravens QB Joe Flacco tried, the ball was intercepted. What have you seen from those guys, especially CB Byron Maxwell and S Walter Thurmond?

COACH KELLY: I think they understand what [Defensive Backs Coach] Cory [Undlin] and [Defensive Coordinator] Billy [Davis] are trying to get accomplished back there. I think they are lactose intolerant in terms of they do not bite the cheese in front of them. When they have a deep zone, they play the deep zone. A lot of mistakes we made in some of those deep balls last year were we were just biting each either a play action fake or we are biting an underneath route when that's not our responsibility. I think our guys are playing their responsibility. So right now we are good lactose intolerant secondary.

Q. Between the first and second quarters, you were talking to referee Jerome Boger and line judge Jeff Seeman out on the field. What was that all about?

COACH KELLY: I usually get a chance, whatever transpires in any time, when you talk to the officials, usually it's at the break. So it's at the end of the first quarter or it's at the half or at the end of the third quarter.

Q. Were you concerned about how slowly they were starting the ball?

COACH KELLY: No, not at all. We didn't have any discussions about that.

Q. Why didn't you let K Cody Parkey keep kicking?

COACH KELLY: We just wanted to see [P] Kip [Smith] kick. We don't have – if Cody goes down, what do we do? And Kip is really a punter. Just wanted to give him an opportunity. He's kicked in practice but he hasn't kicked a field goal attempt I think since 2010. I thought he did a great imitation of [former MLB knuckleballer] Tim Wakefield out there, but he did put him through the uprights. It's just a chance. You have him here, so what do you do? In this situation, it wasn't a close game. And [Special Teams Coordinator] Dave [Fipp] talked to me about it, and said, 'What do you think of Kip?' I said, 'Let's give him a shot and see what he can do.' You never know. You never know if something happens with somebody. Just took a shot. He's really a punter-kickoff guy and he has not really kicked in games, we were going to give him a shot in this game.

Q. Intentional or not Suggs hit Bradford in the knees. Do you have to worry about that, do you have to remind officials to pay attention to that more if teams are going to ‑‑

COACH KELLY: No, I think the officials protect the quarterbacks in this league and understand. They threw the flag, so they called a penalty on it. So it's not like they are letting people take runs at Sam. I thought the officials officiated it very well.

Q. The flag was for a late hit right? Not roughing the passer.

COACH KELLY: It was for roughing the passer.

Q. How much more will we see Bradford next week; do you know?

COACH KELLY: Right now, I don't know, no. What's that? I don't know. That's why I answered the question as I don't know. He could get sick and have Legionnaire's disease and not play next Saturday. I don't know. He could play. I don't know.

Q. That would involve your sports science program --

COACH KELLY: It would. We may have to put in a Legionnaire block or something. I can talk to the guys about that afterwards. (Joking)

Q. Are the three inside linebackers close to returning?

COACH KELLY: Yeah, they practiced the last couple days in seven on and things like that. If this was a game and this counted and this was the regular season, all three of those guys would have played. It was just one of those things where they had got in, got their feet wet in seven‑on‑seven, and we are still trying to figure out some of those other guys. So we got some extended snaps for [LB Emmanuel Acho] Ach and [LB] Najee [Goode] and [LB] Brad [Jones] and [LB] Jordan [Hicks]. But barring anything ‑‑ I don't know if they will play, again, the Legionnaire's problem, next Saturday, but we are hopeful that they don't contract anything and they are able to play against the Packers.

Q. G/T Andrew Gardner seems to have settled in pretty well at right guard --

COACH KELLY: Yeah, [Offensive Line Coach Jeff Stoutland] Stout is pretty happy with him right now. We'll get a chance to take a look at the film and see where we are.

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